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  1. Sudonim added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    This was already happening before the patch. Few nights back half our guild went into the red at helms trying to defend our spot against a clan that was out trolling people and ksing. We had no choice but to fight or walk away because you cant war a clan. We went red cause guess what, karma farming is easy, especially if you do it together. Now you even get a 50% scroll to help out.
    I personally don't care about exp. I have enough hours clocked to be considered a no-lifer, yet I'm only 54. I choose to spend my time doing other things rather than spend 12hrs a day running in circles being a jerk to everyone who I come across. If someone was aggressive to me, I'd come back and make them waste out karma even before this patch. This changes nothing except it forces those angry baboons to actually think before flagging.
    For most people I know, karma and exp have never mattered. This is just an excuse for people to cry over their glass being half empty.
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  2. Sudonim added a post in a topic Can't Play Post 6/1 Patch   

    After the patch I logged in and played for about 15 minutes then everything went to hell and I started to crash. Spent the next 20 minutes logging in and instantly crashing. It eventually stopped and was fine. Until about an hour ago. I'm back crashing after only a minute or so of game play. My spouse crashes at the exact same time and we've tested everything on our end. This has only started happening since the patch.
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  3. Sudonim added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Best part of this... OP's guild went absolutely NUTS after the patch. Channel chat was a huge cry fest from them. How they aren't a pvp guild but a grind guild (Grubs Tavern are well known for their jerkish ways and bullying others from farm/grind spots) and how they are going to grief the server in retaliation to the 0 exp loss because they can't hold down their grind spots anymore.
    Those pesky people who will follow you around 24/7 ksing all your mobs..maybe you earned it, or maybe you are just paranoid. No one is going to follow you around ksing you for more than a few hours unless you poked the bear. Don't poke the bear if you don't want the ramifications.
    First thing one of them did was run around knocking people off their horses, then he'd run away on that fancy t6 (he most likely bought from the very same people he's raging against) before anyone could kill him.
    They are so bent on stirring the pot that Advi invited people to all go farm sausans before posting this and then announced to channel chat that he posted this thread 
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  4. Sudonim added a post in a topic Feedback: "Players with 0 or more Karma will no longer lose EXP when they die to another player in PvP"   

    You did lose exp if you were killed by a flagged player. You lost 1% for every death. They lost more if they died after flagging, but the person who didn't flag still lost exp.
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  5. Sudonim added a post in a topic Feedback: "Players with 0 or more Karma will no longer lose EXP when they die to another player in PvP"   

    Thing is if people just flagged to defend grind spots you wouldn't see these changes. They have to change something to stop the "pvpers" who run around killing anything that moves outside safe zones. How do you expect someone to level at sausans if they can't even level in the 45-50 area by treant because of all the 55ers in there killing anything that blinks? Right now they have the BiS gear being farmed in areas that lower levels need to level up themselves, but they can't because some jerk high level wants his 10th duo mark.
    Then you have the people who think its funny to kill afk fishers or horse breeders. Why should anyone be punished for being afk in a game that rewards you for afking and that actually requires afking?
    A good chunk of our guild went into the red the other night trying to defend our farm spot. We couldn't even declare war because the other group was a clan. Karma is easily gained back while you farm. If you lose that spot..pick a new one. It's not like there aren't many places for 55's to level.
    In Korea they don't lose exp for pvp. I'm not sure why everyone thinks this is so game breaking. Maybe we should play the game how they intended it to be instead of crying until things get so warped that there's no coming back from it.
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  6. Sudonim added a post in a topic Feedback: "Players with 0 or more Karma will no longer lose EXP when they die to another player in PvP"   

    Why does everyone assume that karma farming someone who pk's you wasn't a thing before? This patch doesn't affect me in the least because I didn't care about my exp before, I surely don't care now.
    If you want to be an aggressive jerk who puffs ups and threatens everyone who comes even remotely near you like a big baboon, I will keep coming back until a) I kill you enough you do the walk of shame or b) I die enough that you do the walk of shame rather then have to farm while perm red.
    This patch is just another excuse for people to whine and cry. Pking over a grind spot isn't pvp. The real pvp content isn't even here yet. If you leave over something like this because "It ruins pvp", then you probably shouldn't be here when real pvp comes out anyways.
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  7. Sudonim added a post in a topic But Did Zerkers Really Need 3k+ HP   

