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  1. Ed Lin added a post in a topic A look at graphics settings and their performance impact   

    Did you disable Vsync? If not, you're getting around 50 really. Though who cares, as long as it looks like 60fps...
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  2. Ed Lin added a post in a topic A look at graphics settings and their performance impact   

    I want to address the AMD-Intel flamewar before it gets out of hand. Although an i5 outperforms an FX 8350, at a similar or higher price than the equivilent i5 especially when you take into account the need for a third-party cooler on the AMD chip, eight-core FX 8350 AMD CPUs perform good enough that this CPU should be adequate for most games. I don't recommend it, because AMD isn't competitive price-performance at the midrange, but it's a decent enough chip.
    This is not the case, however, for less than eight-core AMD processors on some AAA games. (AMD cores are weaker than Intel's, hence the need for higher clocks and more cores, they also have lower IPC and an older architecture that AMD has rebranded multiple years. That having been said, AMD is making a new architecture, Zen, this year, which will probably catch up to Intel's IPC to some extent, and change the competitiveness equation hopefully.)
    AMD's GPUs are of course fine, and actually benchmark better at most price points than nvidia, except for the 980ti vs. Fury X. For reference, I have a Haswell i5, and an r9 290 with a non-reference cooler.  I paid $269, before a $30 rebate, for the r9 290; and it performs like an r9 390 or GTX 970, though this is a special deal that happened when stores still had lots of stock of old r9 290's.
    P.S. this game has Vsync at 50fps, I have no idea why the developers decided on 50fps, but that's the real explaination behind your lack of performance beyond 50fps. Game's capped usually.
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  3. Ed Lin added a post in a topic A look at graphics settings and their performance impact   

    Why do you say to not disable Vsync if you have Freesync or G-Sync? I thought the whole point to adaptive sync was to have no tearing without the latency of Vsync, and that Vsync is redundant as long as your performance is within your Freesync or G-Sync frequencies?
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