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  1. Delweyn added a topic in Discussions générales   

    Affichage objets dans le jeu
    j'ai un problème récent depuis que j'ai reset le bios de ma carte mère. Sans changer de matos, avec les mêmes config overclock carte graphiques, les objets 3D (comme certaines pierres, les parties d'un ponts etc... mais pas tout) se chargent que lorsque je suis très près. C'est moche et ça scintille. Par contre la globalité des éléments du jeu, comme les arbres, maisons, collines etc s'affichent bien de loin. Alors qu'avant, je n'avais pas ce problème. Mon pc est stable.
    J'ai une MSI GTX 980 ti, overclockée avec afterburner à +100MHz Core clock / et +400MHz Memory clock (comme avant en fait).
    SSD et i7 4770K.
    Alors, un pro qui s'y connaît, peut-il me dire quel éléments du pc prend en charge la vitesse d'affichage des objets 3d en jeu svp ? C'est lié à la ram ? au Processeur ? Carte graphique ? Disque dur ?
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  2. Delweyn added a post in a topic Will Pear Abyss take into account western people ?   

    The "you knew thing etc..." is not an argument because the online game can be patched to ameliorate the game. And today dev listen often players to keep their game attractive.
    The "problem" is that BDO is a great game about a lot of things. And because of that there will always be a lot of people who will play. But it doesn't means that all ingame are good for them. It's just that they would like to see amelioration and while waiting (probably endlessly) they do with the actual game's state.

    Well, time will tell. Nevertheless, what's worry me is the fact that the game now runs for awhile and nothing about what people reasonably asked was changed. And no informations at all about it.
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  3. Delweyn added a post in a topic Will Pear Abyss take into account western people ?   

    I'm not sure because PA had more project with the new sea and continent content. They continue to work hard about what they think are good, a bigger world to explore. It takes time and effort yes. But giving players a better game's experience is important too and I really think that they don't care about us because it will just disturb their plan for content etc...
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  4. Delweyn added a topic in General   

    Will Pear Abyss take into account western people ?
    Will Pear Abyss take into account western people ?
    - About the too much grinding content ?
    - About the no end game diversity ?
    - About the no diversity for ingame costume ?
    - About the enormous gear difference after +15 ?
    - About RNG ?
    - About the world boss problem ?
    - About the griefing problem ?
    - About the possibility to mix cashop costume for the bonus ?
    - etc...
    .. Or will just have same patch Korean had before, with the same mecanics and all ?
    They can put higher cashop prices in occident. So they can do something else about the content and mecanics of the game here.
    I Ask because Kakao seems to work hard about the game but we can see that much asked things here seems not to change at all.
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  5. Delweyn added a post in a topic I got Griefed, funny story   

    The dev choice created a very bad mentality and manners - and dev. don't care about it at all. They have done it in Korea, then they patched it in Occident because listening to people will bother them and it will disturb their work to produce more content. So they just say "f...k them"
    So why don't use what they offered ? But I myselft just do it for my dailies, like in sausan. Then I leave.
    With this system, we don't have to care about people and everyone can just impose themself to the others.
    When dev don't take the good measures, then there will always be people who will try to exploit the system. It's why dev must use their power to forbid it. But it means that they should take care about it. It's the problem here and it will be the same for every asian mmo in occident I suppose.
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  6. Delweyn added a post in a topic Node Wars and the reason..   

    I suggested long time ago a way to keep gear progession without impacting too much the ingame balance but, as i thought, there PA didn't change anything to what they have done in korea.
    I suggested that after +15, the bonus to AP & DP were reduced in pvp only, with 2 different stats.
    Exemple : instead of giving +8 AP, giving +8AP in pve but +2AP in PVP. So, like this, players will keep a goal to habe better gear but without the imbalance ingame in term of pvp.
    But well...
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  7. Delweyn added a post in a topic Node Wars and the reason..   

    The gear difference is taking an absolutly huge part in this game to give fun to the majority of people.
    The worst is that skill can't beat gear because of the hidden evasion stats incresed by the difference of lvl too. It's the reality of the game. We were fooled by the action targeting system of the game, thinking that an undergeared skilled player can do something against a strong geared but slow player. It's was a lie.
    I can understand & I'm supporting gearing progression but in this game it's just too much, too much.
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  8. Delweyn added a post in a topic Awakening pvp video   

    So Kunoichi awakening is just doing side attack moves until you get caught by the ennemy ? And doing it again & again ?
    I wanted to see a complete list of awakeing attacks, with throwing attacks but no...
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  9. Delweyn added a topic in General   

    Can we have the best looking costume ? (Halloween)
    Because I wil get my Credit card for this one.
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  10. Delweyn added a topic in Kunoichi   

    Mai Shiranui costume
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  11. Delweyn added a post in a topic "BDO IS P2W" My Argument.   

    All QQ must stop the game. My argument.
    Their flow of tears all day long, everyday, for nothing are unbearable for the community. They are a cancer for the community and they are sad because they think the game is not as they want to be. And as they will never be happy, they will continue to whine and spoil forums with repetitive and useless threats.
    For the sake of the community, the game and themselves (because it should be hard to cry all the time) they should stop.
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  12. Delweyn added a post in a topic Value Pack is not BAD   

    World of warcraft ?
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  13. Delweyn added a post in a topic Is BDO now P2W?   

    LOl very interesting. We can see that there is a lot of dumb people who can't even read a question but still gives their opinion. It tells how weak is their opinion
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  14. Delweyn added a post in a topic You Can Now Claim Pay2Win and Be Right   

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  15. Delweyn added a post in a topic [Poll] Remove Value Pack, Yes/No   

    As I don't see any thing that can give advantage in a fight so "no". It's like a monthly fee for those who want to save time.
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