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  1. Grevier added a topic in PVP   

    Very PvP
    Wow Pegasus
    Much Balance
    What is this game. And I play Wizard, lol.
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  2. Grevier added a post in a topic Any Suggestion Ever Got implemented?   

    You can always suggest events.
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  3. Grevier added a topic in General   

    A special new year
    Sorry, this is not meant to advertise anything, but more a message to some game masters I've met before and once again here by surprise at Black Desert...
    I hope you can slip on this one one time.

    I still have this, and I will never ever destroy it. It is a parting gift. Thank you, happy new year.
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  4. Grevier added a post in a topic How much do you make a week, and how?   

    This kind of questions will only bring e-peen and the biggest bullshiers.
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  5. Grevier added a post in a topic And you wonder why it takes so long to get translated patches...   

    Wrong vhat is it?
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  6. Grevier added a post in a topic Marriage system   

    1. You need to add a purpose mechanic to it or else there's no point.
    2. Probably never going to happen, not now... because:
    - But what about the gays?
    - I want polygamy!
    - Im a transgender!
    - I wanna love plants!
    - I wanna marry my horse!
    and so on...
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  7. Grevier added a post in a topic when that newbie goes to sausan with sub par gear   

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  8. Grevier added a post in a topic Advertising the PvP   

    There might be no perfection but there is bests, if you're denial about it it's not a problem of mine.
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  9. Grevier added a topic in General   

    Nerf PvP, Buff PvE
    No particoular reason, just a missing topic
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  10. Grevier added a post in a topic Advertising the PvP   

    In fact the best company world of videogames is Blizzard and where is it?
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  11. Grevier added a post in a topic Is this game for me? Is there endgame content?   

    This game is about grind, don't search Raid, Dungeons or Bosses here, you won't find them.
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  12. Grevier added a post in a topic Is Black Desert having problems in Europe?   

    The current problem isn't PvP, if I wanna stay at a place I can get killed thousand times I'll stay there (current mechanics).
    And once you managed to gear up, what kind of PvP you wanna do?
    - Open PvP? You're gonna experience the karmabomb yourself, don't expect people to flag PvP on their own so you both don't lose karma, both sides like someone losing Karma.
    - Duel in Arenas? You'll get bored or also frustrated sooner or later.
    - Red Battlefield? When and IF there is one open, and also, boredom comes in to that too
    - The only thing that remains is Node Wars, and for that, you need a guild and you need to meet their standards (and to win, no one likes losing guilds).
    Simple as that. I honestly don't get why someone would like to play the PvE on Black Desert at some point when there are more well structured games for this kind of activity such as Vindictus, Blade & Soul or World of WarCraft. Black Desert is made for PvP and Life Skill / Roleplay, PvE is just a phase.

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  13. Grevier added a post in a topic Nouver tomorrow   

    It's not about "bleah 5 AP", it's about "1kkk+ for 5AP", it all depends if you can afford it, never said it's not worth it.
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  14. Grevier added a post in a topic Nouver tomorrow   

    Anyway in this game ithe real difference always lies between 5 AP difference and the price you need to pay to have those 5 AP.
    It all depends if you are fine and can afford those 5 AP.
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