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  1. Hype33 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    no you wouldn't of it will be MONTHS before you have enough seals. It wouldn't make sense to wait half a year after awakening release to get your weapon. 
    Thread is full of complainers. All u people complaining about TRI ogres stop being a little girl and try making one. 
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  2. Hype33 added a post in a topic [New] Kamasylve Channels   

    I don't get it. This is similar to the PVP event servers which recently were introduced in KR are you just informing people or trying to pretend this is your own unique suggestion? 
    For all the retards saying no. It's already a thing. 
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  3. Hype33 added a post in a topic Pay Up   

    If he doesn't pay up his in game name is stabalicious and he's in the guild horses Inc if anyone is curious. I can deliver the dead fish in a newspaper if you like. 
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  4. Hype33 added a post in a topic What Guild are the GM's in?   

    What is BDO_Team's home channel? Must PK. 
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  5. Hype33 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    Sick google translate 
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  6. Hype33 added a post in a topic The Perfect Patch   

    Too long didn't read.
    get a life  or go train more horses stabby you are slacking 
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  7. Hype33 added a post in a topic [Weekend Buff]: Westernizing XP Events   

    during weeknights I typically am playing where my weekends are usually scattered. Would be much more convienent to pop when I am actually able to play. As far as other posts which "encourage players to play during the exp bonus" Maybe when you first start playing this is true but once you hit a gear ceiling and mostly are only grinding for the extra levels or grinding Alts no exp bonus is going to make me change my irl schedule for it so your argument is invalid for most people who play. 
    Afaik KR gets 100% weekdays and 200% weekends so maybe that is in store for our future?  Just rumors though don't know if this is confirmed
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  8. Hype33 added a post in a topic Turn off EXP loss to BOSSES   

    I'd agree that until the lag/desync is gone this would be a good idea. If that ever gets fixed it makes sense to lose exp and gems bosses are already insanely dumbed down from what they used to be. 
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  9. Hype33 added a post in a topic I think I found myself a female Berserker?   

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  10. Hype33 added a post in a topic New classes   

    Lets fix female ranger then ask for a male ranger. 

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  11. Hype33 added a post in a topic Striker - New class   

    I'd sell it quick!
    I love the know-it-alls in this thread. Confirmed completely new Offhand! 
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  12. Hype33 added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    did this salty cuck just stab at Edan being the low-pop server? u wot m8 y eye autta
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  13. Hype33 added a post in a topic Support tickets priority   

    In the past, no matter the issue I was receiving a response no longer than a day or two after the issue. I used to think people were crazy who claimed they were not receiving a response for x amount of time. My last issue which is a pretty steep progression halt to my character happened about 2 and a half weeks ago. I have not received a response and have constantly been updating the ticket. Its kind of ridiculous. I am unsure how over a week for a support ticket especially something that is stopping a huge part of my progression is just left to rot for 2 + weeks. Sad to hear others are having similar issues. Bad support could ruin a game. Hopefully I receive a response and can move on soon. 
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