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  1. Kudzu added a post in a topic Swapping from combat to out of combat is annoying   

    So far I've played the most on Tamer, Valkyrie and Maehwa. Tamer feels instantaneous, Valkyrie has a slight delay, and Maehwa makes me wish she would just pick up loot with her weapon still out - so slow! The class I'm playing has definitely made a difference in how much I want pets and how often I try to pick up my own loot or leave combat. While I like the sheathing animations for all of the characters, I would prefer if all classes could swap in and out of combat at the same rate.
    Edit - Missing space.
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  2. Kudzu added a post in a topic Tips, tricks you learned and wish to share..   

    One a surprising number of people seem not to know:
    1. There is an NPC Finder in the top right of the screen beside the minimap (it's the button with the magnifying glass on it). This can route you to the nearest NPC of almost any common type, like trade manager or storage.
    2. Horse taming is really hard on some keyboards with the default keybindings because not all spacebar keys are designed to accept rapid-fire input. If you always fail the spacebar minigame, remap to a letter key for an easier time.
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  3. Kudzu added a post in a topic The armor situation is getting... embarrassing   

    Someone replying to you is obsessing over you? Talk about delusions of grandeur!
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  4. Kudzu added a post in a topic The armor situation is getting... embarrassing   

    I've read through 2-3 quotes of the OP now and I can't find anything removed. What words do you mean?
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  5. Kudzu added a post in a topic Concerns with the training profession   

    I like it simply because I enjoy the option to find, catch, and raise my own horses, but I can see your point about the cash shop. I'm unaware of many benefits from training yourself aside from enjoying that part of the gameplay.
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  6. Kudzu added a post in a topic The armor situation is getting... embarrassing   

    Inferred that author posted this topic on 4chan:
    -1 Reading Comprehension
    Claims to "read between the lines", but cannot find the many positive responses on any of the 20ish pages on which they appear:
    -3 Reading Comprehension
    Posts consistently on OP's replies to other people:
    + 1 Unhealthy Obsession
    Posts continue to ignore actual text of quoted post, preferring to rant instead:
    - 1 Reading Comprehension
    + 1 Uncaring/Mean
    + 1 Unhealthy Obsession
    Please take your own advice.
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  7. Kudzu added a post in a topic The armor situation is getting... embarrassing   

    You quite literally said that you would "doubt the femininity" or "question the honesty" of any female who claimed to be embarassed, creeped out, etc. by the outfits. Exactly how else is one supposed to take that, if not an insult intended to put down anyone who simply doesn't like the current outfits or wouldn't feel comfortable wearing them? What do you think bullies do if not put other people down simply for having a different opinion - and about clothing, no less?
    Here, let me help break it down for you since you appear to lack the logic and/or reading comprehension to understand your own statements.
    You state that you would find the honesty or femininity of a woman questionable if she would feel a negative emotion (embarrassment, weirdness, creepiness) with respect to wearing the outfit. Hence, any woman who states such feelings must be A) a liar or B) not a woman. Hence, to be seen as a truthful woman in your tiny little bubble world, someone has to claim to like wearing the outfits even if she doesn't. Hence, if you do not wear and like the outfits, you are a despicable liarman. 
    You enjoy claiming that others are demeaning, prejudiced, bigots, and zealous, but exactly what do you think this type of backwards statement is? People can enjoy various types of clothing; that has no bearing on whether other people can enjoy a different style instead. If I think turtlenecks are the best thing ever and you like bikinis, how does either of us liking something different affect what the other can wear? It doesn't. There's no need to be a jerk about it and demean everyone who finds a particular style uncomfortable. Maybe someone doesn't like more covering clothes because they find them stifling; maybe someone doesn't like less covering clothes because they feel exposed. Neither is wrong until they begin demeaning the other person for not agreeing with them.
    I do notice that every time someone makes a valid counterpoint, you attempt to derail the conversation by ignoring that person's point and responding as though they made a completely separate argument of your choosing. Do you think you can manage to stay on topic this time?
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  8. Kudzu added a post in a topic The armor situation is getting... embarrassing   

    Honestly, you strike me more as a having more of a high school bully mentality than anything else. You honestly think that no one - not even one single person out of half the population on this entire planet - would feel creeped out, embarassed, or weird by wearing those outfits? That if someone happens to be female and does feel this way, that person is either not honest or not feminine? That, following your logic, women should lose all preference for style because something must be wrong with them if they don't fawn over skimpy outfits and think of them as gorgeous or desirable to wear? The one being most offensive in this thread so far is you.
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  9. Kudzu added a post in a topic Pots need larger cd in pvp (1vs1) mechanic   

    Agreed. I play on valkyrie a lot and notice this every time I swap from that character to another class; it's easy to forget that I can't get my health back so easily.
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  10. Kudzu added a post in a topic The armor situation is getting... embarrassing   

    This is why Dalriaden thinks you don't want diversity, most likely. No one said anything about having a problem with looking at the human body or asking to change their formula; for players who like the current costume sets, great! Wear them all you like. You are extrapolating a desire to do away with current costume pieces from my desire to, simply, have more options. After all, why should people who prefer different styles be left out when new content comes around? Branching out certainly won't harm the developers; one style inevitably won't please everyone.
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  11. Kudzu added a post in a topic The armor situation is getting... embarrassing   

    I think the whole point of this thread, unless I'm wrong, is to rant against the costumes specifically. Notice that they are, one ranger armor aside and perhaps a witch robe to my knowledge, much more revealing than the base armor in the game. I reiterate from an earlier post: it would be nice to look forward to new costumes. I don't like the more revealing styles, so I'm always disappointed in them. More diversity of costumes would be great.
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  12. Kudzu added a post in a topic The armor situation is getting... embarrassing   

    I agree wholeheartedly. It didn't previously bother me when I only saw the options for my own female characters; I just thought ALL the costumes in the game suck, and that was that. Once I started to realize that males could get real armor, though - armor that looks properly adventurous and protective from the elements, good for traipsing around the world, and protective against rampant stabbity/slash from monsters... This really bugs me. So far I've only seen one or two skimpy armors for the guy characters (wizard and one of the barbarian armors, I think), and I feel cheated.
    Sure, there are some "adventurer" style armor sets for females in the base game, but I'd like to get excited about a new costume for once.
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  13. Kudzu added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   


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  14. Kudzu added a post in a topic Character Ratings   

    6.5/10; bad lighting makes it hard to see the character.


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  15. Kudzu added a post in a topic post your characters