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  1. kirsch added a post in a topic Can you explain me your marketplace system, Daum/PA and why it shoots through the roof with dyes and not with other items?   

    putting a price cap on the dyes would not be P2W enough. they need to carefully gauge how soon they can let you sell me costumes for silver without everyone quitting.
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  2. kirsch added a post in a topic stop the name shame   

    what isn't "phallic-shaped" nowadays? point still stands, you guys are trying to make such a big deal out of a cute image. so sorry not everyone wants a sailor moon avatar.
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  3. kirsch added a post in a topic stop the name shame   

    omg there is nothing wrong with two men sharing a popsicle, you guys are prudes
    I suppose you are also the sort of people who think "men having sex with each other" in ancient Greece was "totally gay" even though it was really just about strengthening the bond between brothers in arms
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  4. kirsch added a post in a topic Secret location and Hidden content in BDO   

    well... this is not much of a "cave", more of a hole in the wall, and it is super easy to find, not exactly very far off the beaten path... and there is nothing cool about it I don't think...
    but finding this was my first "hey cool I will take a screenshot" experience in this game, and no one else has posted anything yet, so I figure I will get us started with something

    this is just south of the starting area or whatever. if you cannot tell from the screenshot, the logs behind my character here are obscuring the "entrance" to... a hole.
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  5. kirsch added a post in a topic [Poll]Wall of shames for cheaters   

    whatever "trend" there is or is not will show up in the number of people from your guild that get banned for cheating
    all other things being equal, a guild with only 1 cheater being banned is worse than a guild with 0 cheaters that have been banned, and there is nothing wrong with people knowing cheaters have been banned from your guild. whatever conclusions they want to jump to is their own choice.
    "not realizing" someone is hacking is exactly what I am talking about. I am sure people like you "don't realize" they are benefitting from hacks all the time. They should be more vigilant. The number of cheaters you have associated with throughout your MMO career is highly suspect.
    In these circumstances, the logic is not flawed. You are responsible for the company you keep. "Not knowing" the people you choose to play the game with are cheaters is your own fault.
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  6. kirsch added a post in a topic [Poll]Wall of shames for cheaters   

    having cheaters in your guild should tarnish its reputation. just because someone does not cheat themselves does not mean they have not benefited from it.
    "guilt by association" is not a bad thing, people should choose their "associates" very carefully.
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  7. kirsch added a post in a topic alright folks , lets make it a revolution on the cash-shop stupid prices   

    yeah, you aren't forced to buy anything from the cash shop
    the in-game items all look like crap and don't offer any bonuses
    but no one is forcing you to buy anything
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  8. kirsch added a post in a topic Greetings, General subforum   

    is the pic Plunge linked to down now? will you please post it again? or did anyone nab it? not sure why anyone would want to, not sure why I want to see it, but damn, I am super curious to learn just about anything I can about Plunge  

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  9. kirsch added a post in a topic As a big fan of cute races in MMORPGs, I hope that they make the Shai playable someday.   

    yes??? why would I find the sight of a child's body offensive or gross?
    every human being has a body, even children, teaching kids they have to be "covered up" all the time because there is something "shameful" about nudity is not the right message to send
    have you ever been to a beach??? do the children in swimsuits freak you out??? that is you having a major issue with the way you look at them, not me
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  10. kirsch added a post in a topic As the forums burn and history repeats its self...   

    done and done. and I mean, done.
    serious answer, not sure what can be learned from any of this. don't leave critical stats on the client side? think we already knew that one.
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  11. kirsch added a post in a topic As a big fan of cute races in MMORPGs, I hope that they make the Shai playable someday.   

    "please don't turn Black Desert into TERA, we are allergic to success" 
    wtf are you talking about?
    no, elin did not "literally save TERA from going under", nothing you linked to says anything close to that.
    no, the "vast majority" of people do not see elin as sex objects, that is your own disgusting perception.
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  12. kirsch added a post in a topic ehmmmm   

    Koreans are biologically incapable of being dishonest or cheating so this sort of thing was never big concern for them
    don't worry, the patch they are working on will alter our genetics to make us into synthetic Koreans
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  13. kirsch added a post in a topic Greetings, General subforum   

    you're telling me. really crushed my dreams today, tho. I don't like grills.
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  14. kirsch added a post in a topic Greetings, General subforum   

    you two are the cutest couple on the forum, of course you are gonna make other posters jealous
    we should go on a double date sometime - my significant other is a doll, but I think her and Che will really hit it off
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  15. kirsch added a post in a topic Greetings, General subforum   

    you already seem to have grossly misunderstood how things function in general
    we are made up of a series of tribes with constantly shifting allegiances, uniting us on any one given matter is effectively impossible
    the only way to make "peace" would be to conquer us entirely, like the barbarians, & we all know how that went
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