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  1. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic Lets create petitions for kr publisher/devs.   

    Jesus this guy is still around, I thought the white knights all died.
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  2. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic GET RID OF THIS GOD AWFUL MECHANIC   

    I know people who sit around and troll the market. They will post one item lowest possible while there are hundreds more below it. They will then sit at the market and do this over and over again just laughing because the system is stupid. 
    If someone wants to spend more on an item let them who cares. Queue "well thats how people start transfering wealth to over people" who gives a shit.
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  3. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic Peace!   

    I couldnt even barely get pri, i try pri between 19-24 stacks. 
    Might not quit per say, but def gonna not play for a while. Its kinda pointless where Im at, i understand if they dont have rng then every would be tri/tet running around 250/300 but -----. Ive been stuck for so long and i wanted a gain even it was 2 ap. But I got none, nothing at all
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  4. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic Peace!   

    yup  makes me sad i like the game but ^^^ makes it hard to want to even waste my time anymore. All the while guildies getting tet boss gear on 30 fs all day long.
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  5. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a topic in General   

    Well its been a fun ride gang but its time to say my good byes! I hope you all have fun and continue to enjoy the game and maybe ill see you down the road towards a less rng shitshow! =D
    sici 16 = 800m = 2 pri no duo = poof
    witch 10 = 80m = 2 pri no duo = poof
    blackstones 500 = 105m = poof
    hards 40 = 64m
    Saved up 1.6b to buy upgrades but havnt won anything, upgrades would consist of tri cres, tri tung, tri basi, tet giath, tet musk, tet tree. Im pretty geared and I worked my ass off, and ive been in the same spot for about 6 months now. No progression = no fun, no gains due to rng luck = bad design. Either way gl guys keep fighting the battle!
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  6. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic Benchmarks for gold-making, farming, etc.   

    Hardcore people can def make 100+m a day. I dont wish I could but sadly I play 30-60 mins a day mon-thurs  
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  7. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic How much have you spent?   

    Spent about 900$ ish by now. However I quit enchanting and noticed I am not buying anything anymore except val pack once a month. So I learned enchanting is cancer and causes me to waste money on the game. But not anymore, ill save and continue to save and attempt to snipe from the market instead of doing the 600m gold sink  and 20-30$ to end up worse than I was before i started.
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  8. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic Need Help: See Screenshot - Why only 27 FPS?   

    The game just runs like shit and thats all there is to it. The optimization of all KR games is bad. Ive yet to play a KR game where i got top FPS in citys or pvp. Aion, Archeage, BDO, and I cant remember all the others I played whenever u entered pvp people wouldnt render, until you were already dead, hard lag if spells and ambient effects were turned on.
    For whatever reason the designers over there cant figure out how to properly make a game and render art and content without making the game run bad. However BDO and my past games all looked absolutely beautiful when out in the world and alone. 
    Before anyone questions my specs, ive always used an SSD for my current game, min 16 GB or ram ddr3, ive always used i7 series, and I am usually only one 1-2 video cards behind the best. Currently gtx 980. 
    I have to play BDO with names off, on med settings, spells off, and it runs okay. Sadly u cant pvp that way.
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  9. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic [Notice] Attendance Message | Known Issues [Updated - 2/23/17]   

    Just downloaded the patch also cant claim my last two rewards..... 
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  10. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic Worker Skill Change Option   

