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  1. Chaosbelow added a post in a topic Need some advice on gear   

    Thank you, will do. Should I ultimate all my gear too? Even rocaba?
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  2. Chaosbelow added a topic in Ninja   

    Need some advice on gear
    Need some direction on where to go with my gear:

    The armor is Rocaba chest and shoes, grunil head and gloves. I'm pretty sure I should be upgrading my amror to ultimate and then PRI~DUO it right?

    Any advice would help! Thanks and Merry Christmas! 

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  3. Chaosbelow added a topic in General   

    Can't track players with Black-Robed Man
    Anyone have any clue why I can't track players with Black-Robed man? He doesn't even give me the option. Should I be level 50? I don't understand what the requirement is. 
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  4. Chaosbelow added a post in a topic Not enough materials for repetitive task   

    Still not fixed. It worked once and now doesnt again... This is such a lame bug and seems like it wont be fixed for a while. Its so minor for so many other people. And like necromonger said, it seems to only work with certain outfits. With a fisher outfit, my artisan worker keeps getting not enough materials for repetitive task. 


    Please let the dev team know. 
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  5. Chaosbelow added a post in a topic Not enough materials for repetitive task   

    Looks like its fixed? I was able to send my artisan worker to work on a costume. Not sure if I did something different to fix it. 
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  6. Chaosbelow added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Not enough materials for repetitive task
    This seriously needs to be fixed. I want to use my best worker to make a costume but I can't cause of this bug. I am forced to use a blue grade worker just to do the task.

    As you can see my blue worker starts the task just fine. While my artisan cant start the task, even after trying to change the amount of times, I get the same error. Please fix this. 
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  7. Chaosbelow added a post in a topic Taritas Armor Craft 2x   

    Having the same exact issue except when trying to make silver embroidered craftsman clothes. This really sucks. 
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  8. Chaosbelow added a post in a topic Chat Limit, Still Too Short   

    Please extend the chatbox limit, its really way too small. Its like sending out tweets. 
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  9. Chaosbelow added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    They need to lower the prices before launch, they are losing customers everyday we hear nothing. 
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  10. Chaosbelow added a post in a topic Blader - Just out of reach   

    Would love to see blader and ninja at launch. Please DAUM, pay attention to what the community wants 

    Even if its just a single post, every post counts. The more people that make this thread relevant, the higher chance we will see it. 
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  11. Chaosbelow added a post in a topic CHAT ENERGY   

    The problem is then people spam chat. It's all too common in MMOs without some sort of item to allow world chat. It was prevelant in CBT plenty of times. Someone spamming the same thing over and over. Unless someone actively moderates the chat then that person will endlessly spam with 0 energy cost. I understand the frustration but why not whisper the person? I am sure they'd be able to see it. Besides channel chat can be hectic and many people talking about different things at once can get confusing. Whispering someone is the best approach. 
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  12. Chaosbelow added a post in a topic What (I believe) the community wants.   

    Well he could dislike everything, he is just too arrogant to read what was posted. I am sure he would probably agree with at least one thing if he could actually read the post and look past his arrogance. But providing constructive feedback on the offical forums is just too much to ask. Instead don't comment on anything suggested and just say everything's stupid. To make your point even more valid, add a big red "NO." 

    I hope the devs really do take the suggestions with a grain of salt. (Not this threads suggestions, but all suggestions in general). 
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  13. Chaosbelow added a post in a topic NO TRADE IS FINE   

    What a ridiculous post, you don't even provide meaningful feedback or suggestions on the trade system. Instead you are suggesting people try another game based on one feature? We got trade implemented so you are going to have to deal with it. 

    Why is everyone afraid of RMT? Did the RMT's in other games ruin your experience? Did they harm you or your family? Every time RMT is mentioned its like the boogie man. Just a heads up, but RMT is in nearly every MMO. It is just a common thing and will never disappear. The only way to get rid of RMT is to remove the market and trading all together. Gold sellers will always find a way around the system. It doesn't matter and to punish players because of gold selling is wrong. Players shouldn't be punished for the lack of involvement in RMT tracking/banning. So you want to play a single player RPG? That's exactly what this game needs, more singleplayer elements. As if the grouping, trading, crafting, and leveling weren't single player as it is. RMT is not that big of a deal people make it out to be. I'd bet that you have played plenty of MMO's where there are gold sellers around. Have you truly paid attention to RMT? Cause if you hadn't you'd never notice. It doesn't change the economy drastically and there is plenty of ways to prevent it without removing a feature. Why spite the players cause the boogie man is lurking around?  
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  14. Chaosbelow added a topic in Suggestions   

    1:1 Player Trading is too restrictive
    TL;DR: Player trading with less restrictions will add a lot of dynamic changes to economy and player interaction. In its current state it is useless and provides no benefits. 

    In its current state, 1:1 Player Trading is completely useless and either needs to be removed or reworked. The only thing you can trade with other players is consumables. I don't want it removed personally because I love 1:1 Player Trading in games, it makes it way more personal to trade gear to another player, friend, etc. Its a nice alternative to using the market which has taxes, delay for listing, and a prices which cannot be changed (forcing you to sell an item at a set price range). I especially don't understand why the market is forcing us to sell an item within a specified price range or not sell it all on the market. It makes level 10 bows sometimes sell for nearly 10k silver. Who is honestly going to buy a bow that's 10k silver? And sure we can just NPC it but that is less silver and just isn't as rewarding as selling it on the market. I won't go to deep into the market because this post is about 1:1 Player Trading. 

