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  1. Ruby_Rose added a post in a topic Extremely dissatisfied customer   

    I have played plenty of other korean mmos. Like I said, there is a level of RNG I will accept and there is a level where it's just stupid and serves only to take money with no other real benefit. Even the RNG prize boxes you have some idea of what yer buying into and know that the box still has a reward. This pet system as it is now is actually a deficit to the player. Not only did I NOT get the next tier of pet, but I am now down a pet I paid for. I am exactly where I was before I bought 2 pets.  I am quite tempted to charge back that cost because I actually lost the money and have nothing out of it.
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  2. Ruby_Rose added a topic in General   

    Extremely dissatisfied customer
    First, I want to state that I seldom post on forums, not normally my thing. Second, while I was upset over the Serendia server issues, I kept on and made up the time lost. I have spent a lot of money on the game. Conquers edition, and over a hundred in the cash shop. I am by no way a super purchaser, but I will buy things that I want. I was even willing to accept the pet prices which are STUPIDLY high for how the entire system works. Now first, I had my free pet, then bought another. When they were both level 10, I merged them and got a t3, with shit skills. So I bought two more pets and leveled them to 5 and 7 respectively. I then merged them and got another t3 and 1 okay skill and another shit skill. I was willing to accept this, despite the money spent. Because I had hope when I leveled them to 10 I would get another fair shot at skills and at least a t4.  This is where I have now hit the point that the RNG on the pet system is too far. And I am very tempted to not only cease any future spending but out right quit the game and go for a refund.  The cash grabbiness of this is just too extreme.
    So keep in mind that leveling these pets both to 10 took a lot of food and time. But what really pisses me off about this is that I got a t3 pet, it didn't even tier up. But I also got shit skills again. AND the bird looks identical to one I already had.
    This will probably go unheard but I as much as I love this game, this kinda stuff just ruins it for me. There is a level of RNG I can accept and this has gone too far.
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  3. Ruby_Rose added a post in a topic Nerf Rangers and buff melee classes!   

    I don't normally post in on nerf threads and in general do not believe nerfing is the answer.  The rangers damage and move set / mobility isn't really the issue. They should be high damage burst but easy to kill if caught. Catching them shouldn't be super easy. The issue however is the over used easy to spam all day AOE of death that every ranger is doing / period. Not only is it stupid to see this being the only thing spammed all day every day it really makes what should be a very combo / actiony combat game look bad. The fact this one combo is so effective is really what the issue is. A class like all the other classes should have numerous tools to use to be effective, not a single I win button you can't catch me while I aoe you and everyone down.
    Now, here is what needs to be fixed about this. The damn invulnerability to CC while spamming this needs to go. Stuns, grabs, knock downs, none of that shit works while they are leaping around, which effectively makes every class useless against them. So while all the arguments that other classes have lots of CC and tools and just need to catch the ranger are all well and good... not being able to catch the ranger due to CC immunity 99% of the time is bull.
    Yes it's not a perfect CC immunity as I have seen them get grabbed and knocked down, but I have more often than not seen them eat multiple stun/knock down effects and just ignore them while flipping around.
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  4. Ruby_Rose added a post in a topic Guilds Need a Guild Bank   

    While I agree being able to store items like armor / weapons / stones in the guild bank would be valuable I think that opens the door to exploitation a little more. It would also counter the group loot / special deals system which is actually pretty cool. But if guilds could hoard items they would never auto sell via special deals and just keep extra gear in the bank for alts / new toons etc.
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  5. Ruby_Rose added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guilds Need a Guild Bank
    Hey all did a simple search and didn't see anything that popped out with this specific idea so I thought I would post it.
    First, I understand and approve of why trading is extremely limited right now. Protect the economy from gold farmers. However, the lack of certain core functions not only impacts guilds / players but also makes certain simple activities extremely tedious.
    For example, as a cook I make food for myself and guildies. However, in order to get them said food I have to manually trade with each person. This means they have to drop what they are doing and come to where I am to get the food at the specific time that I am online. This is quite terrible and inconvenient for all involved.
    How to fix this? - Simple a guild bank for consumable items only. Not only does this keep the essence of the current system in place and help prevent exploitation, it is a very convenient way to allow a guild to share consumable resources.
    How to make this work? - The guild bank acts as an entity not unlike a player and has inventory - obviously. However, items put into the guild bank become the property of the bank in some way, similar items can stack, etc, so they aren't locked or bound YET. But as soon as a guildmate takes the item out it binds to that character just like it does with current trading.
    This keeps the essence of the current system in place but now allows for a much more convenient and beneficial method of trading within a guild. If this is some how already a system in the game and I entirely missed it, my bad, but I am fairly sure there are no guild bank systems at this time.
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  6. Ruby_Rose added a post in a topic No help with my tickets? (6 days open)   

    Where do you see your open tickets? I should have one open but I don't see it.
    NM found it. Open for 7 days.
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  7. Ruby_Rose added a post in a topic Character Swaps are incorrect   

    I am in the same boat. My broken Orwen character who still exists with my name is not selectable from the drop down.
    Basically the name I want is on Orwen due to the Serendia mishap. I verified the character can log in still. But the drop down for Orwen is blank, I can't select the character. =/
    It just seems like everything keeps going wrong.  
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