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  1. DarknightK added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    Awesome, so here's an interesting observation,
    Earlier this morning I logged into Mediah 4 for a little bit of afk fishing, minimized the game while I went to afk and do other stuff. Check back after 30 mins to look at my inventory, turns out I got dc'd from server. Attempt relogging back into the same spot and get constantly disconnected minutes after loading into the game world. Despite the fact that it was working perfectly earlier today
    Log into Velia 4, no problems at all.
    Wat? Before the reverse proxy servers became the hot topic of the month, those were the only servers that I could load into and be guaranteed to not get kicked out after a minute. The load times on the reverse proxy servers were also extremely fast compared to the non-reverse proxy servers. Now they don't even guarantee that. Just what the hell are these guys doing to their servers?
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  2. DarknightK added a post in a topic Valencia.   

    I drafted a Valencia part 1 rework a month or so ago, but never really finished on it. Val part 1 (and sulfur mines, somewhat) are the main places that really need to be looked at. Pila Ku, Aakman, and Hystria are very good (if not better) at providing constant income like pirates/sausans via trash drops, however they're so distant in terms of gear score required for Pirates/Sausans vs. Pila Ku/Aakman/Hystria.
    Here's my proposed rework of Valencia part 1, what each spot should be changed to capitalize on:
    Bashims: XP, Rosar Secondaries, Black Stones
    Fogans: XP, Seraph Necklaces, Rocaba Armor
    Crescents: XP, Black Stones, Crescent Ring
    Basilisks: XP, Pila Fe Scrolls, Basilisk Belt
    Nagas: Silver, Rosar Primaries
    Gahaz: Silver, Gold Bars(1G Uncommon, 10G Rare)
    Cadry: Silver, Black Stones, Cadry Ring
    Centaurs: Silver, Pila Fe Scrolls, Centaur Belt
    Waragons: Black Stones***
    Kisleev Harpies (Kisleev Crag revamp): Pila Fe Scrolls***

    Current Weaknesses
    Bashims: Low end of trash-to-silver (TtS) value, no worthwhile alternate drops
    Waragons: Have their own area, have their own Elite mobs, but are useless in every aspect.
    Desert Nagas: Spread out densities, lowest TtS value currently
    Desert Fogans: Tightly packed, amazing for XP farming, that's about it
    Gahaz: Best TtS value when compared to required gear score to fight them. However income is very dependent on presence of elites in rotation
    Crescents: Only real value is Crescent Ring
    Cadry: Promising XP farm, income dependent on elites (some are not in rotations), cadry ring isn't as highly valued
    Basilisks: Only real value is Basilisk belt, XP not so stellar, TtS is not bad, but requires decent AP
    Centaurs: Centaurs, pre-Val part 2, were the toughest mob to fight, yet have a belt that is less valued than Basilisks.
    Beyond what I've posted, I wholeheartedly agree with OP that all Valencia trash drops simply need a base increase in silver values, as well as the very rare offhand chance that hard/sharp crystal shards drop from the mobs. Additionally, many Valencia areas should have a daily quest at the node manager (after you've finished the 3 quests they give you initially), that awards 2mil? 1mil? as a bonus incentive.
    Right now, we have daily quests in Valencia that are highly RNG gated, these quests for lower end grind spots would help ease players into the higher tiers of Valencia grind spots.
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  3. DarknightK added a post in a topic Consistently Getting Disconnected   

    For some reason, I'm only able to reliably connect to any [Region5] channel (Velia5, Serendia5, Mediah5, etc)
    Every ohter channel I get disconnected moments after logging in, after the client syncs to server and bombards me with chat messages and marketplace updates. Sent several tickets to support in the past, they said it was most likely because I was running under minimum specs, however that shouldn't have any ramifications on logging in/switching channels. Even if that was the case, I technically shouldn't be able to log into any channel in that case.
    Furthermore, this only occurs on BDO, not any other online game.
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  4. DarknightK added a topic in General   

