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  1. thekryptkeeper added a topic in General   

    WTF patch?
    I'm failing to find a -----in reason why you took down my game in the middle of the night to apply a small patch that doesn't even have a thread addressing the changes
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  2. thekryptkeeper added a post in a topic Preorder for Hebetate   

    Gonna cut my loss and go with giath first, then see if I can get a hebe later, theres always rednose to use for a full set bonus. Also, I would regret it if I couldn't get the hebe and then the giaths dried up too.
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  3. thekryptkeeper added a topic in General   

    Preorder for Hebetate
    What price is working, if you were able to preorder it today? 150m all day, no dice, just got home and pushed it up to 250m. 
    Debating whether to cut without it and preorder the giaths instead or not. 
    I have bhegs and muskan already
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  4. thekryptkeeper added a post in a topic Before tomorrow's Boss Armor disappointment   

    Randomly, and random chance are 2 different things. Thanks for taking the time to type of that novel though
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  5. thekryptkeeper added a post in a topic Bouncing back after a rough session with RNG   

    lol kid blows up 2b in accessories without backup, cries to forum how 2 playkthxy
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  6. thekryptkeeper added a post in a topic Release Patch Notes Sooner   

    Patch notes always incorrect anyways, no point to even having them.
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  7. thekryptkeeper added a post in a topic Before tomorrow's Boss Armor disappointment   

    You have a random chance at each armor piece.... you are not picking AT random. 
    "Right click to RANDOMLY obtain one of the following."
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  8. thekryptkeeper added a topic in General   

    Before tomorrow's Boss Armor disappointment
    Let us reflect on the very definition of the word "Random"
    Full Definition of random
    1a :  lacking a definite plan, purpose, or patternb :  made, done, or chosen at random <read random passages from the book>
    2a :  relating to, having, or being elements or events with definite probability of occurrence <random processes>b :  being or relating to a set or to an element of a set each of whose elements has equal probability of occurrence <a random sample>; also :  characterized by procedures designed to obtain such sets or elements <random sampling>
    Premeditated ratios of 80% rednose  5%  Giaths    5% Bhegs   5% Muskan    5% Hebetate   is still not correct and should be considered bugged or a complete and wretched lie.
    Random means each piece of armor should have a 20% Droprate INCLUDING red nose.  
    Just FYI, stay woke. 
    Also does anyone know if these boxes will be in our inventories after maintenance or will be mailed to us throughout the day?
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  9. thekryptkeeper added a post in a topic In world chat..everyone going back to Archeage ?   

    AA Pvp was way way freaking better.
    However as much fun as I am having in this game the servers and updates making rendering garbage i'm pretty much done logging in.
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  10. thekryptkeeper added a post in a topic I keep losing connection to the server!   

    Started getting dced randomly after the last patch.
    Every patch makes optimization and rendering worse and now this.
    I'm sick and tired of this shit and regret spending as much as I have into the game ($350). Not another -----ing dime.
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  11. thekryptkeeper added a post in a topic Candy Drops - After Maintenance   

    Never had an issue grinding pirates or sausans.. probably 5 candies an hour on average. 
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  12. thekryptkeeper added a post in a topic Halloween Event Box   

    Lol can't grind 3 candies a day the -----.....
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  13. thekryptkeeper added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *extended* Maintenance October 26th   

    You morons. I can't even properly log in and set up my AFK before work, you had all night.
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  14. thekryptkeeper added a post in a topic New Halloween costumes in Korea   

    far left one is siiick, sorc lookin like a sluuut again, love it.
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  15. thekryptkeeper added a topic in General   

    Your servers are shit again
    swapping channels or characters is lagging upon login again, fix your shit ka-sh-kao
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