    I think a lot of people have the me me me mentality. They want their chosen class to be both dps and tank when in all reality classes are different for a reason. It supports working together as a team. The pvp in this game isn't meant to be 1vs1. We have this situation because they haven't put in the real pvp content yet.
    A zerker is traditionally a fairly balanced middle class. Higher dps output than a tank class, yet more tanky than a dps class. The arguments that valks and warriors have shields are pointless. We are tanks and in all fairness, using your shield during 1vs1 matches doesn't happen as much as one assumes. You cannot skill if you want the 360degree block everyone complains about. The minute you skill, you lose that block ability. The desync..happens to us as well. I'm lucky if I can land the one grab I have, and lucky if the game doesn't decide that my CS should go somewhere other than were my target cursor is or decides to split the ultimate CS into two separate locations during a hectic pvp battle. Valks and warriors have the same problem as zerkers. If we can't get you down and CC'd, we can't kill you. And doing so requires being a whole lot closer than it does for a zerker.
    A well played zerker can throttle my valk. They seem to ignore all resistance and when a valk or warrior goes down to a proper zerker combo = death. I'm not completely comfortable with my pvp combos yet and I don't think most people are unless you spend a lot of time pvping. The damage dealing skills for pvp and pve are different and it takes a lot of practice to become proficient in spamming those combos during 1vs1 battles. A lot of people just don't play to the potential their class has because of it.
    In my humble opinion if they felt zerkers were under powered they should have upped their damage slightly instead of giving them more health than the tank classes. A zerker really shouldn't be front line. You should have valk/warrior, then zerkers/sorc, then the range damage dealers.
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  8. Sudonim added a post in a topic Sharp and Hard crystal shards   

    Water doesn't seem to give the shards.
    I went gathering meat and wild herbs. The meat I didn't get one from, but the herbs, I got one shard after about 20 plants. Prof. 2 gathering & normal steel tool.
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  9. Sudonim added a post in a topic Pet Breeding sucks   

    I'm ok with the rng of pet tiers, but have found if you get a t2 pet, there is absolutely no hope of it getting any higher. It will forever be a t2 unless you smash it with a t3. You can't use a t1 or t2 and get higher tiers. I've had 3 of my pets do this and the amount of money I've spent to fix this is ridiculous.
    My results:
    2 x t1 cat = t3 cat
    2 x t1 dog = t3 dog
    2 x t1 dog = t2 dog, 1x t1 + t2 = t2, 1 x t1 + t2 = t2. Gave up combined t3 dog with t2 and got t3
    2 x t1 dog = t3 dog
    2 x t3 dog = t4
    2 x t1 parrot = t2, 1 x t1 + 1 x t2 = t2, 1 x t1 + 1 t2 = t2. Gave up and started a new ungimped parrot to combine this one with
    2 x t1 parrot = t3
    1 x t2 + 1 x t3 parrot = t3 parrot
    2 x t1 hawk = t2 hawk...
    I'm done with combining pets only to get t2's. The worst part is that a t2, after they patched in t1 pets having skills, is now exactly the same as a t1 lvl 10. They don't loot faster or have more skills, even though you paid double the amount to have it. Fully leveling them doesn't seem to have a lot of effect on the random rng.
    Supposedly breeding 2 x t4 (for better skills) has the chance to drop it back to a t3..
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  10. Sudonim added a post in a topic Abandoned Monastery Node lvl and drop rates   

    A guildie of mine had the node at lvl 4 and was pulling marks and other items (yuria etc) at decent rates. The other day he leveled it to a lvl 5 node and then farmed non stop for the next 20 hours and didn't even get 1 mark and the regular loot was drastically decreased. Last night he completely dropped the node and within 30 minutes he pulled 2 marks out.
    RNG is RNG but the node leveling seems to be out of wack. I have one node thats a lvl 8 and I really regret putting it to level 8 because I get less loot from it than I did before, all other nodes I've dumped back down and left at 4 or under. Most times I don't even bother getting the node because I seem to get more luck without it. I also farm with only 4 luck because at 5 luck I get less regular loot.
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  11. Sudonim added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    Except when the inflation came in they also upped the prices and lowered the amount needed for all turn ins. New players make the same as we did and spend the same as we did.
    The real problem is that this game has only been out in the NA/EU for 2 months and apparently there is a need for new players to catch up. Catch up to what? We don't even have all the gear in game yet and we can't do +16-+20 because they feel the damage gaps are to large as is. All of the better high end stuff hasn't been released yet. What will this game look like for a new player in 6 months? What kind of catch up rewards are planned for then?
    Things need to be reworked. Plain and simple. Maybe, just maybe, they should stop upping liverto rates and boss spawn times. I understand more livertos is good, but not if they are all obtained by a select handful of the same people over and over. It only benefits the well geared or the extremely under geared. I'd be willing to bet that the majority of people are sitting in the middle and getting the shaft from both sides. People have been asking for the night merchants. Why not put them in instead of faster boss spawns? There's so many other things that should be done vs giving a handful of people 13 million more than the others got.
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  12. Sudonim added a post in a topic Reward Updates - Back-dated ???   

