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  1. Slen added a post in a topic Claiming grind spots.   

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  2. Slen added a topic in General   

    Claiming grind spots.
    You can't you are done.
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  3. Slen added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    Yea its over
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  4. Slen added a post in a topic Quick Refund Process   

    Whew, glad to hear they got and/or are keeping the contract.
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  5. Slen added a post in a topic Quick Refund Process   

    That is why I made this post. If they give people an easy way to get their money back it will possibly give Daum a chance to smooth over public relations enough that people may actually choose to give their next game(Bless I am assuming) a try. Customer service is one of the most important qualities to me and many other people in any business. It was their choice to "ruin" this game. They should accept the consequences of lying to everyone and make this process quick and painless. 
    I am aware they could choose to say, as most trolls in this forum have noted, "you agreed to the TOS too bad." However, that is not good public relations in this instance and I will have nothing to do with this company for the rest of my life, I assure you. As well as I will tell this story to everyone I know exactly as it went down( I do not lie). And they can make their conclusion on what Daum has done and if they want to risk the same. I can guess they will not. They have really done a horrible thing here to those of us who were very excited about finally having a real game here, and really tricked us all good. I feel like Charlie Brown here.
    I have officially quit this game myself as well, and will not play again unless they give a clear prospect of their future plans in terms of pvp. No more lying. And reinstate at least the 1% death penalty. Then they will have 2 weeks after to give a specific date on when server connectivity will be fixed for good. They will be on a tight leash from here on out if they want us back after this back stabbing.
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  6. Slen added a post in a topic Quick Refund Process   

    Yep, we were asked if we wanted to buy strawberry gum, we said yes. Then once we chewed in it was cinnamon. Yes we both want and deserve our money back. You all bought some strawberry gum, chewed in, then said you didn't like it anymore and they gave you cinnamon. I do not like nor want cinnamon.
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  7. Slen added a post in a topic Quick Refund Process   

    These are the people you choose to keep in your game Daum why I do not know. Rude, cruel, evil people who only live to harass others.
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  8. Slen added a post in a topic Quick Refund Process   

    I said no troll responses please, this is only for refunds, it has nothing to do with you if you do not want one.
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  9. Slen added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    This did not happen so REFUNDS!!!

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  10. Slen added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   


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  11. Slen added a topic in Suggestions   

    Quick Refund Process
    I would like there to be a quick refund process(pearls at the least and even possibly game cost if you knew about this prior to beta and never mentioned it) in response to the 06/01/2016 patch that removed the xp loss on death for players over 0 karma. I played in beta and aside from the very nice battle system, the xp loss on death was the biggest reason(50%) why I choose to invest my time and money into this game. I am and was not a fan of the end game but gambled on you making that better in the future. The xp loss was not a gamble, it was there, it was implemented, it was a non issue in everything I read, it was Black Desert Online. Karma 2.0 (http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/8044-updated-v20-bounty-hunters-karma-and-flagging-discussion/&page=1) was also proposed and that is what we were led to believe was the path this game was heading. Instead this game flipped a 180 from strong front runner, who's proposed goals were to make the pvp system even better with Karma 2.0(again xp loss was not even an issue that was shown being removed), and create a very fun exciting sandbox style game where everyone could find something they loved, to this,, this.. anti open world pvp game one sided completely against any form of pvp what so ever. The only thing someone who feels like getting in skirmish achieves is karma loss, the other guy loses absolutely nothing at all, NOTHING. Those who claim exp loss wasn't a core of this game need to look at the enacted system as a whole. The way it was advertised and was prior to June 01 was nearly perfect imo, it did restrict open world pvp very much as well, giving you a total of 5 initial kills before you were open to be murdered and have very high death penalties. Then, to get karma back up from 0-300k again it took 2 hours of constant grinding. So that gives you 2 kills per hour, now.. how can, as in "official response" from Daum, people be killed over and over and over if the act was a griefing unrelated to guild wars?! The fact is it could not. It is mathematically impossible even if the victim refused to change servers and kept letting the guy kill him. If you turn red you are dead, everyone kills red players on sight. Point is the response was lies. Someone got a hold of the pvp game(it is a pve too, it is everything in one, that is what made it awesome) and decided they want to get rid of the pvp aspect post launch. That is fine, but those of us who bought into the wonderful idea you presented at launch should be reimbursed for everything we invested into this game, and there should be a quick and painless process for it. You choose to change the game completely, fine, that is your choice. But it is our right to receive our money back because you decided to go a different route than what you were pushing since pre beta. AKA in USA we call that the old the bait and switch. I would like a link in my Account if possible for this to happen, where I can put in my reason for the refund, why I am leaving, click click done.
    Thank you.
    No troll responses please, this is to Daum and is a serious post. If they want us out that is fine, but as the players in their new game we should also suffer no pvp penalties of money loss.
    Edit Update: DAUM has denied my refund with a generic email response with no way to speak to anyone about this matter. I for one will NEVER play anything that has DAUM on it ever again. America needs to move back to boycotting bad customer service businesses so they all fail and reward those ones that do care about their customers. And just so you are aware DAUM, I was looking forward to all the cash shop items coming out and would have dropped another $400 into that. It's what you lost from me at least as a customer for ruining this game. So me as your customer base would have been $700/game minimum. Good bye, good riddance to this heap of trash, server crashing, no end pve, no challenge game. They made it to work with the old system, it has nothing else.
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  12. Slen added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    Did last night patch revert the June 01 no death penalty change :D?

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  13. Slen added a post in a topic Nothing worse than changing game's core rules   

    roar roar roar lol
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  14. Slen added a post in a topic Nothing worse than changing game's core rules   

    If Daum really does look at progression, and that is why they implemented this. Why wouldn't they think to themselves maybe people are really enjoying this game and taking their time to lvl? That is a good thing! Or just doing life skills and having fun that way, lvling slower. My friend went 1-50 doing purely life skills and I know A LOT of people who only do this. It is not his fault or ours that Daum punishes people like that by not increasing their main xp based off of life skill lvl. You hit lvl 52 and life skills don't move up your xp bar at all! That is not pvp's fault, that is Daums fault for not giving out the right rewards. There is another post on this subject. I will find it if I can and post.http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/88524-a-fishing-analysis/ He talks about fishing but it applies to all life crafts.
    I wonder if this could be what is going on, all this throwing xp buffs on me has been pissing me off for a while because I want to take my time as I know others who never want to hit lvl 50. If it is this is complete bs, it means Daum is attempting to control us and control our style of play. I for one, after reading a lot of their statements, believe this could be true since for some reason they want us to be max lvl before content realease. WHY??!@?@ who knows?
    And think even deeper into this matter, we all know there are people who love to lvl and nothing else, that is their play style. Those people rocketed up to lvl 52 within a week of release and now are sitting around 57 58. What is our main complaint here, what is Daums statement on this matter. It is that people are clashing in lvling zones and it is not allowing people to advance as fast they THEY want them to. What if Daum never release the exp buffs, what if Daum kept the pirates at higher xp lvl, what if Daum just released Valencia and quit waiting for people to get to 56? Everyone would still be separated into their appropriate lvl areas instead of causing a funnel, where the low lvls are speedily entering where the high lvls have capped out and have no where to go!
    They have now postponed Valencia, not just the sieges but the entire thing!? They seem to be purposely creating this conflict to pass their hidden agendas under the guise of fairness. This was all way to well laid out to be coincidence. Think about it, I know I will.
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  15. Slen added a post in a topic Nothing worse than changing game's core rules   

    You just did
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