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  1. Ellipsis added a post in a topic Ultimate Teleport needs hotfixed in ASAP   

    Would either of you be so kind and relay this info so it can be hot-fixed ASAP. Thanks.
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  2. Ellipsis added a post in a topic Ultimate Teleport is Missing   

    Are the devs messing with us?? Why is this skill missing?!
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  3. Ellipsis added a post in a topic Possible to organize a strike? (✿◡‿◡)   

    Count me in. 
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  4. Ellipsis added a post in a topic Horse prices too low   

    WTF is this bullshit. Your training level has absolutely nothing to do with how quickly your horse levels or how many skills it learns. You PS items and/or your riding attire affects the horses XP, your training XP etc... the 'Training' level or stat doesn't do shit.
    artisan 1 trainer here... 120 days played on my trainer, all AFK riding while at work/sleeping, no pearl shop riding attire, just the professional riding clothes... 
    It takes 6ish days, give or take, 16+ hours each day, to get that T7 to level 30. Might be faster depending on if you use PS items/+ training clothes and the combination you use... riding 1 horse for me, normally it's level 12ish after day one, level 17-18ish after day two, level 21 or 22 day 3, 25-26 day 4, 27-28 day 5 and 30 is day 6... or roughly 96+ hours to get a T7 to 30... 
    I wish that horse trainers would stop selling horses on the market unless it's to a guild-mate or other breeders. I just want people that go "it's all AFK, big deal" to have to see what that means if they have to start doing it themselves.
    shit, I remember my first pure white T7, was excited... it was a -----ing stupid horse and didn't learn shit. That is the kind of disappoint people should know... or having a entire sable go from T7's to T6s a few times while trying to get more T8's. 
    I've been lucky too, way more than most. I had a purebred T7 in the first week they were released, many more as they have made it easier. I had a T8 in the first 2 weeks they came out and I've had 3 T8s so far... only one of those is good, he is my main's horse, i think he's worth 155 million or there about... and he is missing some skills... so fml, have to keep trying for that perfect T8... then T9's will come and I need all 3... 
    Either way, the price is too low for the time active or AFK.
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  5. Ellipsis added a post in a topic Dark Knight Trailer   

    my bad...
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  6. Ellipsis added a post in a topic Dark Knight Trailer   

    ...As mele, why the ----- would I want an ability that knocks mobs out of my mele range?! Seriously, it's as if they have never grinded in their own game... 
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  7. Ellipsis added a post in a topic Witch or Wizard after awakening?   

    maybe the the witches +20% 'resist all' helped after her block? also, he did grab at 0:26, he gabbed the lightning guy and slammed him, you can see it in the background and you can't exit out of a grab, he was stuck in the animation and the witch was able to kill him... A level 60 n00b zerk with 200+ AP and 300+DP, ok maybe... Was he the best I've seen, no. Will you come across zerks of equal skill, sure... he's had months and months with his awakening, the witch has had weeks to a month or so maybe. Was just showing that the idea that wiz will dominate and do so much better than a witch, at least in videos, doesn't appear to be the case. 
    I wish there were more awakening videos of both to be honest.
    Wizard - 250/252/283 Witch - 249/251/283 and the witch looks like he/she isn't very good, just stands there half the time doing nothing, spamming collapse of balance, little healing etc. just keeps taking High-Doo Hongs to the face... anyways posting because I couldn't find many witch vs wiz videos
    Either will be fun. most skills while named differently do about the same amount of damage;
    depends on if you want a block or grab, if you think one more mobility skill is needed, etc. Both will be fun either way.
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  8. Ellipsis added a post in a topic Witch or Wizard after awakening?   

    the first video below, an awakened Giant (after getting killed a few times) doesn't want to be in mele range with a witch... a mele class (short range to mid range with one or two long range) doesn't want to be in mele range because the witch has close range high damaging skills now, think about that. They are also within 1-3AP/DP of each other during that fight.
    At the bottom you can see afkalmighty trying out his witch, very shortly in you can see him using block in RBF against 2 or 3 attackers and getting away just fine... wiz can't do that... a grab in that situation wouldn't have saved him.
    someone above talked about vastly more mobility for wiz... they have one more dash that i am aware of, believe it has a very small wind up as well... and if nothing else, one more ability isn't vastly more mobility... it's a limited use ability at best... unlike the double teleport that both classes get and use all the time.
    Wizard showing off abilities for first few minutes followed by musa fight at around 6:30. although, this wiz is still learning and not a great representation of what the class can do... mainly what to expect on day one when people are still learning the awakening.
    much better wiz
    no idea what the gear difference is in the above videos though.
    like all classes, if you severely out gear your opponent you will win, equal it's more skill... but anything around 200+ it can just be whoever gets the first hit/knockdown/etc. I prefer witch. I think they will both be good and can fend for themselves and not get pushed off a grinding spot. 
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  9. Ellipsis added a post in a topic Witch or Wizard after awakening?   

    Because reasons.
    Witch - 201/304 58 lvl
    Giant 200/303 60 lvl
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  10. Ellipsis added a post in a topic Are the Devs Incapable of Fixing Loading Screens?!   

    This has been happening a lot more since right before the new world... my trainer has 109 days played and now I'm lucky to go a full day without coming back to her just sitting in a field, against a wall, sitting in one spot, dead, etc. I actually stopped AFK training for about a week leading up the the new world, thought it might have been a consequence of the upcoming merge, but it happened to me twice this weekend as well.  Strange part is that when i'm actively playing, I can't recall the last loading screen I have seen while moving throughout the world...
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  11. Ellipsis added a post in a topic whats up with the horse breeding   

    I think it's RNG as well...
    For example, I had 3 T8 males from breeding a few T6 level 30 Females with a couple T7 level 30 Males over the last month and a half, absolutely Lucky RNG... I was breeding this month to try for a T8 Female... this is how it went for me... T8 Male level 30 bred with T7 Female level 30 = T6 Female > Then I bred another level 30 T7 Female with that same level 30 T8 male = T6 Female > at this point I said ----- it and slammed the last pair together thinking I should at least get a T7, only to get another -----ing T6 Female. According to the calculator, I should have had a >70% chance at a T7 or above... closer to 75%... and 3 separate times I got "Lucky" and ended in the 25ish% category for a damn T6 female.
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  12. Ellipsis added a post in a topic Combat Promotion Conqueror   

    If it isn't the soldiers themselves, It's probably the treasure or supply cart, or whatever it is called... it's normally in the little enclaves in between the tents tucked away into the wall.
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  13. Ellipsis added a post in a topic Bad guilders   

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  14. Ellipsis added a post in a topic Its time to fix kunos and nins NOW!   

    the only problem is that they told us that we were getting the updated balanced kuno, that was the "reason" for delay. If they would have said, he's the unbalanced kuno and given it out early, i think people would have been more understanding... but they didn't, they said we're going to hold off giving you kuno/ninja because you're going to get the updated version... and we got the crap version, and on top of that, no mention of a time or fix to get us to what they said they were giving us. My 56 kuno is shelved... its fine as i'm enjoying the Zerk awakening... but this should be addressed.
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