    Why is server stability still terribad after nearly a year?
    Large scale PvP (GvG, Siege Wars), World Bosses, Tax Wagon events.
    All three of these events share something in common: they usually have extremely high turn outs of players. These three events also share something else: horrid amounts of desync/lag/rubberbanding/etc.
    World Bosses such as Karanda become insufferable due to Karanda winding up her OHKO animations, only for players to die at the beginning of her wind-up, due to desync between the start of the animation and the start of her damage hitbox. The tax wagon appears at one place, you start unloading into it, and then you appear about 5m behind it, supposedly not a single hit landed. Desync and rubberbanding at its finest, regardless of your setup, regardless of your ISP.
    I'm not sure if this is even a server provider issue, or if its simply due to how Pearl Abyss has programmers that have zero experience with handling netcode. Either way, its pretty amusing at how a game intended for massive scale activities falls so far short because the publishers/developers don't have the foresight to fix the root of the problem. We've had so many Wednesday updates with the notes "improved server stability", and yet the servers are just as bad.
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  5. DarknightK added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    Welp Cuckoo, in this case you'd better mail everyone a shiny rewards box unless you want entire categories being spammed with "GIMMIE SHINY BOX" topics. Checkmate
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  6. DarknightK added a post in a topic Reckless blow   

    If you're fighting a field boss/gatekeeper and if you're mindful of the gaps in between their combos, you can try to sneak in a fully charged RB from time to time.
    If you're using it as a part of a combo chain, it would be wise to simply insta-cast.
    Use your own judgement, if you feel that you can let loose a fully charged RB without any serious penalty (you have super armor while charging, although you're not impervious to damage), then by all means go ahead.
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  7. DarknightK added a post in a topic Connection to the server has been lost.   

    Welp, looks like the server merge just made shit worse.
    Now I can't connect to any server without being disconnected a minute or two after logging in. My character loads in as normal, the game world takes about 30 to 50 seconds to load in, and then I can actually interact with it. A couple of 30-50 seconds later I get dc'd. This happens consistently
    Way to have shitty servers Kakao, can't you do anything right?
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  8. DarknightK added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Constantly Disconnecting after logging in
    This has become a worsening issue as time goes on: after logging in and loading into the game world, I'm able to interact normally with mobs, NPCs, and so forth until I'm disconnected back to the main title screen. This occurs every time such that the client tells me "Valid authentication has expired, please restart the launcher"
    Notably, this doesn't occur when I'm away from any mobs or NPCs, loading into a block with any NPCs, dense crowds of players, or NPCs usually causes this bug, but now its effective area keeps spreading - I'm unable to load properly in the spot outside of Heidel that I usually use now.
    So Daum/Cocoa, how bout you tell Pearl Abyss to optimize the way characters are loaded in?
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  9. DarknightK added a post in a topic [Tamer] Daru's outfit - dye bug?   

    Same problem here, the color option for the skirt and wrist ribbon don't line up:
    1) I think Velian dyes show up as leather/glossy, while all other dyes show up as Mediahn/Valencian on the skirt
    2) The wrist color option however, seems to correspond correctly with the dye type
    definitely a bug :L
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  10. DarknightK added a post in a topic Why are all these lower level spots packed with level 59s?   

    A few things need to happen for Valencia to become current content:
    1) Increase the amount of silver from Valencia junk items by a factor of x2-x2.5, or at least enough that it somewhat outranks the silver generated from Pirates/Sausans. One obvious contributor to this problem is that no Valencia drops have any trade-in NPCs. Adding a secondary, uncommon junk item that has the turn-in rate similar to Pirate Bandanas would only further help alleviate this problem.
    2) Denser mob groups. Valencia is horrid in terms of mob placement. Only a handful of spots are viable to farm compared to the multitude of spots available in total among the Mediah spots. There's been some work in adding more mobs to areas such as Basilisk's Lair and Gahaz in KR, however we've yet to receive those updates.
    3) Experience needs to be slightly increased, with the clustering of mobs, this would sort of alleviate the issue, however the current problem is that 1 Desert Fogan = 0.001% EXP at lv 57 for me. 1 Pirate at Kuit Island = 0.001% EXP for me at lv 57 as well. So why would I farm Fogans according to the above reasons?
    Lets hope Pearl Abyss manages to do it right once Valencia Part 3 rolls around, I highly doubt it however.
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  11. DarknightK added a post in a topic Up to date gear guide?   

