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  1. ARCHEVALKYRIE added a post in a topic Hide Repeatable Quests   

    I, too, am having this problem. I know not everyone is looking to 100% the quests in this game. But, for those of us that are, the inability to hide daily quests makes this task feel like a monumental undertaking. I thought the quest toggle, "Other: Allows [Repeat] quests to be received from NPCs" would solve my problem. Alas, I continue to be shown dailies. Please, for the sanity of your dedicated PVE players, look into making this an option!
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  2. ARCHEVALKYRIE added a post in a topic Horse Auto-Loop Feature Broken   

    So this is what is happening! Good gravy. I came back to this game about a week ago and every night I have left BDO to run in the background I've come back either standing 10 feet from my wagon or simply not moving at all. If this information is accurate and I cannot level my horses whilst AFK, I might as well stop playing. I cannot believe this issue hasn't been fixed months after it was introduced.
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  3. ARCHEVALKYRIE added a post in a topic Release Ninja/Kunoichi Vote   

    What about DAUM's implementation of ANYTHING up to this point leads ANYONE to believe that a vote created by their playerbase would convince them to change course?  I am genuinely amused.
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  4. ARCHEVALKYRIE added a post in a topic The Homogenisation Of The Modern MMO   

    I don't disagree with you at all. But blatant homogenization vs. PVP/PVE balance-juggling are two entirely separate issues. I'm a long-time hardcore PVE player and to the BDO community, this means I'm little more than a casual. The problem is, people in this community tend to group people who dislike "harcore PVP" into the same group of people who prefer "easy-mode gaming." While I'm sure this is true for some people who prefer PVE, it's most definitely not true for me.
    Now, I won't say the PVE in BDO is by any means challenging or taxing on my abilities, but the combat is at least different and fun. And since 9 out of 10 MMOs seem to prefer handing players mobs that everyone can one-shot-kill, fun combat is a significant improvement over the slogfests present elsewhere. If, for some reason, the combat changes in such a way (it all becomes tab-target pew-pew), then yeah, I'll be packing my bags right alongside you. And I don't want advancements I make in BDO to be undermined either! This is the primary reason I stopped end-game raiding in Warcraft after years of being in a server first guild. Blizzard continuously undermines any and all progress anyone makes by simply handing advancement to new players.Understand, I'm substantially behind you in BDO. Especially with my one-month break. I don't expect to catch up to you. I don't watch to catch up to you. I'm playing the game in a way that is conducive to less stress and more fun. I want your progress to be just as meaningful as mine. And if I play this game for a year and a bunch of people quit and come back, I want to know my loyalty and day-in day-out dedication paid off.
    But, I also don't want to feel that because you like PVP and I don't - that you are at a HUGE advantage. As it is, organized, top-tier PVP guilds all ready possess enormous advantages over me. Yes, I could "choose" to become involved in one of those. But I'd hate every moment of it. It's much nicer to know that I can, at the very least, trot a little ways behind you and keep at least some semblance of pace. I don't need to be fretting every moment I'm playing that you're going to leap from the bushes and completely ruin the fun I was having and destroy any progress I was making. That might be exciting gameplay for you! Not for me! This "feature" was removing any and all motivation I had to level. And as people get tired of playing BDO and guilds lose members, they will need to be replaced. Whether you like it or not, something had to be done to ensure new people could rotate into the mix. As it all ready stands, leveling up in BDO is a huge time sink/commitment. Adding griefing to this equation is like running into a brick wall only to be slapped back down once you pulled yourself up off the ground.
    So, the XP patch isn't making this game "casual" friendly or homogenizing the game. Because I wouldn't be playing the game if this were the case. The XP Patch was a nerfbat to PVP griefing. (Because PVP guilds are still going to run lower leveled/geared players out of grind spots.) That is no more or less different than a class ability being tweaked because it was too over/underpowered. People shouldn't need to be feeding their egos and happiness meter by killing players who aren't any threat to them. It's good for you and for the game for people to be able to level and feel like they're making progress. Your reward is that we will always be easier to kill than your meaty brethren. I don't see how any decent person can be walking around in god-like armor and level and feel like they're losing.
    Edit: And now I'm going to bed.
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  5. ARCHEVALKYRIE added a post in a topic Reaction to Patch Perpetuating a Culture of Terrorism   

    Fishing.... in a video game.
    I know! I know! It's weird but for some reason people continue to use real world items and professions and morals in their video games. It's strange how MMOs can mimic reality sometimes, isn't it?