    1:1 Player Trading as an alternative:
    I think if the marketplace were to stay the same in its current state, i.e forcing us to sell in a price range, then 1:1 Player Trading with less restrictions would be perfect! Player Trading is meant to be an alternative to the market, in its current state it's not. It offers nothing different and is more limited. The market has many purposes: sell quickly, provide tax money to guilds, convenient selling and buying from anywhere, easier to find products. The market is great for someone looking for a quick purchase, looking to sell quickly, and less hassle to negotiate prices for an item. 1:1 Player trading with less restrictions can offer many options that would make players consider trading over the market. Such as: negotiation of prices, no taxes, quicker and faster transfer of items from one player to another, helping friends/guild mates with crafting. It will offer a more extensive level of connection between players, allowing the game to feel more connected instead of feeling like a single player game where you cannot help anyone build, craft, or gather materials without selling them. I am sure the economy, market, and player trading were all carefully crafted to prevent many things like gold-sellers, supply and demand, and price gouging.That's not say there isn't any cons for player trading, there is plenty which I will cover in the next topic.

    1:1 Player Trading Pros and Cons:
    First I will go back to the pros before talking more in-depth about the cons and how they can be alleviated or prevented.

    Negotiating of prices is great for a player run economy and allows items that would otherwise go for high prices, prices already set on the market, to go for slightly cheaper. It allows talk and exploration of the true value of that item between two players. It can create conflict, it can create value, and it can lead to changes and shifts in value for an item. 

    No taxes allows you to gain more silver per transaction. Not much else to be said here besides a better profit for the seller. 

    With the current system, listing a market item is instant but it takes some time for that item to show up on the market. This works great with the notification system but can be frustrating refreshing the same item for 10 mins waiting for it to come up and hoping no one else gets the item. Allowing us to trade the item guarantees that you will be able to buy that item and you will be able to receive it quickly without waiting.

    Lastly, trading to friends, guild mates, or anyone you want to provide items with would be much easier. If you want to help a friend craft a boat and you have high gathering then you can go chop some wood and trade it to him with no hassle. This creates a better sense of community without the worry of having to list it and pray your friend buys the item in time. He would also have to pay money instead of them receiving it for free. Many people have already complained about this, it makes the group effort of wanting to build/craft something utterly useless and a huge frustration. If you want to trade a weapon or piece of armor to a friend then you can easily. Leveling with a bunch of friends and you receive a bow for a ranger friend? Easily trade it to him, no hassle. In it's current state you cannot do that without selling it to him. 

    I will start with the big one, gold sellers. Yes, we all know gold sellers are a pain but will they ever go away? No. They won't, they will always find a way to trade the gold. Even in the current system with the most restriction I have ever seen for an economy, they will find a way. I can think one right now off the top of my head. Listing an item on the market and having the gold seller buy the product from you. Maybe an obscure product, they know exactly when you list it with the notification system and if you alter the price a little bit they can easily buy it from you. Although with the taxes you will receive less gold, it will still work. Restricting the player trading simply because you are worried about gold sellers is futile and unfair to the loyal player base who will not be buying gold. It is unfair that we have to be restricted because of gold selling. Many games have run with gold sellers for years and at one point it almost becomes part of the economy without being spoken about.

    A potential way to fix the gold seller problem is to limit the amount of silver/gold bars that can be traded. This is a simple solution and not always effective but its a quick fix. Another way would be to create a trading token that can be crafted or bought through players/cash shop. Only by using the token can you trade with another player. I am not a huge fan of trading tokens but if it opens up trading for say a couple of transactions or allows players to trade freely then I am all for it. This could also create a real distinction in the value of trading to a player vs. selling on a market. It can create demand for 1:1 Player Trading tokens. 

    The next con would be less player transactions on the market. But this is where the open world aspect of BDO comes in perfectly. The world is huge, traveling from one end of the map to another can take a lot of resources and has its risks. If you are riding a mount you have to spend carrots to keep stamina full. You could be player killed trying to make it to the meeting point for the transaction. The amount of inventory space and weight limit will be a huge factor on how much you will trade with the player. This is why 1:1 Player Trading is perfect for this game. It allows a dynamic sense of player interaction where you take the risks to conduct the trade with the benefit of no tax, lower prices, and easier/quicker transactions. The market will still be the best way to find an item you need quickly and purchase it. It will be easier to list an item on the market and wait for the money to roll in. While if you want a higher price for the item you can negotiate through player trading and then set a meeting point in the open world. Meanwhile player trading will be a better way to sell/trade an item with varying risks and rewards. Its a great system to provide players with meaningful risks and rewards to trade an item to a player. 

    Another con would be the fact that you have to carry the items around and spend inventory space and weight. This is great way to help separate the market and 1:1 trading. Instead of carrying the item around you can list it on the market to make easy and quick money. Alternatively this is where wagons, boats, and various other mounts can help alleviate the pain of carrying around the product.

    1:1 Player Trading is perfect for an open world game and will provide a lot of meaningful change the gameplay and economy. So please remove the restrictions, in its current state it is useless.

    I will update this topic if I find more to talk about. 
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