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  1. Nyxilia added a post in a topic DK Nerf INC?   

    Thanks for the info guys, really appreciate it

    Thanks for the info guys, really appreciate it

    Thanks for the info guys, really appreciate it
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  2. Nyxilia added a topic in Dark Knight   

    DK Nerf INC?
    So, I've been told that DK is getting a huge nerf in like a month or so? Anyone know what is happening with that or what it has in it?
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  3. Nyxilia added a post in a topic What Class Did You Retire To Join The Darkness ?   

    I went from sorc to DK, I just got bored of sorc after awhile >.>
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  4. Nyxilia added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    7-Day Horse Whistle Sucks
    So, I used a 7-day Horse Whistle and I cant seem to be able to get rid of it? Not really sure what to do.
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  5. Nyxilia added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Here's my Dark Knight Nyveri<3

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  6. Nyxilia added a post in a topic New class (Black Knight, Dark Elf)   

    Youtubers and Streamers are predicting that she will be out a little after the New Year since we aren't "too" far behind Korea since Kakao has been trying to catch us up to KRBDO. But, that being said we still don't have Noveir (or however you spell the dargons name) so who knows when we will really get the Dark Knight.
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  7. Nyxilia added a post in a topic Tank or Healer   

    Huh, interesting. Thanks for the info! I only dabbled with the classes till like lvl 25 and went back to my sorc soXD. Im mostly going off of what I've seen PvP wise and also Guild Members thoughts on the classes.
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  8. Nyxilia added a post in a topic Tank or Healer   

    Witch/Wizard have some crazy heals later on. I personally have never played one but from other guildies and also the bosses I've been too, they are really helpful in parties. Long casting times and the mobility doesnt seem to be great. 
    Warriors have some decent mobility and a really great shield, they are almost like the traditional tank except aggro isnt a thing in this game, its all DPS based aggro. Damage isnt that bad, tankiness(DP) pretty solid.
    Another choice is Valk, they have moility and even buffs/heals to help with the party, decent damage and the shield. Not sure if they have an aggro ability.
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  9. Nyxilia added a topic in Guides   

    Best Crafting?
    Hello everyone!
    I've been playing Black Desert for awhile now and tried to make silver off of fishing and farming, which hasn't been too bad. But I noticed that I have only been using a few workers for iron or potatoes but, not for anything else. I'm currently trying to find other ways to make silver that utilize my workers more and provides a decent profit. Any tip, suggestions, and so on? I've heard costume making is pretty great but, I haven't delved into it just yet.
    Thank you!:D
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  10. Nyxilia added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Market Bug
    Whenever I sell I get the notification for it, but when I run to the Market Vendor there is nothing for me to pick up. The only thing that has fixed it for me lately is logging out and logging back in. Anyone else have this issue or some other way of fixing it?
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  11. Nyxilia added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Can't Breed Horse?
    So, earlier in the day I saw chat state that horse breeding was taken out temporarily. Some others said that they have bred since this last patch and others said that they also cannot breed. Long story short, the option to breed is not located in the stable menu, so I am wondering if this was taken out or if its a glitch of some sorts.
    City Stable Location: Velia & Hiedel
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