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  1. sparhawk29 added a post in a topic 200% EXP for returning players.   

    morons like you lack the intelligence to realise you should never get something for nothing. it's simple. remove the afk element, and all players, life or no life, can actually enjoy stuff. idiots like you are the reason this world's -----ed up, and ya not helping the case.
    no lifer's grind. i don't. silver doesn't give you an advantage, levels do... whiners shouldn't get anything, but they're the one that get what they want... so for a system like this which would be massively abused, no thankyou. but a huge yes to removing the afk element, and definitely don't give the 200% boost for returning players that can be abused every chance they get. it'd be why you'd advocate for it most, right?
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  2. sparhawk29 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    patience ladies and gentlemen.. and to those that complain about days being wasted.. the server is going up at like 1 - 2 am in the morning here. so quit ya whining for once. they do a good job on the game, learn to appreciate that, or go somewhere else where the devs can't care less...
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  3. sparhawk29 added a post in a topic Kamasylve Channels ~ A New Approach   

    maybe a tweak here or there to the idea, but the idea sounds good. there's no challenge for someone attacking a lifeskiller for the sake of it with the lifeskiller not being geared, so why not make a channel where all out war can break out and no one loses anything. i'm all for this one! even i'd go there for the fun lol.
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  4. sparhawk29 added a post in a topic Implement the Korean karma system into NA/EU   

    a fair enough point, but removing the punishment also means that you'll get level 60 + characters standing over people at places like sausans simply cus they can. hell i've had people flag on me for a tree.... a TREE.... of all things.. i'm damn sure there's more than enough trees in the game lol. they must keep a check in the game, otherwise the game won't be half as good as it is right now. there's time to pvp, and there's time not to. and 8 level 60 players ganging up on 1 or 2 at sausans is a joke. 
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  5. sparhawk29 added a post in a topic new workshop item idea   

    no one responded to this. did it get totally ignored? it'd give a good use for wood to be used for building the farming fences. i for one would use it for sure. is there any feedback regarding this idea?
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  6. sparhawk29 added a post in a topic Implement the Korean karma system into NA/EU   

    it's simple. yes, it's an open world pvp.. but wake up to yourself. if someone's there first, get over it. ask them to join, if they don't, or they are full, wait till there's a chance. i've been targetted simply cus i was grinding, and was there for ages, only to have stronger morons decide to flag without a word, even though i had offered them a group. not only should karma loss remain, it should be massively increased, with a gear wipeout system on it. you should also half ap and dp if you continue to do it. i would accept such penalties if i planned on being an ass, and that's all it is. people being asses..

    at the same time, i do believe there should be some sort of penalty for those that run in weak and just make a nuisance of themselves. if they can find some sort of system that would recognise who was there first, and implement the punishments accordingly, you may find the asses won't be so keen on being said asses... but the whiners will always get their way, karma loss will be nerfed to the point where they can just kill at will and laugh cus the other person can't do anything about it. bdo will lose players fast if they implement this system.....
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  7. sparhawk29 added a post in a topic 200% EXP for returning players.   

    afk and absent players seem to get rewarded for not playing the game. personally, and i've always said this, remove the afk element. don't reward people for buying a game and not playing it. if anything, reward those that are constantly active.
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  8. sparhawk29 added a post in a topic Compilation of quest/knowledge issues after 15 Feb patch   

    i had already sent a ticket in regarding the central neutral zone, as i had done the quest line well before the server merge. it wasn't just removed from being obtained, it was removed totally. that alone was a bit strange. let alone the fact that the whole story line is long gone. that annoyed me cus there's no sense to fighting a fat catfishman... you want the story to make sense, even if it's optional. with the changes, there's no sense at all.
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  9. sparhawk29 added a post in a topic Where is "Central Neutral Zone" Knowledge?   

    it's now the 23rd of march, and i've done all these quests ages ago. may have even had this knowledge, so why is it not available to obtain again, or already in my knowledge bank?? would the gm's like to respond to this sometime soon as this is getting damn old, damn fast...
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  10. sparhawk29 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 15th *Update - 14:32 UTC*   

    you do know that patience is not these guys strong suit.... right? wondering though if the sharp and hard shards could get a very small buff to their drop rate? they are almost as rare as the ogre ring and that never drops.
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  11. sparhawk29 added a post in a topic THANK YOU GM's   

    they have done a great job and except for hiccups that happen in the game or the servers, have been great. been here since NA open release a year ago myself. my does time fly!!
    thanks guys for a job well done
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  12. sparhawk29 added a topic in Off-Topic   

    just a rant!!!
    i know we have our patches, our maintenance, we have a time frame and we should be patient.... 
    but who else is itching to get back in the game? i'm bored as here, and even facebook is getting old fast!!!
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  13. sparhawk29 added a post in a topic Can't press "Start" after a disconnect   

    telstra are a bit iffy, but are the best we got in australia. they own our lines, our servers, and are not in control of where our system sends the pings to. it's not the isp... on another game i used to play i had friends from america complain about getting 100 ping. or latency, depending what ya want to call it... i'm like, ----- please.... if i get less than 300 for the same server, i'm going good!!! ping trace for a south east asia server on another game again, took me through america, into germany, back to america, then finally down to the server it needed, when i didn't even need to leave the southern hemisphere... i get distance is an issue, but the spikes, regardless, will be caused by any of 28 possible stops of my communications between the pc i use and your server... it's not just a simple isp fix.
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  14. sparhawk29 added a post in a topic Can't press "Start" after a disconnect   

    considering the path will take me through most of america and europe before it gets back to the bdo server, it won't be isp. 
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  15. sparhawk29 added a post in a topic Can't press "Start" after a disconnect   

    for as far back as i can remember, you could always click the start button to relog in... these events now have a situation that is a major issue on the server side, and is affecting my play. however, when the game kicks me, and then i have to reload the whole thing, it gets annoying as it's a LONG ASS PROCESS. no excuses and it's not my isp. most of these members may be american, i'm australian. i don't want to hear, we'll get it fixed.... just give us details.... fix the damn code that has downloaded and broke the situation in the first place. and no more of this time out crap. if i press start after being on for 6 hours, and it says i have to reload the damn game because i timed out, it's on you, not me.... 
    as for the clowns saying it's normal, they haven't been around very long... you guys have done a great job with the game, you've been on top of issues that arise, and keep up the good work but a tip from a player that suffers lag even when there shouldn't be... you encourage afk, you give static hotspots and stuff, but you don't take into account heavy location lag. fortunately we don't have the numbers we used to be at so i'm not getting locked out of the game due to severe lag from the server and clashes with my gpu due to 20k people fishing the same damn spot. get a bigger server, it'll assist in stabilising the game. i can handle the odd disconnect, but 4 days to have a slow ass load up is a bit of a joke too. (exaggerate, yes..... but feels like it.) that could be put down to a cost issue, but the amount of cash items being sold on the marketplace all the time tells me you can more than afford to upgrade. 
    just a couple of opinions i have. don't think they're wrong either to be honest. i love the game and i want to see it keep going well. hope these niggling issues do get fixed, as well as some smaller ones in game.
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