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  1. Eecka added a post in a topic Stop Having Maintenance Daytime   

    Remember to never say you're hungry before you're as hungry as a starving African, because otherwise the situation is even more inconvenient for someone else and your issue isn't real.
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  2. Eecka added a topic in Suggestions   

    Player nameplate options
    So, unless I'm wrong, currently the choices for player nameplates are either ON or OFF. At least you can adjust it for yourself and other players separately, but that isn't enough IMO. If you choose to have it ON, you'll see their guild, title, surname and first name. That's a huge block on text on top of everyone.
    What I would consider optimal is separate options for SELF, PARTY, and EVERYONE ELSE, and for each of them have checkboxes for "Show first name", "Show surname", "Show guild name" and "Show title".
    I'm not sure how big changes you can make to the western version separately, but this honestly doesn't sound like a lot of work, and it would allow everyone to have the type of nameplates they like to see  Also, the name plates in MMOs generally tend to eat a surprising amount of performance, so this could also help people with lower end machines to run their game better.
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  3. Eecka added a post in a topic The Dye Acquisition System HAS TO CHANGE   

    No selling on marketplace, otherwise you can trade real money to in-game money through the Pearl Shop.
    I'm fine with the randomness as long as the dyes are both permanent and account wide, meaning that if I buy and unlock a dye on my warrior, I can use it infinite times on my warrior, ranger, whatever. Look at Guild Wars 2, they did dyes right.
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  4. Eecka added a post in a topic Game does not feel Buy-to-play: I feel like I have wasted money   

    This, unfortunately, is irrelevant. Even if our prices were 1/10th of the KR prices, it would still be irrelevant. The game is region locked, there's no way for us to "legally" play any other version of the game. KR version exists in its own Korean bubble where people enjoy their cash shops for some reason.
    The only valid comparison is other games released in the western market, because those are the games that this game is competing with, not the KR release. We don't have a choice between Black Desert and Black Desert KR, we have a choice between Black Desert, GW2, Wildstar, SWToR, Blade & Soul, TESO, Rift etc. Now, no matter how you personally feel about those games, they're still pretty much triple A titles with high production values and their non-subscription models are way less thirsty than this.
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  5. Eecka added a post in a topic Can I get a refund of the game?   

    You can resize the UI from the options menu.
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  6. Eecka added a post in a topic Game does not feel Buy-to-play: I feel like I have wasted money   

    I don't understand this mentality at all, the game seems really wonderful and the type of a game that people would want to play for a long time. Why not build the business model around long term players, rather than as a quick cash grab? Look at League of Legends, every single game has people with skins in it. Even though there's no benefit to having skins, other than looking different. Out of my friends I play with, ONE of them has been like "What's the point, I don't give a damn." and every other one buys new skins on a fairly regular basis.
    Now back to Black Desert...
    Some of the stuff in the store is absolutely ridiculous for a B2P game. Say, respeccing. I'd understand (still wouldn't like it :P) if it wasn't a feature at all, like hardcore "build your character from the groundup" style. But now it's just a kick in the face, sure you can respec but every single time you'll pay money for it. Everyone will just end up playing the same cookie cutter builds, because who wants to experiment when you gotta pay real money for it?
    And what the hell is up with the pet combining? I was okay with just the pets, even if it bugged me that you couldn't get a pet in any way from the game itself. But wtf, if you want a tier 3 pet, you gotta pay like 50-100€ depending on your combining luck, if you want the pet that'll give you the BEST STATISTICAL BENEFITS. I was planning to buy a pet, but nevermind that. I'm not gonna drop a single euro in the cash shop by the looks of it.
    Now what about the random dye boxes? Who on earth thought it was a decent idea to put dyes as one-time-use items obtainable as random drops for real money? Especially considering the PATHETIC amount of different armor skins you have in the game, you should at least allow us to make our characters more personalized with a decent dye system. Guild Wars 2, another B2P MMO has an account wide dye inventory, where once you get a dye once, you unlock it for your whole account, for good. If your system has to be based on effing RNG, at least make the dyes permanent and account-wide.
    Not to mention the completely outrageous costume prices and stuff like the -----ing stealth costume, all of which again is for a single character.
    MMO companies really just want the MMO genre to die out, do they? Why do you have to get so damn short-term-greedy and not realize that this game could be making money to you for YEARS if you actually put a bit of planning into the shop and made it user friendly. I have never met a single person who'd like any of your cash shop features that I mentioned. The shop items and prices are so out of touch with reality that it's hard to believe. 
    I bought the game, I'll keep playing the game, but I'm not buying a single pearl. I've spent around 500-800€ on League of Legends during my years of playing it. Even if I play Black Desert for as long, by the looks of it, my money spend on it will remain at 29,95€. Congrats on the money lost from all the users similar to me. 
    Never before have I gone from this excited to this disappointed in a game in such a short time.
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  7. Eecka added a post in a topic A look at graphics settings and their performance impact   

    Most likely it's your processor bottlenecking you in cities, so easing the load on your GPU won't change a thing. Not sure tho.
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