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  1. Xtort added a post in a topic Node War times hard on West Coast Players   

    I think they should have it run from 8 AM PST to 5 PM EST and let the kids fight it out while we're at work.
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  2. Xtort added a post in a topic Bonus XP Cap - Please Confirm   

    Understood. At first I interpreted that PA or Daum actually showed up to some of these cafe events, which was the part that I thought was pretty awesome -- not so much the fact that legendary weapons are being handed out at these events. Re-reading the previous post, I imagine it's just cafe's giving out items to draw a crowd, something much less exciting for sure, but I digress.
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  3. Xtort added a post in a topic Bonus XP Cap - Please Confirm   

    I think of it this way: if Blizzard was handing out free legendary items here in the USA, at one point in time I would have definitely bought a plane ticket to wherever that was and made sure I attended the event. Even with these events, there are still many KR players who don't have BiS gear, let alone maxed out BiS gear, and the games been out there for how long? hehe
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  4. Xtort added a post in a topic Bonus XP Cap - Please Confirm   

    OMG, that is awesome! 
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  5. Xtort added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    wow - love it!
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  6. Xtort added a post in a topic alright folks , lets make it a revolution on the cash-shop stupid prices   

    Imma buy it no matter what to be honest. I do think prices are more than a bit unreasonable compared to other games but I've spent more on less so...
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  7. Xtort added a post in a topic Bought the wrong items on the cash shop - refund request   

    I submitted the ticket within minutes after my "mis-purchase." There should be no question about if my request was made within the 48 hour 'limit.' But thank you for sharing your story - I wouldn't have imagined them taking a month or two on this but I'll be patient. The money wasn't going anywhere else anyway 
    (It's just that it has been 'over' 48 hours and no response or reply, I just didn't want my request to get lost or misplaced, and then have them say "Oh, well... sorry, it's been over 48 hours!" hahaha)
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  8. Xtort added a post in a topic Bought the wrong items on the cash shop - refund request   

    They've been really good to me so far. I'll keep my fingers crossed though and thanks for the good luck wishes!  
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  9. Xtort added a topic in General   

    Bought the wrong items on the cash shop - refund request
    Any chance I could get a refund sometime this week?  
    It's been over 48 hours so I don't want my request to get lost without a trace.
    Background to this story is, I bought the Trina wagon skin and I wanted 4 Trina horse bundles to match for my ponies - it was late (3 AM for me). I was tired. I clicked the wrong button. Now I have 4 extra bundles I haven't used and don't intend to, so requesting a refund.

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  10. Xtort added a post in a topic Horse exp gain since 1st June patch   

    Yes, experience is based on distance traveled. The faster your horse, the more XP you'll get (if all other variables are constant, of course).
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  11. Xtort added a post in a topic BDO Bookmarks and Resources   

    You are welcome!
    I am always happy to hear when folks find this resource useful. Perhaps the CM's would consider making this a sticky if I formatted the post better and made it all pretty? 
    I will get to that soon!
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  12. Xtort added a post in a topic fishing hotspots 8th June changed ? [answer: no]   

    That doesn't surprise me actually, unless it moves the boat a great distance. I can leave my wagon out and swap back and forth from an alt; when I come back, the wagon is sometimes facing another direction, but it is in nearly the same spot that I left it - the wagon doesn't appear on the other side of town or anything. Is that what's going on?
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  13. Xtort added a post in a topic fishing hotspots 8th June changed ? [answer: no]   

    I haven't heard anyone complaining about it in channel chat in game either, and I've been online since servers came back up.
    I thought that hot spots were staying the same for us on NA at least until Valencia part 1.  shrugs
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  14. Xtort added a post in a topic fishing hotspots 8th June changed ? [answer: no]   

    they aren't the only one thinking fishing spots have changed. But, that only makes 2 examples so far: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/91840-june-8-2016-daum-qa-hosted-by-pvtwiggles-ended-answers-from-pm_belsazar/&do=findComment&comment=1218565
    Any more?
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  15. Xtort added a post in a topic Fish Location/Rank Percentages Excel   

    Speaking to #9 currently in your 'notes' section, I'm not sure what effect node investment has on fishing, unfortunately. But for non-fishy stuff:
    Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/91840-june-8-2016-daum-qa-ended-all-content-updated/  - energy investment section
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