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  1. macb added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    really some bottom of the barrel trolling itt
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  2. macb added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    So triggered lmao. I'm not actually replying to the bad trolling, instead I'm replying for the poor souls that stumble upon this abomination of a forum post and think it's factual.
    lmfao, you don't think the class that literally dashes forward every attack with tiny cones for hit boxes isn't affected by desync? I never really believed desync was a thing until after I played valk (coming from 58ranger, 58sorc, 59witch). Hitting people in PvP is a feat in itself sometimes. Half of your attacks cannot be chained together because of how they desync your target.
    Knock someone down with W+F? You literally have no idea where they are to then follow up and hit them. TBH I have to use grab half the time to resync the target to then land RMB/W+RMB.
    One of the valks flow skills is permanently locked/not picked up because it basically breaking the original skill by adding and awful un-cancel-able animation afterwards. Another one of the flow skills isn't actually a flow skill, just an upgraded tier of a skill. The only saving grace of the valk awakening tree is that the %'s for skills do scale reasonably well even if you don't unlock a flow to double the damage (like witch/wiz awakening for example).
    Grind speed is no where near good. The tiny cones for skills means you have to line mobs up optimally to do enough damage to clear a rotation even remotely near witch/wiz/sorc/ranger/etc. You're going to be putting in 2-3x as much work for at most the same reward, likely 10-50% less efficiency. The less the mobs are likely to cluster or the longer they take to naturally cluster the slower you'll go as you basically need every mob stacked on top of the other to hit more than one or two mobs with your skills. Compare that to sorc/ranger/witch/wiz which all obliterate a reasonable sized circle around/ahead of them instead of just a straight line. It makes a huge difference you're going to get burnt out far quicker and in the process acquired far less rewards.
    All that being said, the class is fun to play in spurts. The grinding is tolerable but if you have experience with a better pve class you're going to be pretty burnt out really quickly. PvP is fun. The vacuum is entertaining to setup some big kills. The shield (before the bug?) did afford you some protection at least in group vs group style pvp. In node wars it disappears just like your health bar. If the skills cones were widened to be a bit more forgiving PvE may even be good (and PvP may be less desync prone?), though the constant movement aspect of the skill prevents it from being top tier IMO since you'll waste a lot of time re-positioning to cleanup packs.
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  3. macb added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 8th 2017   

    The developers don't post here. They likely don't even receive any of the feedback (positive or negative) that's written on the NA/EU forums.
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  4. macb added a post in a topic Tri liverto, Tri Dandelion next progression upgrade.......   

    Kzarka's theoretical bonus over liverto still applies with awakening (the increased hidden accuracy) so it is still "needed".
    Tet dande does seem like a far bigger upgrade. Sounds a lot more expensive though but with 86 stacks who knows. Nouver would be a better upgrade than both if you're still on steel.
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  5. macb added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Ultimate teleport
    It appears an error was made because this skill is not in my skill list. Please fix.
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  6. macb added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 21st   

    is there seriously no ultimate teleport? whati n the world.
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  7. macb added a post in a topic Witch awakening weapon, what do???   

    The worst humble brag I've ever seen.
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  8. macb added a post in a topic Wizard/Witch has the same awakening damage???   

    Maybe. Maybe that block means you avoid getting knocked down and 100 to 0'd and get to participate in the fights. One upside of the block is regardless of what happens you get some pretty significant resistance buffs after casting it.
    This is a pretty speculative thread. At this point the two classes are pretty close in terms of damage. I wouldn't worry about rerolling until you try it out and see if you like your respective class. Though I imagine if you don't like either of them you won't like the other and should re-roll something else altogether.
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  9. macb added a post in a topic Kzarka Defense Force - Mounted Witch PvP   

    I think you're taking a bit more seriously than I was. At no point did I imply I was a PvP god. I just recorded a video of killing some people at a loot pinata. I even tried to keep the title and description lighthearted! If I'm being honest though, the amount it riled you up made me want to do it all over again though.
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  10. macb added a post in a topic Kzarka Defense Force - Mounted Witch PvP   

    exactly, too scary tbh. i don't want to lose! 
    don't want to give away the super secret strats before guild wars!
    i7 6700k, 980ti, 32gb ram
    still red
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  11. macb added a post in a topic Kzarka Defense Force - Mounted Witch PvP   

    is it impressive that people can bash on a loot pinata unhindered to get the bis weapon?
    just trying to even the odds!
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  12. macb added a post in a topic Kzarka Defense Force - Mounted Witch PvP   

    ugh i wish. guild mate did get a kzarka though, so i think that was all me
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  13. macb added a topic in PVP