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  1. aethericAnuran added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance May 3rd   

    Call me crazy (or hopeful), but I'm thinking they're holding off on releasing our Kamasylve until the rework is in place.
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  2. aethericAnuran added a post in a topic Should we get unlimited character slots?   

    There are. You can have 12 maximum.
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  3. aethericAnuran added a post in a topic OOOH Look at all that IMMERSION ~~~~Whoa~~~~   

    You'd think it'd be easier (and better for performance) to just hide the dozens and dozens of abandoned horses and carriages that litter the streets. 
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  4. aethericAnuran added a post in a topic Gift letter of repayments??   

    Right. It's not about you getting something out of it, it's more about showing appreciation to a helpful person. 
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  5. aethericAnuran added a post in a topic custom character creator   

    Do you mean the standalone creator? If so that was only available before the game launched. It's no longer possible to use it.
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  6. aethericAnuran added a post in a topic Automatic feed worker system!   

    That's the downside of having a large empire. Worker feeding helps to slightly offset the amount of materials you get from them. Besides, it's not that difficult to remember to feed them yourself.
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  7. aethericAnuran added a post in a topic Ingame fireworks show at midnight   

    The game seems to base everything off of UTC, so more than likely when reset is for you. 1900 EST/ 1600 PST if that's what they're following.
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  8. aethericAnuran added a post in a topic Marriage system   

    Make it so marriage allows for free trade of non-bound items to your spouse and I'm in. My wife and I already play together, and I hate not being able to just give her drops I find that she could use.
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  9. aethericAnuran added a post in a topic Best new computer per buck for new year?   

    Use this as a guide and go from there. The Exterminator might be a good starting point for you, though you should think about an SSD to help with load times. I can't go back to HDDs now. Regarding those builds, I will advise to stay away from the Deepcool Tesseract case they recommend. Got it for my brother in law's build and was not pleased with the quality.
    Good luck!
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  10. aethericAnuran added a post in a topic Have they announced when DK will get awakening?   

    You're implying you can tell male and female elves apart.
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  11. aethericAnuran added a post in a topic Dark Knight Gameplay & Skill Demo   

    People are speculating March or whatever, but I have a feeling it'll be closer to the summer before we see her. May/June is my prediction, since it was said at some point the goal was for us to be around six months behind Korea once it's all said and done. I do hope I'm wrong since I'm really liking the class from what I've seen.
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  12. aethericAnuran added a post in a topic Beauty shop broken (Not Getting All Value Pack Functionality)   

    Having the same issue. Clicking the body adjustment button crashes the game.
    Having the same issue. Clicking the body adjustment button crashes the game.
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  13. aethericAnuran added a post in a topic Channels hosted in different locations! Is this new?   

    Is there a listing of the other servers' locations? Being in the middle of the country sucks sometimes.
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  14. aethericAnuran added a post in a topic Halloween Event Box   

    I got a Witch's Earring from my box this morning. I'm pretty sure my luck has been used up now.
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  15. aethericAnuran added a post in a topic Handsome Berserker?!   

    Figure I'd throw my hat into the ring.
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