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  1. Sohaki added a post in a topic Beta New Forum - the time has come!   

    finally!!!! Kudos!
    Now make PA fix the valk block bug pretty plz
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  2. Sohaki added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    Tbh you're the exception here. Most ppl like to kill stuff ergo dmg equals fun. Being is fun and all but having someone with me that can't do much more than annoy ppl is pretty useless. You need to be able to kill stuff to be useful.
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  3. Sohaki added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    I don't have a kuno so I don't know about the dmg at 56 but all the other classes I've played to 56+ (Maehwa, sorc, valk, Ranger) were all the same. The class played differently but the dmg out put was pretty much the same. AoEs were bigger but thats it, especially sorc was much easier to play in pve due to spin2win but the dmg ouput was pretty much the same. 
    With lvl up a class can get from meh to great due to flow skills and increased dmg output. The only thing I agree upon is that you can tell at 56 if you don't like the class at all.
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  4. Sohaki added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    Then I wonder why so few ppl main Valk or Zerker or better yet why were there so many Rangers pre awakening? If you play the game for pvp then you play it to kill others. The quicker you do that the more ppl you kill and that means more fun playing the class. Of course you need to like the playstyle the class offers but shit dmg is imo the main reason so many ppl switch form one mainclass to the next. Shit dmg come from shit gear AND low lvl. Just look at Valk and her rediculous skilldmg scaling each lvl. 
    I have a lvl 58 Maehwa as a bossalt myself and I can tell you that she is way more fun to play at 58 than she was at 56. If I didn't have a lvl 60 Valk main I would switch to Maehwa. At 56 she was cute but nothing special and only when I got the lvl 58 skills and saw the increase in dmg output I saw it's real potential. 
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  5. Sohaki added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    At 56 dmg is low, some skills aren't available yet and you got no flow skills. All you might know is if you like the new weapon, the movement and possibly in how the class changed with awakening. At 56 every class is shit (apart from witch/wiz probably) cause it is still too close to the none awakened skilldmg.
    At 56 you can't tell much more than watching a gameplay video on youtube.
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  6. Sohaki added a post in a topic Wardecced by a guild, how can we stop it/cancel ?   

    Are you from Eclipsed by any chance? They didn't realize that we wardeced them for days and complained why we PK them so much and that we should not waste our Karma on them lol.

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  7. Sohaki added a post in a topic Tired of server problems?   

    Every game needs it's shit class so why delete Valkyrie? If they delete it the shit class title will just switch to another class. Which one do you main again?
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  8. Sohaki added a post in a topic Class Population Poll, What's your main! Take 2!!   

    I can already see the posts in world or channelchat that say how shit Striker is and that ppl sell their whole gear again. Happend with DK, will happen with Striker.
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  9. Sohaki added a post in a topic Tired of server problems?   

    lol what bullshit poll is this? just 2 options that translate to "everything sucks" and "all good"? Where's the "stuff is mostly fine with some disconnects/desync" option for starters?
    Desync sucks donkeyballs but does it "ruin" my gaming experience? No, it doesn't RUIN anything. Don't get me wrong, it needs fixing asap but this poll is still bullshit.
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  10. Sohaki added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    lol pointless. You can't tell anything at 56. 58 would be more like the lvl to go for. But lvling both to 58 ... meh. 
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  11. Sohaki added a post in a topic Olvia Server..?   

    Honestly no. Even on Olvia 58.99 is not reachable super easy. It's easier yes, but still work. With bullshit gear tho he's just another somewhat "higher lvl noob" like so many others.
    I also doubt that there's risk of a massive burnout as you call it. He played the DK for a few weeks and doesn't like it (cause why else should he be waiting for the Striker?). Just stop lvling the DK and work on the Striker gear. That way your Striker won't be one more noob geared lvl 58+ which you won't like playing after a few weeks again cause shit gear always equals shit class equals no fun.
    Almost forgot: I agree, fix valk shield.
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  12. Sohaki added a post in a topic Olvia Server..?   

    Why would u want to leave until Striker is out just to be able to play on Olvia again? Isn't it better to stay and get the the equipment ready?
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  13. Sohaki added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    hahahaha. The reward got desynced lol. "We sent it, it's just not on your PC yet!". hahahaha. nice one
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  14. Sohaki added a post in a topic Did our shields get weaker with today's patch?   

    I was wondering what happend to my shield when I tanked mudster yesterday. There is a significant difference now between using nouver and kutum. With my TET kutum it's still not even remotly close to what it was before the patch so it's a huge nerf overall. I honestly hope they just -----ed something up and will fix it soon.
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  15. Sohaki added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    You almost sound proud of that ...
    When can I expect my revised 5k hours rewards? My mailbox is still empty
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