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  1. Mooncalf added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    Every maintenance lasts longer... now I have to WAIT 5 hours... is really a weekly maintenance needed? do 1 per month or 2 but not every week... MY GOD
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  2. Mooncalf added a post in a topic DP getting buffed ? Mixed feelings ?   

    I don't give a ----- about PvP, is so badly done and a person with low spec pc who has enemy effects off is in clear disadvantage also the gear... and network, i often see people teleporting and no is not a skill they appear grabing me then they are super far away blah big crap
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  3. Mooncalf added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Events   

    Yes in the screenshot contest
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  4. Mooncalf added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Events   

    In my Reward box i see no cherry blossoms to collect
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  5. Mooncalf added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Update: Servers are Live* Maintenance March 22nd   

    I don't want to plant any seed this year PLS, but I really want to see the pink trees all over the map is awesome
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  6. Mooncalf added a post in a topic No daily boss scrolls   

    I always scroll down, no other characters have a quest accepted, seems it bugs from time to time
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  7. Mooncalf added a topic in General   

    No daily boss scrolls
    As the title says I don't get daily quest for getting a boss scroll, maybe some weeks the black spirit doesn't even pop up to tell me I can do a daily quest for getting an scroll. Some other times only red nose one appears and the rest dissapear, in the daily quest list you get to choose which one you want to make but only red nose seems to appear, any help?
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  8. Mooncalf added a post in a topic Once again, RNG is too punishing   

    If it makes you a bit happier im here since closed beta and still don't have full +15 grunil armor, only have an ultimate yuria amulet DUO a +11 scythe and +15 jubre talisman and witch earrings and red coral rings and necklace of good deeds.
    I don't know how to get money fast, also going grinding for hours is not an option for me if you have any good way to earn money let me know
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  9. Mooncalf added a post in a topic Gear and Tips   

    Tell me then which, I am saying save money for kzarka nouver items  and expensive gear like ogre ring etc
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  10. Mooncalf added a post in a topic Gear and Tips   

    I know all of that is that I dont want to be grinding for 6 hour for example in sausans is so damn boring to get money that way. In gw you could od dungeons and earn money pretty fast
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  11. Mooncalf added a post in a topic Ocean Diving without a Pearl suit   

    So what is the deal to get the crystal for the shoe socket and pray? Because I don't wanna waste my money in an ugly stupid shark costume that doesn't help that much
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  12. Mooncalf added a post in a topic House fame event   

    I thought it was House fame the house residence points lol  i play since beta and that is so hard to level up i have like 500 or so
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  13. Mooncalf added a post in a topic Event > Sweet candy pack bug?   

    I can only hand him one sweet pack? Because i get sweet candys from grinding but i donthave the chocolates which i use in simple cooking
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  14. Mooncalf added a post in a topic Craft or buy +15 yuria amulet?   

    What the hell are you saying you cant get +5 cast speed and +5 crit strike you always get +1 and +1 with the ultimate weapon
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  15. Mooncalf added a topic in PVE   

    No boss scrolls
    Hello Guys,
    I am a level 56 Sorcerer playing since closed beta and I came back after some months of no playing and the black spirits is giving me only red nose summoning scrolls I don't get the rest bosses scrolls, any idea why? For example, hebetate etc I don't get the quests
    • 1 reply