    That was an event that everyone could take part in, not a level based reward. The character slot everyone got as part of the musa/meahwa update.
    My problem is that they are creating this very same gap that they feel they need to close. They upped liverto rates and, as of today upped boss spawning rates, but they fail to take into account that only the top/bottom tier players ever benefit from those advantages. They give new players a decent chunk of change and those of us who aren't geared well enough to be in the top dpsing or lowest dpsing ranges or have crap rng luck, just get bent over and are stuck grinding endless hours for the gear we need. I'm fine with grinding, but it should be equal for all. They shouldn't be making it easy for the top 40 on a channel to earn even more money if they think gearing to competitive levels is to hard for new comers after only 2 months.
    Those below 50 don't fully understand the amount of money you are going to blow trying to get good gear to be competitive. Those 54/55+ aren't effected by any of the inflation or other things going on because they are simply better geared than most and can push lower levels from any spot that could make money. They also have the ability to farm mediah solo. Those of us in the middle are affected by it.
    A mid geared person needs to farm with at least 1 other person in mediah because you dont have the ap/dp needed to efficiently solo farm.You can't solo farm witches or MoS as a mid gear player because all the 55ers who are overly aggressive are farming those same spots. Even if they don't directly attack, you can't compete with the speed they kill at because you just don't have the same gear. One would think that with turn ins and junk loot being worth so much in mediah that most people who have the ap/dp would be there, but they aren't. There are still 55's farming catfish because it's faster killing and can net them more in a shorter time period.
    We all know that gear is the most important thing in BDO.  None of this is about a level gap. After 2 years the highest level on Korea is only 62. There's isn't one person playing who doesn't have something that they could spend 13m upgrading (or trying) and you can't say that if you got a free 13m you wouldn't be the tiniest bit happy about it, even if you had the means to make that quickly on your own.
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  13. Sudonim added a post in a topic Reward Updates - Back-dated ???   

    Thing is. I really am ok with not getting the money, but I don't think after only 2 months that anyone should need catch up rewards. No one is that behind. And if Pearl/Daum think that there really is a problem with level/gear gaps after such a short amount of time, then it's something that should be addressed in other ways, like proper balancing. Not a one of reward that gives a fairly big chunk of silver to some but not to others. By addressing it in this way it means that they will forever have to give some sort of catch up reward and you will forever be missing out on a reward others have gotten..just because you played before they did.
    Do those in Korea or Russia get ever increasing gold amounts every few months for only new players? I doubt it. The game has been up for years there. How can you balance other versions but not have this one balanced? Because they made a few wonky choices when they decided how NA/EU would run. The dev's have already said level progression is harder on our version than others. Maybe they shouldn't have nerfed it so much if they are stuck giving out catch ups only 2 months later?
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  14. Sudonim added a post in a topic Reward Updates - Back-dated ???   

    If someone feels they are so far behind the people who started 2 months ahead of them in a game that they won't catch up..they should stick to single player games. Two months. We aren't talking 1-2 years difference in level/gear gaps. We are talking about 2 months. A lot of people in those 2 months have spent time patiently playing other classes while they wait for the one they want to be a main to be released. There's plenty of high levels who will/have swap(ped) to another class, which in a lot of cases means a complete redo of what armor they have on. Should those who are waiting for ninja also get a catch up reward?
    There's a very thin line when you start giving catch ups and adjustments and it's very easy to make people feel slighted.
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  15. Sudonim added a post in a topic Reward Updates - Back-dated ???   

    With the new rewards a fresh 50 only needs 2 million more to get a liverto, so yeah, there will be more and more fresh 50's with livertos. And since weapons aren't level bound you could have that liverto even earlier if you saved up your other rewards.
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