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  1. Desert added a post in a topic New players push O   

    Great tip for sure........Just remember you need to be level 20 for the button to become active!
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  2. Desert added a post in a topic General Questions about the Game   

    Yea, that was kinda my point......
    You REALLY could play the game for free after you purchase it.  
    That said.......spending a few bucks sure can make things a whole lot easier.........
    Still......the fact remains.....You CAN play for free!
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  3. Desert added a post in a topic Starting New Guild   

    where you at real world and when you normally in game?  Also need your primary channel for friend request.
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  4. Desert added a post in a topic <Oblivion>   

    Thank you.......Wrong server for me!  GRRRR!
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  5. Desert added a post in a topic What should I be using My workers for   

    Send them out to gather for you or put them to work making STUFF for ya........
    Workers are very nice to have......
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  6. Desert added a post in a topic General Questions about the Game   

    To be clear.....game is launched......buy once and never HAVE to spend a dime.......Tho., if the game is your cup of tea......You WILL!
    Inventory space is so hard to come by......and weight capacity is a challenge.  Then we have costumes at $30.00 PER toon.
    And a "hidden" kinda sub fee for some real nice perks.
    Go in with your eyes open, but know this.....it's the best MMO EVER made!
    I've played em all and I can't play anything but BDO now.  Graphically gorgeous and deeper than ANYTHING.  If your the kind of gamer that just want to rush to cap and PVP. 
    But if you want a game with over 10,000 quests and the best Life skills (crafting) in existence........where exploring and talking to EVERY NPC could count.....join us......
    Only game I've EVER played where adventure level is meaningless to me.......I get so immersed in the gameplay, hours go by before i realized I forgot to hunt today. 
    And EVERYTHING you do impacts SOMETHING else.  For example you get adventure XP for working lifeskills.  You must first become friendly with some NPC's before others will give you their quests!  This is a really wonderful world, but not for everyone.
    So know you can get in cheaply, and never HAVE to spend another dime.  But........
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  7. Desert added a post in a topic <Oblivion>   

    Where you have your guild perks?
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  8. Desert added a post in a topic Clan/Guild Emblem Creation Service   

    The gold will outline in the red and blue borders for members and still works great with no border. 
    I love it <3 Thank you very much.
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  9. Desert added a post in a topic Clan/Guild Emblem Creation Service   

    Will be very much appreciated. Just do it whenever you feel like it.
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  10. Desert added a post in a topic Clan/Guild Emblem Creation Service   

    Those look awesome <3 Whenever you feel like want to make one for a name represent the tree of life? "Yggdrasil"
    Gonna be a bit hard to distinguish nonetheless but that is alright.
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  11. Desert added a topic in US Guild   

    [NA] <Yggdrasil> | [Edan] | [Discord] | [Casual]
    Relatively new guild and looking for some officers and members. This guild does not require much except playing and learning from each other. Also as of 5/31/2016 I am looking for some officers to help with recruiting. The guild was made 5/30/2016. We will be doing things later on once there are some active members.
    Requirements: None except be somewhat active.
    Discord: Discord.gg/0yUJF9FKMDW28GFJ  <-- Message me on here. Bobby
    Website: Coming Soon??
    (Eva) Feicui_Gonzhu
    (Skier) Sukane
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  12. Desert added a post in a topic <Valencia> [Edan] Discord | LF>Pvpers ♦   

    Family Name / Username: EVA / Feicui_Gonzhu
    Class: Witch
    Level: 50
    What are you looking for in a guild?: At the moment looking for something relaxing not to troll like most or hardcore. I do mostly professions and help whenever I can.
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  13. Desert added a post in a topic Saint Patrick's Day Event!   

  14. Desert added a post in a topic <JPG> Jack of all trades   

    I will join even if it does not get big <3 I enjoy the smaller guilds with a handful of people. ALOT better in my opinion.
    Will be name "Xue_Ying" in-game
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