    There's a loose hierarchy in terms of gear, I'll try to explain it the best I can
    Weapons: Boss (Kzarka/Karanda) > Liverto/Blue Awakening >>>>> Yuria
    Offhands: Nouver/Kutum (Debatable) >> AP offhand (w/ Bhegs) or Accuracy offhand (w/o Bhegs)
    Armor: Boss Armor > Grunil > Everything else, some people can argue that Heve/Taritas/Rocaba are useful than others, especially Heve with its 3-piece HP bonus flexible in the off chance you get Bhegs
    Low End
    Full Jarette's Set (x2 Earrings, x2 Rings, Belt, Neck) - With a full 6 piece set, you get +15 bonus AP, making it very useful for beginners/alts. They can't be enchanted however
    Ring/Earring/Necklace of Sealed Power - The final versions of the accessories you get from Abandoned Monastery/Hexe/Biastiani daily quests, enchantable but not recommended
    Red/Blue Coral Rings/Earrings (Easy to PRI/DUO/TRI due to relative abundance compared to other accessories)
    Belt of Shultz the Gladiator
    Scarla Necklace/TRI Bares Necklace
    Mid End
    Mark of Shadows/Valencian AP rings (equivalent to PRI MoS)
    Witch's Earring/Blue Whale Molar/Khalk's Earring
    Ancient Weapon Core/Tree Spirit Belt
    Ancient Guardian's Seal/Sicil's Necklace
    High End
    Crescent Ring
    Tungrade Earring (Out of all the accessories, this is relatively a pain the ass to farm if you don't have a group, or are below 210 AP/260 DP with awakening)
    Basilisk's Belt
    Ogre Ring/Raiten's Power Stone (Unreleased, obtainable from "Valencian Ogres" that are much more powerful than Ogres, but has the exact same AP and enchantment progress as an Ogre Ring)
    Today, a new accessory was introduced called Necklace of Shultz the Gladiator, which starts with 7AP with +3AP per enchant. I think it would have a good place in the mid-tier range since PRI'ing it will give you the equivalent of an ogre ring. Currently, PRI'ing a Sicil necklace will give you 10AP and 5DP, however those can only be obtained from the Roud Sulfur Mines, Pila Ku Jail, or Night Vendor. The second closest is a DUO Ancient Guardian's Seal, which likewise gives 10AP and 5DP.
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  12. DarknightK added a post in a topic Destroy Sandstorm Beartraps   

    Try remembering the spots they hit you at (I usually farm near the "beach" area, to the area directly right of it there are two close-by beartrap spawns) and use AoE attacks, while keeping your distance, to break them.
    With warrior's Armor Break skill (fairly far reach for a melee attack), I'm able to sit in the same exact spot and just whittle them down. I assume it'd be easier for ranged classes.
    But yeah, when in doubt, AoE
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  13. DarknightK added a post in a topic Can PA please fire whoever made the horrid amity system?   

    That's the problem: then why have an amity system to begin with? If spending anywhere in the neighborhood of 300+ energy on an NPC by waving is more efficient than playing the amity game, that's a huge flaw.
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  14. DarknightK added a topic in General   

    Can PA please fire whoever made the horrid amity system?
    It astonishes me that whoever thought rolling NPC amity between 40-50 interest level and favor level such that either all your choices give 0~0 favor, or have success %'s below 50% across all the amity choices was a good idea. I'm specifically talking about the Scarlet Sand Chamber node manager, however I'm sure many people can name numerous other NPCs like this.
    Furthermore, the "fail x amounts", which ties into the above point. Most of the times, its impossible to fail such a requirement (usually 3+) when an NPC's favor/interest level rolls will make sure that all of your amity choices have at least an 80% chance of succeeding.
    I mean, for -----s sake PA it's been long enough, if you can't make the amity system work just get rid of it entirely and lock amity-related knowledge/items/etc. behind quests instead.
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  15. DarknightK added a post in a topic Nouver vs Ancient Kutum Shield   

    If you still lack Bheg's gloves, you could probably swap the Vangertz out for Kutum, assuming that it does indeed, grant accuracy as well.
    However since DP honestly does not scale very well against higher AP ranges, Nouver is generally the best choice imo. I think Kutum is intended to be a fill-in between those who have bhegs and those who don't.
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