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  1. CBeetle added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 25th   

    Ever since this update, ive been unable to stay connected for more than 30 seconds -.-; the hell is up with this. 
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  2. CBeetle added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 25th   


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  3. CBeetle added a post in a topic HELP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HELP ME   

    Taco Bell Winner? Probably has something to do with it. I'm sure. 
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  4. CBeetle added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    I am going to be laughing sooo hard when all these pay 2 win defenders are crying because people with cash are so much stronger than they are. GOOD LUCK NOOBS. Eventually you will learn what it means for a game to go p2w, and WHY so many people //HATE// pay to win aspects. 
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  5. CBeetle added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Pay 2 win - Anything and everything that relates to real $ being converted into game currency which can then be used to upgrade your character more so than someone who does not use real $ to do so. The more $ you throw at the game, the greater advantage you will have over someone who does not. 
    Why fish for 70 mil, when you can spend 30$ for 70 mil? You may say, "well people wont /really/ do that" , and to that i say, you're an idiot if you think so. 
    Oh but people wont /really/ buy a costume for 70 mil.. If only that were the case. 
    Imo - ANY $ converted into game gold = Pay 2 Win. Period. 
    If i can BUY millions, i am paying to win. 
    If I can BUY something that earns me millions, I am paying to win
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  6. CBeetle added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    So what do you do if you didnt use pay pal? Just talk to your bank?
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  7. CBeetle added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Just watched 3 different posts disappear from this forum, talking about refunds. Hmm. Trying to avoid a lawsuit i think? 
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  8. CBeetle added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 20th   

    Lol bdo is not "going down"
    It may be alright to say the old players are leaving because they are burnt out of the game (which is their own fault imo) and these new additions that are negating all their hard work pisses them off, but the game is far from going down.
    I only play on one server, but i can say that i've actually seen an increase in players (before patch) and now with these new additions, we are simply funding the company. That money goes into the game, so to say we are wasting money on the value packs is just lol. And, imo, the rewards are worth the what.. 15 bucks it is? If you bought the game early too, you're going to have 90 days of that shit before you have to pay anything if you want it again. 
    Its not a sub. It's not a game breaker. Quit qq'ing about the cash shop. This game is no where NEAR pay to win. If you think it is, then you've never played a truly pay to win game. 
    Go play Age of Wushu if you want something p2w to cry about. 
    Also, stop -----ing at the Gm's for not telling you about a Hot fix. They dont have to tell you anything if they dont want too ;D Its more than likely they were fixing something they didn't want the players to EXPLOIT just in case the fix doesn't work, or they are fixing something so obvious that it doesn't need to be said, like the witch belt bug. Either way, they might make a post on it, they may not. Doesn't give you a reason to flame the forums all angry and dissing the game because they didnt mention anything about it. Thats you just being an immature player, who frankly, can just leave the game ;3 We dont need trolls like you, go back to your hidey hole and cry some more. 
    Gg forums trolls, kbai~
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  9. CBeetle added a post in a topic Extensive Sorc Guide   

    Personally, at lvl 56, i do not use Black Wave anymore. I invested my skill points elsewhere. Its not incredibly useful in pvp (except in rare circumstances) and the rest of the sorc kit does more than enough damage to farm in pve without it. Not taking the black wave chain will free up about 50 skill points for things like infinite mastery. 
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  10. CBeetle added a post in a topic How to gain 150AP quickly?   

    .... Literally buy anything you want. Holy f***
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  11. CBeetle added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 13th   

    I JUST tested it. I am a 121 ap sorc, with a +15 Yuria of Temptation, and a +15 Jubre of Temptation. Counting my accs' ive got about 30ish accuracy. I just tested damage on a 145 dp wizard, lvl 55 and... 
    Instead of 20 dmg bullsh** . I Hit for about 500 dmg each 1st hit Dark Flame. The damage is /slightly/ less when the skill is used off cooldown. 
    The skill reads as such 
    " If used during cooldown time, 100% chance Critical Hit not activated in PVE. Damage Reduced in PvP "
    So, we have our damage back, and the crit bug they tried to fix the first time seems to be fixed. C: 
    GOOD JOB <3 
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  12. CBeetle added a post in a topic This game was damn near perfect, but...   

    Dude. Your armor stays the same because you are using 1 set, possibly a mix of 2. If you are changing armors every 10 levels or so, you are doing it wrong. Why should your armor change at all, when all you're doing is upgrading its stats, hmm? Personally, I think quitting a game because of armor look, after stating that you love the game, is a very poor reason to leave n: Especially when, again, you only need 1 armor set from start game to end game, since all you have to do is upgrade it with armor stones in order to make it 'end game' tier... so.. yep. 
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  13. CBeetle added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Regular Dc
    This has happened at least 5 times tonight, and it seems i am not the only one. The server has been dc'ing for me, and has actually temporarily nixed my computers internet connection. Its quite odd. The game will shut down, all my voice comms will drop, and I will not be able to open a webpage for about 2 minutes. I know this sounds like a personal problem, but I can confirm that 3 of my friends had this happen at the same exact time... and unless all of Washington state is being emp'd or some such.. I can only assume that it is the games doing. Ive not seen anything on the forums yet about this, so Im just throwing it out there. 
    Any possible reasons for this to be happening?
    ~ Cheers
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  14. CBeetle added a post in a topic Character Appearance   

    chose black hair for wizard, i look great on character select. My hair is paper white in game. n:
    i switched servers, logging in, my character looks as it should now. face and all. Maybe try that if you havent?
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  15. CBeetle added a post in a topic Hair Color/Shadows   

    I just started the game, i rolled a wizard. I gave myself black hair, all the options black. I get in game, and my hair is bright white.. what? 
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