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  6. ARCHEVALKYRIE added a post in a topic The Homogenisation Of The Modern MMO   

    I don't have much knowledge regarding Wurm Online, so I'm going to table it in my response. As for EVE Online, it is the singular successful PVP MMO. That is for a reason. PVP hasn't/isn't, nor will it ever be as broadly appealing as PVE. I'm not saying PVP by itself is bad or wrong. It's just not something a majority of people find satisfying when they want to relax and escape from real world stressors. As for Darkfall, I believe it's doors were shuttered over the last week.
    Having said that, I do feel the times are changing for PVP players. And there are numerous games on the horizon for OWPvP players to look forward to. Personally, I'm jealous of Crowfall. I keep trying to talk myself into supporting and purchasing it, but I know that ultimately it will prove wholly unsatisfying if my only option is to PVP. Camelot Unchained also looks promising. In fact, more and more developers are trying to create games and content that are solely aimed at PVP players. (Rainbow Six Siege / Evolve / Titanfall / Overwatch / Battleborn) And they should!
    But all the huffing and puffing about BDO being a hardcore PVP game has been false. As this community has echoed time and time again, BDO sought to incoporate many types of play-styles and to some varying degrees of success, have them interact. But, this has never been a 100% PVP MMO. Nor has it ever been a 100% PVE MMO. And for quite a long while now, PVP players have had the upper hand. As is the nature of MMOs, buffs and nerfs will occur and the game will change in new and unexpected ways. You won't always approve of those changes. Nor will I. It's the nature of the beast. And if the 1% XP patch is reverted, you are contributing to homogenizing the game every bit as much as I am contributing to homogenization. The fact is, I'm not asking for BDO to appeal to PVP players. It's not what's I'd prefer. So, your existence in this eco-system forces another long, exasperated sigh from my lips, as I contemplate why MMO developers continue to include PVP in MMOs at all. It's in every other MMO. Why does it need to be in this one? And that's just it - neither of our camps is actually winning the BDO war. I'll continue to have to suffer through ever present PVP systems, and you will continue to have to suffer through ever present PVE systems. Hence, homogenization.
    In my opinion (and you are, of course, welcome to disagree) BDO all ready offers enough unique content to warrant our interest. It's why OWPvP players and PVE players continue to fight for daddy's (Daum's) attention. No, pay attention to me! Can't you see how much I love your game?!?! Again, the reality is that BDO offers unique mechanics for both play-styles. I marvel at how PVP players can spend so much time grinding the same mobs day in and day out. It sounds so boring. And you (not necessarily "you" but the OWPvP contigent) marvel at how we can spend so much time enthralled by pressing our WASD keys in the right order. But neither of our groups would be here if the game wasn't fun at all. We'd just stop playing and move on. Consequently, the game is again forced to homogenize.
    I left this game for a month and came back when I heard the new about the XP patch. We all like to inflate our importance and espouse doom and gloom when something isn't meeting our expectations. But the fact is, I left the game and came back and everything was still here. Daum is still running these forums. People in the forums are still toxic. In fact, the more this game changes, the more everything stays exactly the same. I don't doubt some people WILL quit because of the XP patch. After all, I quit when Jouska told the community that Daum had no intention of implementing a PVE server. You shouldn't play something that you're no longer finding fun. But, I do think that a lot of what has been said over the last couple of days is a lot of fear-mongering and overreaction. We don't really know how this patch pans out in the long run. I know I don't want PVP players to be griefed anymore than I wanted to be griefed, so we know that this patch isn't fixing any issues. But lots of people are still PVPing in game and still holding popular grind spots without spending their days on this forum hyperventilating over a lack of XP loss. If you've got the gear and the skillset, you shouldn't be needing daddy Daum to hold your hand.
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  7. ARCHEVALKYRIE added a post in a topic The Homogenisation Of The Modern MMO   

    Holy mother of God. That is one heck of a post. You should write a book. I applaud you, even if I don't agree with you.
    While the homogenization of MMOs is a pervasive and very real issue, the problem is that the development costs of MMOs are substantially higher than that of single player games. As a result, MMOs are presented with the difficult task of broad appeal to recoup costs. They aren't afforded the same ability to have niche game play mechanics (like indie games on Steam which need to generate very little revenue to be successful.) The biggest reason for this is that the size of the game worlds in MMOs and the countless number of systems (like crafting) require budget increase after budget increase. So, what is the net result? Homogenization. The game needs to appeal to as many people as possible.
    I take time away from MMOs to play console games all year long for this precise reason. If I want an interesting story, I play Life is Strange. If I want to massacre people without consequences, I play Grand Theft Auto. But, I don't come to MMOs expecting an experience that caters to my exact play-style. And even with the most recent changes, BDO still doesn't cater to me. MMOs are all about making compromises between differing play-styles. The reason I hear their siren call is because I enjoy playing and interacting with people. Not because I'm expecting revolutionary gameplay.
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  8. ARCHEVALKYRIE added a post in a topic What about trading Red Seals (from the battleground) for Fail Stacks   

