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  1. jaytrust added a post in a topic Inability to Upgrade Equipment after +15   

    they are doing a terrible job at listening to their community.. Reason this game is going doing worse then it should.  They are ruining perhaps the best Mmo I've played in many years due to their total disregard for customer satisfaction.
    Easiest example of this is their refusal to announce expansions ahead of time.  They could simply hold onto a patch/expansion for an extra week after receiving it to announce a new expansion heads up giving the community ample time to plan(one of several issues the community has loudly voice thier dissatisfaction about).  Yet they would rather spam release cash shop items instead of worrying about there customers.. The list is almost endless but just giving you one example so that you can hopefully see things more clearly. 
    Daum or whatever the company is called now is trying to milk us while the game population is still fairly large.  Not to mention there terrible customer support amongst several issues.
    Pity this could have been one of the best Mmos ever had a company who cared about there customers and wasn't concern about cash shop items more the n fixing the issues the game has.. 
    I'm not sure there is much hope u less people at the top get fired and replace with new management but unfortunately the problem might be those who are actually at the very top calling the shots 😢
    This is my understanding at least from the support reps who say they wish they could do more but that they are just following the policies of the company..
    Mind you I've personally have had about 4 issues with support/game and only once were they able to help..
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  2. jaytrust added a post in a topic Not Rocket science.. Simple suggestion...   

    I'm aware of all this and have been, I read heavily not only the forums but massively as well as different korean fan sites using google translate... maybe I'm just too into the game and care a little bit to much.   You  should see the PVTwiggles interviews with the developers if you haven't.

    Also want to say thank you for having this conversation with me/ letting me vent somewhat.
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  3. jaytrust added a post in a topic Not Rocket science.. Simple suggestion...   

    Unfortunately the reality is yesterday Gm- no clue when the patch is coming out.   Today Gm - the patch is coming out tomorrow.

    See you can try to twist it however you want, the overall perception of most players is that they are failing big time when it comes to announcing new content.  

    Believe it or not, I was aware of the above you typed.. many people where actually playing the guessing game due to the above that you are saying.. That is the problem.. 

    I hope you understand now and that if someone from Daum actually reads these forums they also gets it.

    I'm starting to think they are doing a cash grab before to many people lose interest.  I feel like they are on purpose zerging out updates while they have the largest active player base.. one of several reason I've stop spending money on the cash shop aside from there borderline scam like antics being another reason.

    Just a heads up to the player base be very careful with Daum/PA.. 

    Edit to say, sorry if I sound harsh or nasty. Its just worries me that I game I really enjoy so much is being poorly managed. Its like the what if.. like what if a good company was actually running it that listen to the customers and people who play it.. What if they didn't spam rush content and left bugs in game just so they can release more cash shop items.. What if there main concern was making the players happy..

    Imagine that, would be like the perfect mmo..  : * (   Makes me sad that they are more concern with making a quick buck then taking there player base into consideration. Mind you I'm making these statements based off prior experiences not related to this post. 
    I for one would have continue to spend hundreds of dollars if they showed they cared.

    I know for a fact that eventually they will release the p2w items they have on the other regions the second they get a chance to do it if they don't make "adequate" money.. truly such a disappointment.. 
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  4. jaytrust added a post in a topic Not Rocket science.. Simple suggestion...   

    Totally went over your head.. if customers are bothered by the lack of communication why not just communicate things better.  Again, its simple little things that make a difference and listening to the concerns of your players is a big sign that you care about them. The fact that something so little doesn't get change shows a lack of disconnect and worries me greatly going forward.

    I've already had 3 issues where support has failed me.

    We players who love this game are whiteknighting it to death..  They could just make things better instead of us defending there terrible customer support...
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  5. jaytrust added a topic in Suggestions   

    Not Rocket science.. Simple suggestion...
    Ok, so we have complained over and over again about not giving us a heads up about content being released... 

    How hard would it be to just wait an extra 2 weeks when you guys get the new patches to announce a 2 week heads up. It really isn't rocket science to fix many of the complaints your customers are having yet you guys keep screwing up.


    Today a post comes out saying the patch will be tomorrow... Everyone complains we get no warning..


    Just announce it for 2 weeks out and wait 2 weeks to deploy it even if you patch it in tomorrow or even if you wait to patch it in.

    Problem solved.. and you make your customers happy.  Like serious, I don't like to call people dumb but your PR team is very dumb.. simple solutions like this to appease your customers and you still manage to NOT hear your customers meanwhile you to continue to do stuff that is hurting your gamer base that you could easily avoid... smh

    At least make an effort to make your customers happy...

    Again I suggest this and take the time cause I care for the game and want it to be successful.  Don't take this as a complaining thread... People white knighting this game to death..
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  6. jaytrust added a post in a topic The Liverto Rain   

    Wish I was geared out so I could pk all these lames saying happy birth...
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  7. jaytrust added a post in a topic Ghillie Suit Refund; not for everyone?   

