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Death Awaits

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  1. Death Awaits added a post in a topic What to Buy Grunil Tri or boss gear?   

    thanks alot!!
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  2. Death Awaits added a post in a topic What to Buy Grunil Tri or boss gear?   

    I've Ultimate steel taritas helmet+15 and gloves +15
    Ultimate Grunil shoes+15 and armor +15
    Kzarka (duo) sniped.
    Kutumn shield+12

    On my valkyrie (equal on my New class: Dark knight)

    So valkyrie and Dark knight
    For around 350-400 Million. What armor would be the best upgrade for me and is it better to buy a Full Set +Tri rather than boss armors?

    My levels are at 30 and 56

    Best Regards

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  3. Death Awaits added a post in a topic What to Buy Grunil Tri or boss gear?   

    DreamC, thank you for your respone!

    So it's prefered I snipe a Bheg gloves+15, rather than save money to try snipe bheg+Tri?
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  4. Death Awaits added a topic in Guides   

    What to Buy Grunil Tri or boss gear?

    I'm currently half active, don't play too much unfortunately. But I still want to gear up
    My set is 2x Steel Taritas ultimate+15
                    2x Grunil Ultimate+15
                         Kzarka weapon+DUO
                         Kutumn Shield+12

    I got around 380million

    Should I buy Full Set grunil/heve+Tri?
    Or save and buy 1 boss armor part +Tri?
    Or should I buy 2-3x parts boss armor +15?

    Please help me out

    I've no plans of RNG/failstacking

    Best Regards
    Is Ful Grunil Ultimate set TRI

    Better than full boss set+15?
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  5. Death Awaits added a post in a topic wow vs bdo   

    If you really want to turn BDO into WoW, you better activate your  wow account if aint Activated and start play there and pay a montly fee and get your achievement pro pvp and etc..

    But do not try to compare a Fishing Rod with a Volvo V60 Car...

    We understand you disslike this game and wish it would be better to fit your play/gamestyle, however if this is not your game. You should probbaly seek for another. 
    But heey it's a worth shot..

    I'll combine much AFK in BDO for money/life skill while I'll be playing Overwatch..

    So good luck on your journey for another MMO wow game
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  6. Death Awaits added a post in a topic wow vs bdo   

    Please close this stupid comparison between 2 totally diffirent games in general..
    Open World Vs MMO 

    It's like
    Volvo V60 vs Fishing Rod

    Fishing Rod = you can fish, catch food - Conq: you can't drive, you need to find water/ocean/sea/lakes

    Volvo = Drive, Radio /Music  - Conq : Expensive, required alot of repairment and requirement a driving license.. Also not water proof

    why Cant you drive on roads with a Fishing rod????? This is sooo bad. I wish Fishing Rods was driveable.. Like a Volvo V60

    Please fix..

    CLose thread please..
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  7. Death Awaits added a post in a topic Poll: Modify Level Up RNG Stat System   

    The vote doesn't really say much... less than 500 people have voted so far.... that's like 2% of the playerbase?

    I think it's  as good as it is,  But if it doesn't scale out equal at MAX level, I find it bad..

    I dont care about Equal Stats during level.. As long on Max level it scales equal. Im Ok
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  8. Death Awaits added a post in a topic Premium Horse Skin Coupon   

    Why I made a joke in first place?

    Because of all the whisper. I have answered hmm maybe hundres of them the last month? Some I've missed, some I've not bothered to answer

    Some have been killing me, because they want to stop me when I afk... So after a while, this have bothered me  for a very long time and sooo much answer and member of the guild in the Teamspeak told me about a forum about me, I wanted to stop all the whispers, easiest way. But hey Human Factor, I was wrong and I'm sorry.

    I have told you what I know, I dont know how I got it.
    I got it by mail as u saw in screen shot, was it a Gm mistake, was it event, achievment. I dont know. 

    I'm sorry but I clearly don't know. There could be several Reasons, My Ticket, My waiting time on the ticket as compensation, event? achievment?
    I dont know, I really dont care neither.

    Please, don't spam me. This all I know and the truth..
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  9. Death Awaits added a post in a topic Premium Horse Skin Coupon   

     I already told you everything I know, I've put Enough text to actually try help you guys.
    This is taking too much time and too much whispering, Good night

    If you want answer, make tickets and ask. Because I don't know, told u everything I know..
    I bet it was compensation or event, but I do not know. I uploaded a picture of the mail. 
    Good night and please stop spam me
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  10. Death Awaits added a post in a topic Premium Horse Skin Coupon   

    I was honest,  Already answered, here is a picture of the mail, Lucky I still had it.
    I'm trying to help you guys, but I dont know as I have said

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  11. Death Awaits added a post in a topic Premium Horse Skin Coupon   

    Greetings again, my beloved souls!
    To get the answer you seek, you'll need to kill a  dear friend  of mine,  Mr "Life"
    _-----_--__-_--__ Life ---- Peepp----- Life ----- Life Killed by Death Death - - - -

    Thanks for killing my Dear Friend, "Life"
    I'll  try to answer this due to I always keep my debts.
    There'r many question how I got this Horse Apparance skin.
    Was it from a hidden achievement or achievement? I do not know
    Was it by an Forum or ingame or boss event? I do not know
    Was it by hacking/bugg? Don't think so..
    Compensation? I do not know
    The answer is ; I really do not know for sure
    I did alot of events, Forum events, Cbts and etc. 
    As a noob as I was and still Am.
    During the Pre-release of the game 72h, I visit the Stable vendor and saw "Apparance change (premium), tried to google answer on how to get it. No answer, I made a ticket as probbaly most of you have already done, regarding this and asked how it's obtainable. It was not yet released, I guessed and was directed to FaQ. The 2016-03-31  I randomly got a Mail with the horse apparance change and no information within at all.
    Was it Compensation, Bugg, Achievement or anything else? I do not know
    I claimed it by the mail, went to the stable and used it on my Tier5 Pre-purchased Horse:

    I'm sorry if this might not be the answer you seeked so well. But It's all I know, Death The seeker of lore and knowledge.

    Thanks for killing Mr "Life" for me. 

    May you pray that I shall not visit you in the battleground and keep your door locked by night-time.

    Best Regards
    Death Death

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  12. Death Awaits added a post in a topic Premium Horse Skin Coupon   

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  13. Death Awaits added a post in a topic Remove RNG health when leveling   

    well at max level, will the health be equal?
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  14. Death Awaits added a post in a topic Steel Taritas Armor Set   

    I have made 2 threads of this.

    You should be able to Repair Steel Taritas with normal Taritas, The tooltip say so and normal taritas are glowing in inventory when you'r trying to Max durabilltiy repair, however you cannot..

    In KR version, you can repair with normal taritas on Steel Taritas

    Only way to repair steel taritas for now  is with Steel Taritas or memory
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  15. Death Awaits added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Steel Taritas MAX durabillity Repair Bugged
    Full Taritas Set, cannot be repaired with normal Taritas items.
    Despite it says IT CAN, and it's glowing in inventory, when you are trying to repair MAX Durabillity.. However you cannot repair it..
    Steel Taritas can only be repaired with steel Taritas... Despite it's meant to be used for Normal Taritas..

    in KR version, you can repair Steel Taritas with Normal Taritas..
    So either a big change in EU/NA, but then please fix the tooltip?
    Fix Please!!!
    • 3 replies