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  1. Gryphonv added a post in a topic [NA-Orwen] <Flex> PvP For Hire (GvG, Node, Siege) Recruitment : CLOSED   

    You're smoking crack right ? Veritas , Legatum , Domnestici , Paintrain , Paintrains , Luciform , Black  is a smaller alliance than those 3 guild ? You are pretty damn good at PvP but you should learn how to count lol !
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  2. Gryphonv added a post in a topic [NA-Orwen] <Flex> PvP For Hire (GvG, Node, Siege) Recruitment : CLOSED   

    LOL Im not even part of all that shit but I think you guys are to one who are salty .... Crying on the forums .... Im just offering my point of view  But thank you for confirming what I thought that you are definitely not the smartest one of the lot .. That little game is menttioned in my post that they are trying to discredit the competition with misinformation ... But you are soo salty that you can't even think clear ... The salt is strong in you guys !!
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  3. Gryphonv added a post in a topic [NA-Orwen] <Flex> PvP For Hire (GvG, Node, Siege) Recruitment : CLOSED   

    Maybe if Veritas and Luciform would what a fair fight they would start by trying to reach other guild leaders I know there is a lot of Mistrust right now betweem all the guild but there is nothing to lose to at least try once  and see the thrue intentions of everyone ..
    Man are you really stupid or something they joined last minute to kill Luciform there never been an agreement on making an alliance between those guild they jsut showed up last minutes and wiped Luciform because they hate them for being Veritas puppets .... This is not complicated .. Or maybe you are just too salty and trying to find an excuse for your lost this is what I was talking about Veritas trying to discredit the competition... But you know after reading all the comments in this thread after all people are not that dumb and they are starting to see the little game behind  Veritas and their Alliance.
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  4. Gryphonv added a post in a topic [NA-Orwen] <Flex> PvP For Hire (GvG, Node, Siege) Recruitment : CLOSED   

    Ok let me gets things clear now ... The mega alliance is so scared that  other guild might want to join in against them and by so they are trying to discredit Flex and some other of their competition which in itself is a really smart move. But I'm happy to see that people are not completely dumb and can see thru the lies of the Veritas mega alliance. All they are doing is propaganda by misinformation and trying to discredit other guilds to recruit more member or to prevent said member to join one of their competitor , it is not the first time Veritas does that ...  So who will have enough balls to War Deck on them and help cure the cancer of Orwen !
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  5. Gryphonv added a post in a topic [NA-Orwen] <Flex> PvP For Hire (GvG, Node, Siege) Recruitment : CLOSED   

    So correct me if I'm wrong but Luciform was there with 2 of the paintrain guild with the intention of zerging people at the node war then they come crying when that's exactly what happened to them hahahaha ... Not  event part of this shit either but I've seen enough of The mega alliance ganging up on guilds  that's this became -----ing retarded . How I feel what yesterday was : Veritas mega alliance portrayed by Goro and Flex / Lotd / Foe portrayed by Johnny Cage ! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8Qw47KHa69w hope more people start standing against Veritas ... No need to be an alliance but at least wipe them from node war then everyone reset at their base and have that fair free for all fight that everyone wants and that Veritas mega alliance definitely don't want to happen because that would bring them some challenge.
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  6. Gryphonv added a post in a topic [NA-Orwen] <Flex> PvP For Hire (GvG, Node, Siege) Recruitment : CLOSED   

    The mega alliance crying about the 3 v 1 is like calling the cops because someone stole your bag of cocaine!
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  7. Gryphonv added a post in a topic [NA-Orwen] <Flex> PvP For Hire (GvG, Node, Siege) Recruitment : CLOSED   

    you know Veritas and Luciform the best way of leading is by the example. Maybe if you guys would stop doing that exact same thing why you are salty right now which is 3 v 1 others guilds then maybe it wouldn't happen to you and everyone could have that challenge of a free for all node war. But I guess you guys decided from the get go to destroy any competition and deny others guild from having a fair fight ! and seriously shame on Luciform and Black who said they'd never join the alliance because they didn't want to join the Zerg fest and said they wanted to keep a fair / healthy PVP environment on Orwen what you've been doing for a long time is the exact opposite ! Lost all my respect for 2 incredibly good PVP guild!
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  8. Gryphonv added a post in a topic [NA-Orwen] <Flex> PvP For Hire (GvG, Node, Siege) Recruitment : CLOSED   

    Wait what ? Is Veritas / Luciform complaining of getting 3 v 1 when they keep doing that to every guild that don't decide to join their alliance? It's nice to see some guild stand against the mega alliance maybe the server will be able to become healthy and fair fight will become possible in a near future. And shame on Veritas about complaining all you guys been doing since the beginning is zerging people with your butt buddies alliance. Legatum / Black / pain train X 2 /  Luciform just to name them. Maybe if you'd throw people a fair fight once in a while people wouldn't hate you guys that much as to what seems to be a mutual agreement to wipe you out. We all want an healthy server where  it's possible to get a. Fair fight and your mega alliance been worst than cancer for a long time but why would you come and cry when people do exactly what you've been doing for a long time !
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  9. Gryphonv added a post in a topic I have two spare guest passes <3   

    Nope, wasn't 8. Was the first guess.
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  10. Gryphonv added a post in a topic I have two spare guest passes <3   

    36 year old, I can afford the game but am hesitant because of so many games I've paid for and stopped playing after two months. I've been playing mmo's since meridan 59 (even before UO), and I've played many, but my love is still in text based MUDS.
    Thats as honest as I can get.
    Also if I stick around, I will compensate you sometime down the road with something in game.
    My birthday is on the 8th, so I guess 8
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  11. Gryphonv added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Looking for a guest pass
    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has a spare guest pass they won't be using. I'm holding off on buying the game right now. 
    If you can, and I stay around I will compensate you down the road in game (if that is possible). I know very little about this game except that it has potential.
    I've been an MMORPG player since Meridan 59, probably the longest I played one was FF 11 (fenrir server).
    Disreguard, I ended up buying.
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