    I'm sorry but Duam themselves disagree with you.. Read the patch notes they gave refunds.
    Your white knighting is hurting this game more then it's going to help on the long run.  $30 is nothing to me it's the principle. On the long run those of us who support the company will just say screw them and there shady business tactics. You want this game to succeed right then you should be joining us in our complaint. They have to realize they will continue to lose customers if they keep it up. 
    You don't understand and I'm sorry you don't get it. 
    I really enjoy this game and I want them to do well, money talks and I've spent a lot supporting them but going forward I will think twice before giving my money to this shady company and its people like you who are hurting the game without being aware of it.
    Simple explanation
    unhappy customer=losing customers it's that simple...
    I could explain it more clearly to you how I and probably most who bought the costume originally bought it for pvp and why that's the case but I don't think you care... In your mind it's a gathering costume and that's fine unfortunately Duam gave refunds because that's not why they were selling it as.
    If you claim you know more about the game then Duam then this conversation is pointless.. 
    The issue isn't about his being a gathering or pvp suit that's already settle so that point is moot..(Read why they are giving refunds if you are still clueless- it's a pvp costume) THE ISSUE IS THEY ARE NOT GIVING REFUNDS TO EVERYONE just those who recently bought it even though those of us who bought it ahead of time bought it for the same reasons to use in pvp seige as well.
    You might not know this but the game has been out for several months in other regions and seiges was something many of us were waiting for.  Especially those of us who play characters to be scouts...
    probably wasted my time explaining this to you but whatever.. 
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  8. jaytrust added a post in a topic Ghillie Suit Refund; not for everyone?   

    You guys don't get it do you? 

    You are white knighting shady practices this company is doing... If there wasn't a problem with the change they would have never offered refund period.

    Stop trying to cover for this shady company instead you should be joining in with us complaining so they don't pull this stuff again and we lose more people who are supporting their company and the game you enjoy.

    You don't seem to understand no one is asking for money back, we will STILL spend the pearls on their game.   Those who wanted what you claim is a gathering outfit will still be able to have it be just that.

    Those of us who purchased it, ahead of time, because unlike you, we knew the upcoming content that was coming and figure wow this will be a cool use of the outfit to scout during node wars.  Might as well use my pearls for that.

    No way can you excuse Daum and the fact that you idiots are trying to defend them is crazy to me.

    HELLO! If you truly love this game call out Duam for their shady borderline unethical business practice.  So that things can get turned around.. Mind you this isn't the first time they have done something shady.. 

    I personally have had 3 similar instances already where they have been shady.
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  9. jaytrust added a post in a topic Monster knowledge and party   

    Not true, you can gain knowledge of the kills your party member get. It has happened for me. To be clear if you are in a party and you DO NOT attack and your friend kills something you can gain knowledge.  

    To be clear, if you get knowledge it does not mean your friend will auto get it also. Its a roll that each does individually, but you both benefit from the kills each of you do in terms of getting knowledge.
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  10. jaytrust added a post in a topic HOLY MOLY, how much?   

    I feel so stupid for spending money, not because I don't enjoy the game, but because they have the worse support I've ever encounter an any mmo or business I've been a customer for...

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  11. jaytrust added a post in a topic Ghillie Suit Refund; not for everyone?   

    Bad support/borderline scam...  

    They admit themselves that the suit is no longer viable for a pvp part of the game that many of us look forward to and intended to use the suit for.. then they decide they should refund some people but not those who supported the game from the start..

    This is the 3rd incident where I've run into trouble with this company and they have been shady dealing with me. I personally will try my best not to buy items off their cash shop going forward.  I will not support a company who treats their customers like this.. Mind you I've spent so much already that I regret it after this type of treatment..

    They say 3 strikes and you're out.. This is the 3rd time they done something shady like this.
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  12. jaytrust added a topic in General   

    Daum admits player should get refund for costume but then don't do it for everyone..
    Title says it all and so do the patch notes...
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  13. jaytrust added a post in a topic please stop with the refund posts spamming and here is why   

    Glad you posted this.. at least now I know you didn't mean your post lol.. Good one.
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  14. jaytrust added a post in a topic please stop with the refund posts spamming and here is why   

     You sir are an idiot!
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  15. jaytrust added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Worse support ever but great mmo...
    Blowing off some steam...

    Anyway heads up.. this game has the worse support ever... borderline scam...  

    yet it's also a great MMO.. 

    I suggest NOT buying off the cash shop and enjoying the game as best as you can. 

    I'm like so conflicted.. I want them to do well cause I enjoy the game, but ever time I try to support the game they screw you over someway or another.  Their support is so bad, I'm surprise if this isn't the downfall of this game.

    Anyhow, just me venting...

    In case you wondering what's my beef... they changed a costume and refuse to refund players who bought it, then when players complain they do a shady thing and then say they will only refund people who bought it in the last month not us who supported the game from the start... Very shady practice..

    Edit to say: This is just 1 out of 3 other issues that they have been shady about so far...
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