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  1. Soulplay added a post in a topic So, I overclocked my CPU to 5.0GHz   

    Because the pop in is entirely decided from the server and not the players PC, i have spent almost £2500 on my PC and i still get them. My PC is above and as you can tell, just from the images. I have one hell of a machine LOL.
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  2. Soulplay added a post in a topic So, I overclocked my CPU to 5.0GHz   

    Im using an ASRock Extreme 6 MOBO with an i5-3570k OC @ 5ghz and still get pop in textures ... Im calling bullshit on your post.

    Oh and for other stats i use MSI GTX 1080 in SLI, 32gb HYperX 2400mhz RAM and run them on an RM1000 Corsair PSU. 

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  3. Soulplay added a post in a topic BDO on MSI laptops   

    They are in no way "Desktop replacements" a Desktop is always 2 generations a head even with the same series.
    I would put money on that any laptop can;t touch my 3-way SLI ..... Oh and before you say it, the 3-way cost me 1/2 the price of a new Apple product. 
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  4. Soulplay added a post in a topic BDO on MSI laptops   

    Unlike Alienware (Dell) MSI actually do decent PC and laptop hardware, hell MSI do some of the best PC GPU's on the market. I'd have far more respect for someone pulling out an MSI laptop than an Apple or an Alienware. Atleast inside of one it's actual gaming grade components with military grade materials worked on by them for them. But im biased, i have 3 way SLI MSI GTX 1080 oc's.

    Oh and ..... i5 is by far the best processor for gaming.
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  5. Soulplay added a post in a topic Can we get XP Penalty back in case of death in PvP?   

    So you cant be a ----- anymore ? Going around randomly killing people who either dont know they are fighting or cant fight back ..... I think we have different ideas of what true Player vs Player is. How about you seek out like minded people instead of talking of the forums ? This apparent "amount" of people who need "pvp" should be linking up and killing each other in a bloodlust fueled fight of epic proportions, rather than trying to change the game rules to kill people who don't
    Stop being a ----- and find what you seek and not what you think you want, because what you think you want is killing those who cant compete or dont want to compete. What this really is, is people who control certain spots at the time of posting their argument wanting to protect the advantage. Grow up ffs. 
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  6. Soulplay added a post in a topic Fix PVP for griefers   

    Smells like Pre-Teen in here.
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  7. Soulplay added a post in a topic The dream is over, lets be realistic.   

    **Rough read and editing for clarity**
    As it says in the title it's time to be realistic !!! I'm a PvPer, all I've ever done in mmos is PvP.
    The idea of no max level does seem like a cool concept, but that's all it should have stayed. Having no max level is ridiculous and without levelling you can't PvP and that's a 100% fact. Each level higher than you opponent gives you an invisible ACCURACY and EVASION buff over them, but wait that can't be too major can it?
    Wrong !! Level 56 Musa 150ap/240dp (TRI ACCURACY offhand with accuracy gems) vs level 58 Ranger 200ap/240dp(ap offhand with 0 accuracy gems) Both Livertos.
    Through testing 2 levels, even with accuracy heavily stacked, makes you miss over HALF of your hits. Those are accurate numbers after hours of testing.

    This aspect FORCES (and yes it 100% forces players to grind to stay on par in anything in this game, pvp, world bosses, ect.) you to grind regardless of what you want to do. Now comes to realistic and hard truth that people who sit all day on here will be mad about. Your game only caters to "no-life" gamers.
    I go to college and work physical labor construction. I do very much love this games pvp but in its current state I can't see any serious PvPers staying and a lot have left (evident through losing over half their followers on Facebook and over a whopping amount 40+ forum posts on Reddit, PC gamer, Mmolife, and even these own forums). Now there doesn't necessarily need to be a max level but there has to be a level where the accuracy and evasion on level has to stop if you intend to keep pvp in the game at all.
    Currently the higher level you get gives you the following bonuses: More combat skill points, higher level skills that do more damage, higher resource pools, and more accruacy and evasion. This is insane !! 2 levels higher than your opponent guarantees your victory which if you have pvp in your game is simply a joke.
    Now I understand people who spend all their time on the game will complain that higher levels should gain bonuses since people are afraid to leave it up to player skill, so what's the solution?
    Change accuracy and evasion bonus to maybe bonus health and resources. That way people who spend all their time levelling won't complain and the pvp is still reliant on skill and gear. Don't get me wrong I do love this game, but as a PvPer of just about every MMO's you can play I can certainly tell you right now this ones is a joke. It has great mechanics and game-play but the bonuses of levels destroys it all by itself.
    This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Just because someone spends 8 hours a day grinding where i may spend 3-4 then college and work, doesn't mean they should automatically win our PvP engagements. It discourages PvP and basically leaves PvP all up to level where it should be a display of character build and player skill.
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  8. Soulplay added a post in a topic Server Stability   

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  9. Soulplay added a post in a topic Suggestion for crybabies   

    *cough* Irony *Cough*
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  10. Soulplay added a post in a topic Is Black Desert Online Dead?   

    Anyone else noticing an over usage of the words "fallacy", "subjective" and "idiocy" in these forums. Half the time they are used completely incorrectly, is this a new trend I'm not following ? 
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  11. Soulplay added a post in a topic Is Black Desert Online Dead?   

    Isnt that google searches ..... That means nothing about the population.

    It could be anything people search about the game like: Is BDO dead, Is BDO P2W, IS BDO Korean, BDO Forum, BDO toxic playerbase, is BDO terrible, BDO has massive desync and BDO introduces sly subscription like item to cash shop.

    None of those are good, just because it's being googled does not mean a thing about how the game is actually doing.

    You forgot to insert the actual search trends ......
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  12. Soulplay added a post in a topic "Asian mmo are bad" (✿◡‿◡)   

    Jagex is western (UK) and has arguably one of the deepest and most developed MMO's with Runescape, it may be old now but it's numbers are still right up there.
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  13. Soulplay added a post in a topic Ninja Awakening Looks boring   

    Then it wouldn't be a ninja ?
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  14. Soulplay added a post in a topic 30% deal - Explorers package - is it worth it?   

    Ahhh an old Troll wakes from hibernation.
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  15. Soulplay added a post in a topic So people still keep comparing this game to ArcheAge in terms of P2W.   

    Modesty is a lost skill. Seen as we are playing the "ooo look at me" game, i own a chain of 18 businesses that turn over £85,000+ profit each a week. Your turn son, in fact why don't you wake up from your day-dream.

    But as we know, bragging is the lowest form of ego massaging. It's far better to share than compare.
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