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  1. Rudeawg added a post in a topic Tamer needs a nerf   

    Strongest and best class in the game
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  2. Rudeawg added a post in a topic Making Endgame Grinding Great Again   

    "We've forwarded the general consensus that a portion of players have had an underwhelming sense towards incentive for activities in Valencia. We appreciate the extra effort for additional details on potential suggestions for improvement, and I'll tack these suggestions with a few others along with the next report."
    The only reason I've heard of players going to the desert is because they know they can "farm" in the desert with less competition from other players.
    It always amazes me when GM's / Dev's know so little about the actual gameplay of their games.

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  3. Rudeawg added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    Sounds boring to me - no real reason or incentive.
    I want a REASON to hunt other players!
    MONEY is the best incentive there is.
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  4. Rudeawg added a post in a topic Making Endgame Grinding Great Again   

    Do Dev's even read forums?
    Or is this just a place for us to vent and theory craft?
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  5. Rudeawg added a post in a topic This class gets me addicted to grinding, lol   

    You do realize that with awakenings you get a substantial damage increase in your abilities right?
    You will be using your awakening skills for pve.
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  6. Rudeawg added a post in a topic Making Endgame Grinding Great Again   

    All good suggestions.
    I simply have not played any character past 56 when I get my awakening - because I find it incredibly dull clearing out packs of mobs over and over again for such a low experience gain.
    I feel like pre 56 the game spoils you and then you hit this huge grind wall.
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  7. Rudeawg added a post in a topic How bad are they really?   

    I use my Valk as my fisherman and gatherer.
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  8. Rudeawg added a post in a topic Awakening iframes are joke?   

    BDO cry babies...
    Nerf Rangers OP
    Nerf Sorcs OP
    Nerf Zerkers OP
    Nerf Wizards and Witches OP
    Did I miss anything?
    Every month it's a new thread of whiners.
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  9. Rudeawg added a post in a topic Awakening iframes are joke?   

    I don't get why people cry about classes in this game...
    I mean seriously I have a 56 Zerker, 56 Tamer, 56 Sorc, 55 Valk, a 55 DK and no Wizard or Witch.
    I don't cry about Wizards and Witches being OP; because I know I could make one tomorrow and make lvl 56 in 2 days.
    If you think a class is too op - just make one and stop crying about it.
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  10. Rudeawg added a post in a topic Dark Knight Damage   

    wow, not sure what to say.
    I am a returning player just starting over for DK and my AP is only 74 at 52 and I am clearing Sausans with no problems with health pool or mana.
    I have to think you are investing in the wrong skills or using the wrong rotations.
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  11. Rudeawg added a post in a topic How do I get rid of the hat?   

    Awesome, worked! 
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  12. Rudeawg added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    How do I get rid of the hat?
    I purchased a costume head piece, equipped it and then went into inventory and "turned it off" - but then my character in game reverts back to the default wizard hat.
    I have gone into the pearl shop with the appearance change certificate - under character action / clothes and deselected where it says "view helmet".
    Not sure what else I can do?
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  13. Rudeawg added a post in a topic The GIANT Problem of open world 1 on 1 PVP   

    This is not a 1v1 open world pvp game.
    It's about siege and node wars.
    Zerkers are a front line disruption class - they need those abilities to fulfill their role.
    If you are so jealous - then make one.
    I have one almost one character of every class; many are level 56 or close to it.
    Like seriously, leveling up a character in this game isn't hard.
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  14. Rudeawg added a post in a topic Struggling so hard to get to 57 only 6.800 into 56   

    Misguided advice imo.
    Fogans takes 10-15 mins to get there - my Liverto needs to be repaired every 60 - 90 mins.
    Then there is 10-15 mins back to repair.
    So whatever exp gains you make by going to Fogans is nullified by travel time of 20 mins to repair.
    Pirates is much better money and you can repair there, buy pots... etc...
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  15. Rudeawg added a post in a topic Beautiful game, great combat, ruined by overabundant rng mechanics.   

    So someone hits you in the face, you say you don't like it - they hit you in the face again - I guess you don't say anything, because well you know you already said you didn't like it before...
    This game had crowded servers at launch.
    Packed with people.
    In fact some channels you couldn't even log into.
    Once people paid their $30.00 they could play free forever.
    But the VAST majority of players paid their $30.00 and then even though they could still play for free - they left.
    Now - you can log into any channel easily.
    The RNG of this game sucks, killed a great game so now it sucks and you can never say it enough.
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