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  1. TFU3 added a post in a topic Karma Bombing Prob?   

    Neither is the spot yours, in the long term, the one who pk's you actually loses the fight. Griefing might go both sides. Some players are pve more and won't kill players for the spot but there are bullies like the one who activates their pvp mode who becomes the bully. There is nothing you can do after the player just respawns at the same location. You either go tard and get your karma as minus as possible or you find someone who won't karma-bomb you. Griefing is also a reason to quit the game, since Karmabomb is now a thing now lowgeared or underleveled players can fight back. It is your risk afterwards. 
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  2. TFU3 added a post in a topic Karma Bombing Prob?   

    Karma-bombing protects players with low gear score or level. It is the counter for bullies. I hate it when people come at Night, you have done grinding on that spot for 2-5-10h and then some bully comes and kills you and then with this standard reply : Go or War(some actually don't know that you can't war someone who is not doing node war). Then you will do a nice job of karma-bombing and afterwards comes the griefing, Post his name, guild,channel in world Chat, have fun with that bully.
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  3. TFU3 added a post in a topic Pet Skill Change Coupon   

    Me 2.
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  4. TFU3 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    Seems to me that you are clueless about how things work... Even SWTOR needs 8 h for maintenance, even WoW needs time but you expect that BDO to be almost instant... a game with more than 60gb files... 
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  5. TFU3 added a post in a topic What gpu is needed??   

    No, at WB i manage 20-30 fps, rest 60 fps.
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  6. TFU3 added a post in a topic [Petition]Remove Paymentwall   

    Guys, don't despair, send them d**k pics...that surly calm them.
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  7. TFU3 added a post in a topic BRING BACK EXP LOSS ON DEATH   

    Until someone bombs you 5 times...that's 5%...on level 60 ...well that is just mean...or drains you out of Elion's Tear...
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  8. TFU3 added a post in a topic Blunt Mode Engaged   

    Have you heard of....SSD? Just asking.
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  9. TFU3 added a post in a topic BRING BACK EXP LOSS ON DEATH   

    I wonder if someone stronger than you kills you one shoot and your entire party... you might eat your own words.
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  10. TFU3 added a post in a topic What gpu is needed??   

    NEVER GO RADEON FOR PLAYING BDO! I managed to burn my gpu r9 290... now that I have 1080 hybrid I don't lag on Karanda nor Kzarka!
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  11. TFU3 added a post in a topic 4 day guild change lockout   

    Better idea would be that once you have participated in a conquest/node war with a guild you won't be able to participate with a new guild in the same week/until new maintenance .
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  12. TFU3 added a post in a topic BRING BACK EXP LOSS ON DEATH   

    He's a troll, now after the reactions he won't post any reply.
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  13. TFU3 added a topic in Guides   

    Kunoichi Build for basic/awakening
    Hello, i have a problem. I did a research on web and i cannot find a latest build version for either base or awakened for Kunoichi. Please help me . Thank you.
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  14. TFU3 added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support - Updated   

    I have the same problem, i have bought the conqueror pack and i did not get my pet, general items , headstart compensation A... i got time to wait , it isn't really that important but the only reason i bought this game is for the items that are unique... now if i don't get my items...my account is worth pretty much like an traveler's pack...which is worth 25 Euros...and i bought my game with 100 Euros... just saying.
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  15. TFU3 added a post in a topic Missing Pearls   

    I have the same problem but the difference is that i'm a conqueror player...i have redeemed and did not get my pearls...
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