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  1. ShotByBothSides added a post in a topic Scaled of 1-10 how Bored are you   

    Not bored as I am now spending my time playing other games
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  2. ShotByBothSides added a post in a topic A word of caution regarding DAUM. (Updated/Resolved)   

    Shoddy behaviour and a long way from good customer service.
    I expect that Daum will lose revenue from this unfair policy. They could negate that by doing the right thing and reviewing the policy and publicity telling the community of the change (or not!)

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  3. ShotByBothSides added a post in a topic Based on yesterdays news and the responses I see, I hope Pearl Abyss do not aim to please the top '5% no-lifers'   

    As an even older player of MMOs than the OP I have experienced most, if not all, the benefits and deficits of playing too much and too little.
    The OP has some very valid points, but unfortunately many are not actually taking the time to try to understand the overall thinking behind them. It is easy to pick on one phrase and take it out of context.
    I have pretty much given up on BDO as I have not got the time, or inclination, to grind away for hours to improve my character, which is what seems to be needed to enjoy the “higher level” content. Neither do I want progress to be handed to me on a plate, or for cash.  The balance between time, progression and reward is key, and a great MMO will manage to build this into the design so that players from new to veteran will still be able to enjoy the game and feel able to contribute to the “end game goals”; I don’t see BDO as doing this very well at all.

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  4. ShotByBothSides added a post in a topic is this game a prank?   

    I very much doubt it.
    EVE is so much more of a sandbox game that BDO ever will be or claims to be.  EVE is not going to suit a lot of players, but having said that it is still one of the best MMOs ever made and it has now turned teenager; where will BDO be in 12 or so years? Playing on one server with 40,000 or so players is pretty hard to beat.
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  5. ShotByBothSides added a post in a topic is this game a prank?   

    The OP states most of the reasons I have pretty much given up on BDO. Perhaps things will change for the better in a few months (year) or so.
     I enjoyed a lot about BDO, but overall I did not get a good feeling about Daum, and the cash shop prices do not help at all.
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  6. ShotByBothSides added a topic in General   

    Drowning in spam
    I come back to this forum after a break and what do I see - dozens of crappy threads cluttering up the place.
    Are Daum even awake? Buy the game, get access to the forum.  A dedicated spammer will  at least have to pay for their advertising and will support BDO in the process.
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  7. ShotByBothSides added a post in a topic Do you think the cash shop is expensive?   

    Not buying at current prices, I am spending my gaming money on better value offers.
    At 50% less I would buy a costume or three, even more if they were account bound.
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  8. ShotByBothSides added a post in a topic What was your main MMO before Black Desert?   

    Eve is my main MMO. Every now and then my urge to play another "fantasy" game gets the better of me and I try a new release. For me nothing has come close to the fun I had with DDO and whilst BDO has promise it is not drawing me in a lot at the moment.
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  9. ShotByBothSides added a post in a topic My opinion on the cash shop.   

    Played many an MMO over the years and can afford to pay for a gaming habit.
    I currently have a number of monthly game subs on the go, I buy stuff in GW2 and have always bought cash items in the other MMOs I have tried. However in the case of BDO I have not been tempted to purchase any of the current range of costumes as they simply do not yet represent good value for money.  This means that Daum are not hitting the right consumer sweet spot for me right now.

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  10. ShotByBothSides added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    Daum are far from perfect, but the vitriolic reaction to this announcement is unbelievable.
    Sure we can be disappointed that these classes are not being released this week, but the venom in this thread is so uncalled for, it makes those that spit it come across as a right bunch of tossers.
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  11. ShotByBothSides added a post in a topic 30 Euros for a costume? U guys are high?   

    We will see posts about the high costume prices for a long time, perhaps until the price is lowered.
    This is because new people are giving BDO a try. They see the limited in game clothing options (almost none), then they see the high price of the few, on the whole crappy costumes in the cash shop. The posts will continue.
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  12. ShotByBothSides added a post in a topic [POLL] BDO needs good Group PvE   

    I still play Eve, and I understand 100% where the OP is coming from.  The only "problem" with Eve is that the PvP is not very immediate or twitch based, and is thus not very appealing to a lot of PvP players. Now if someone could combine a great PvP mechanic with the social, political, economic mechanisms of Eve, they would have a winner.  I also have a feeling that there are a lot players who fell more comfortable with having PvP based on a "vehicle", such as a tank or spaceship, as opposed to "person vs person" brawling.
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  13. ShotByBothSides added a post in a topic Would you like to adopt the Korean pvp system?   

    For some reason you remind me of the kid round the corner who struts around with  a bad ass looking dog in order to stroke his machismo.
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  14. ShotByBothSides added a post in a topic This guy needs to be banned. Impersonating and stuff.   

    Impressive - well done!
    Get the speeling right and it will fool even more of us
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  15. ShotByBothSides added a topic in General   

    Spammed again
    It has been a very long time since I have seen a forum so plagued with such an amount of crap (I guess this post is just another example)
    Daum must be able to do something about it? Making posting to the forum tied to having purchased the game would work. At worst Daum would make some income from those who might pay for the game to get some low cost advertising. Then they can start banning accounts that do it too.
    Some of the behaviour/attitude and lack of PR/responsiveness make Daum come across as somewhat amateurish, this is a good opportunity for them to score some good PR points.

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