    Best thing ive ever read!
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  11. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    Based on how long this thread is I would say yes. Im still around playing a bit more casual, if something else comes out ill probably jump ship and call it a day.
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  12. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    I see alot of people on here saying never overstack for accessories while others say overstack for them. Sadly there is no proof from one point or the other. I tried making a pri seraps, 20-25 failed. I then tried 25-30 failed then tried pri to duo around 35-38 failed. Shit system is shit system, I think in total now I have purchased about 18 seraps in the past few days out of the 18 i got two to pri then failed duo. 
    All that cash to attempt to replace my pri ogre. Games a -----ing joke. Then people in my guild lawling because they smash shit with 10-15 stacks for pri, then duo shit with 20 stacks. Then they talk shit about getting geared, hey it sure is nice rng shines upon you but it doesnt with me. I had a another guildy who failed his tri liverto 56 times, and another who failed 60+ times.
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  13. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    I understand the backup comment, but having failstacks and not being able to create a backup is the problem. Sure losing the pri ogre sucks but attempting to make a backup is what basically screwed me over. I really though the amount of money I had would be enough. Sure I could of went the other way and attempted the backup first which i probably should have but in the long run the result would of been the same.  I just dont know anymore, this game has such great things in it but in the end its all gambling.
    I see the need for the rng system other wise everyone would be pen and the game wouldnt have anythign to aim for but its like a endless cycle. In another two months ill make my money back and probably try again but more and more ppl are going to surpass me because they have better luck. 
    NOt trying to argue with you Joker, so dont take it that way. 
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  14. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    Yeah I dont know anymore. I really liked this game, but being unable to progress after months and months is just shitty.
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  15. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    Think I am probably done also. Started with ehhh 400m ish. 
    Figure i got some cash lets try for gains.
    35 fs failed duo witch no biggy 21m
    36 failed duo tungrade 65m
    37 failed duo ogre (free i farmed them)
    35 failed pri serp 60m
    36 failed pri serp 60m
    37 failed pri serp 60m
    38 failed pri serp 60m
    failed duo giath 20 fs to 35 (repaired)
    failed duo giath again 20 fs to 35 (not repaired anymore)
    In the end lost 9 ap from the ears, 15ap from my neck. Thought if be able to make a backup with the money i had but I guess not. Maybe its a sign to just quit trying in this game. 
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  16. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    I agree, time invested should yield upgrades. The gamble system is shit, and when you complain about it people tell you to pre order the item because we all know the pre order system works. For example I posted a pre order for 300m on +0 nouver, another guildy posted 900m..... It bypassed the system and went to bit, 6 of us now bidding on this dagger none of us get it.
    Imo i think they should remove tet/pen, make tri the highest and pvp would get more balanced. Right now being one shot in rbf sucks, hell it even happens in node wars. I am all tri boss gear, weapons and duo/pri accessories 203 ap. I never have a even match, either i melt someone because they have worse gear than me or I get shit on because I have worse gear than some other person. 
    Remove tet/pen game is balanced. But it wont happen because the super hardcore people who dont work wouldnt have anything to aim for.
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  17. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic My Unplayable PvP Status   

    I feel you OP. Rocking 196/0/256 I get -----d by everyone except bad rangers and lower geared wizards. But most fights start off like this, pop magic shield, mana is drained to 0. Drink mana pot, get picked up/knocked down/or whatever CC. Wait 3-4 seconds to get up, have about 200 hp left, teleport (potting), use los attempt to heal, CC string on me again because everyone is lightning fast and dead.
    Try adn use my CC freeze misses because it sucks, fireball misses because it sucks, last ability I can use is chain lightning, which does not slow people enough. If Daum juiced up chain lightning and put a massive slow on it we might be able to create a better gap :(.
    But hey couple more days man! I have my fingers crossed that we will be viable again!
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  18. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic China just ban Locked Boxes from MMO games.   

    You sound like a child lol. Only my opinion matters and anyone who disagrees is wrong! wahhh wahh wahh. Someone needs to smack the shit out of you and set you straight.
    Or how about they setup a sub like a normal game. 10-15 per person, rng free games are lame anyways and thats all these companies do now of days. 
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  19. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic Tamer is the weakest and most pathetic class in bdo and it even got nerfed last patch ???   

    You are bad then. 200 ap 260 dp globalled all day long at node wars. Anything with an awakening or half a brain can break us. Also guildy who has 210 ap 300 dp (wizard) quit playing because he gets wrecked by everyone and rerolled tamer. 
    Try standing still when everyone has a dash and see whos weak.... And yea we were good when the game first came out and no one had gear/resists.
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  20. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic Lavientia's Event Guide   

    70k mansha turn ins +plus various other guild quests not a single one.
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  21. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic 15 Years, same PVP Flaws   

    Ultima Online pre ren had a perfect system :). 
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  22. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic Extended Maintenence ohh .. what a shock   

    boo -----ing hoo, get a job you babies.
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  23. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a topic in Sorceress   

    New Sorc Questions
    Hey guys i just rerolled for the 5th time and I was wondering if some of you long time Sorc players could point me in the right direction. Basically I am el terrible at the Sorc I want to attempt to get better but I cant find any good documentation on skill rotations, skill builds, or anything really. Ive found a ton of videos with people slamming massive buttons and well its a bit hard to understand what they are doing.
    So here are a few questions for you. Do I ever need to use the old weapon again, do you combo old skills into the new skills? Does anyone have a link to a 56 cookie cutter pvp build I can get? 
    What are your main rotations in pvp and or pve? I just ht 56 last night went to a node war got penetrated with no lube the entire night. I felt like I wasnt doing any damage even though I have tri main/off and a +10 blue awaken. Any pointers comments appreciated! 
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  24. MikeTheCCWarriorSlayer added a post in a topic Same People Constantly getting rare drops.   

    Holy hell use a period or comma!  Wow your typing and spelling skills are second to none!
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