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  1. Utsukushi added a topic in Art & Media   

    Post your best dye combination! (ninja)
    Post how you died your ninja costume, armor or outfit!
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  2. Utsukushi added a post in a topic level 59-60   

    Pirates, bandits
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  3. Utsukushi added a post in a topic Money per hour farming   

    I'm getting 1k bandanas per hour farming in the mainspot pirates  
    I'm doing almost everything you mentioned here except the S knowledge ranking and investing in nodes like pirates, but i think the pets make the difference. If i want to take the loot of everything i kill i have to spot to pick it up myself and then i kill much less mobs per minute. If i farm like a beast letting my tier 1-2 pets take all the loot, it may be the reason why i don't earn as money as i could.
    I'm going to test out how much money i do with better pets and if it doesn't change anything i'll post again.
    Thanks guys
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  4. Utsukushi added a topic in PVE   

    Money per hour farming
    I just wonder how people say they do 6m or even 30m per hour grinding in certain places and i only do a max of 3m per hour. I'm a ninja lv 58 with 200 ap and i've tried on pirates, bandits, elrics, sausans... and i've never reached those juicy 6m per hour.
    How do you do it?
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  5. Utsukushi added a topic in General   

    black spirit evolution
    Hello, i  created a new character, a ninja, and i'm lv 54. I skipped the first black spirits quests and literally haven't done any more quest for now. I realised without black spirit quests i can't make him evolve to something usefull (i can't enchant equipment since he still don't have teeth yet) 
    So, does someone know how to evolve him? I've done like 15 quests of low and high levels and he never makes me go to the places i went before to evolve him.
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  6. Utsukushi added a topic in Tamer   

    Question about the shortsword related with ninja/kunoichi
    I'd like to know if i should go for the +1 crit or +1 atackspeed enchantment in my yuria shortsword if i want to use it for my ninja when it comes out
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  7. Utsukushi added a topic in General   

    I'd like to see how many time you think they are going to take to reléase the blader/plum and ninja/kunoichi.
    I love the ninja style and gameplay and it's being hard to me to play with a ranger or sorcerer when i know the ninja has already been released in other regions. I feel like i wanna wait them to get released here.
    So, when are we going to see those clases? Comment your opinions
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  8. Utsukushi added a post in a topic Small guild oriented to PLAYER KILL   

    I linked the link there.
    There is a town on Valencia exclusive for low karma players. And of course, the jail system and all those pains to the player killers make the game much more interesesting for a PK player.
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  9. Utsukushi added a post in a topic Small guild oriented to PLAYER KILL   

    And why are they on Croxus? q_Q
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  10. Utsukushi added a topic in European Guild   

    Small guild oriented to PLAYER KILL
    First of all, we are only five at this moment. A few players that are looking for a pvp adventure in Valencia desert when it gets released. We'll be trying to enjoy the game by enjoying of all the benefits from doing PK.
    If you don't know yet how the Karma system Works and what is Valencia, you can find all the information right here: http://blackdesertfoundry.com/2015/12/01/valencia-part-ii-update/
    Or ask me in-game if you are interested as us on finding on the player killer's town only.
    /w me as Sutairu (familiy name) or Kuzuki (char.)                 Playing on European server, Alustin. Always playing on Serendia A1
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  11. Utsukushi added a post in a topic Give money to a friend   

    Oh, what a pity then. Thanks for answering
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  12. Utsukushi added a topic in General   

    Give money to a friend
    Hello guys, that may be a silly question but i don't know how to give 100.000 silver to my friend. How can i do that?
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  13. Utsukushi added a post in a topic How to get this set   

    Okey thanks guys
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  14. Utsukushi added a topic in Sorceress   

    How to get this set
    My question is simple. How do i obtain this set? It appears on the creation carácter but i can't seeit in the cash shop!

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