    As those are also available to you, both through in-game activities and the marketplace - it's not quite the same thing.
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  9. ARCHEVALKYRIE added a post in a topic DELETE   

    Edit: Upon further inspection looks legit. Welcome to our very toxic forums.
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  10. ARCHEVALKYRIE added a post in a topic What about trading Red Seals (from the battleground) for Fail Stacks   

    I vote no. Not unless they add similar currency for non-PVP activities.
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  11. ARCHEVALKYRIE added a post in a topic Reaction to Patch Perpetuating a Culture of Terrorism   

    Oh hells no. I want nothing to do with that orange popsicle.
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  12. ARCHEVALKYRIE added a post in a topic Reaction to Patch Perpetuating a Culture of Terrorism   

    Not sure if serious. >_< 9/10
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  13. ARCHEVALKYRIE added a post in a topic Reaction to Patch Perpetuating a Culture of Terrorism   

    You and I had a good thing going there for a moment. *Sigh* I guess the magic is gone. I am using it literally. I never said I wasn't. Please feel free to read back over everything I have said. Literal definitions can come as a first definition, second, third, and so on. I used "terrorism" "literally" to show how a community of people was using violence as an end-game. Fact: The OWPvP griefers are using violence. Fact: They're boisterous about it and using this as an intimidation tactic within the forums. Fact: Their goal is to convince a political entity (in this case Daum) to capitulate to their demands. All of these facts align 1:1 with the definition of terrorism. Just because you have heard it used to describe things which exist outside of video games makes the definition no less apropos. If you don't like what video game terrorism is - don't participate in it. It's really very clear cut and you've continued to complicate it. All I've argued to this point is that the word "terrorism" by itself is not a singular expression of one sentiment about one type of activity that only exists outside of our homes.
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  14. ARCHEVALKYRIE added a post in a topic Reaction to Patch Perpetuating a Culture of Terrorism   

    Some people would say that using the word "f**k" when you stub your toe is sensationalist and hyperbolic too. It depends on the type of person you are and which words you feel best describe the situation. I wholeheartedly believe that antagonizing a group of people as a form of "protest" no longer makes it a protest. You don't hear the words, "Six were shot in a protest outside of D.C. today." You hear, "Six were killed in a terrorist attack outside of D.C. today." "Terrorism" has been used to describe violent crimes perpetrated by ALL races. Not just Muslims. And as far as I am concerned, doing it any other way would be racial profiling and unacceptable. You might also hear, "Six were shot and killed in a massacre today." But a protest? The word protest suggests there's some semblance of peace to express dissatisfaction. But, that's not true in this particular case. People ARE being violated by the PVP community. If PVP players want to have a protest I'm in complete support of that. Everyone has the right to a voice.
    You didn't read it wrong. You misunderstood the meaning. Just because I'm seeing it happen in the community does not mean it is personally happening to me. White people didn't have to be black to want the Civil Right's Movement. You can see something going on and speak up. It's nothing more than that. There's no need to read further into it and make assumptions about what has or hasn't happened.
    I like how you left when you couldn't respond appropriately to my last comment. And now your back to hammer home insults about my ego? You're something special. Also, why can I still see your messages? Are you "ignore" proof?
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  15. ARCHEVALKYRIE added a post in a topic Reaction to Patch Perpetuating a Culture of Terrorism   

    LOL. Look up definitions? I went to university. It's that simple. You looked at the word "terrorist" and exploded without even considering how it was being used. You did not comment on my position. You did not show evidence suggesting it's good for OWPvP players to be railing against the PVE community. You did not consider how the word "terrorism" might or might not apply to what is being done. You simply saw the word and proceeded to comment. Again, you have said nothing of substance other than to belittle and ridicule my use of the word "terrorism." Furthermore, you clearly have a very limited understanding of vocabulary! So, what have you given me to debate other than your clear lack of understanding? Maybe next time you rush in to a thread to be a forum warrior, you should pause to consider a stance in the debate rather than relying on insults.
    I never claimed that. Please, reread the OP and try again. I haven't once been PK'd since this nonsense began. I am simply providing a platform to those being hunted due to patch changes. It's that simple. And yes, it's a lot of fun for me to interact with overly confident PVP players who make assumptions about things which they know nothing about while making millions of silver.
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