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  1. Shoruke added a post in a topic --   

    I once decimated an enemy guild's turret emplacements singlehandedly as a jump-build kunoichi, by jumping up a cliff too tall for anyone else and shelling them with a cannon.
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  2. Shoruke added a topic in US Guild   

    Pax Cruentus is recruiting! PvX
    Do you want to join a "some of everything" guild on Orwen that is surprisingly good at getting things done?
    Pax Cruentus (Latin: "Bloody Peace") is recruiting!
    We do boss scroll groups! Node wars! Guild quests and farming groups! Guild boss scrolls! Riding our decked-out elephant! Improving gear and CP distribution! Hanging out with a friendly bunch of gamers!
    - Able to understand and speak/write English.
    - You don't need to be 18+, but you need to be able to act like it.
    - We use Discord for general communication, especially during node wars; microphone not required, but access to Discord (pretty much) is.
    - No jerks.
    To join, PM one of our officers, or post in this thread and I'll forward the message to them.
    Jae/Jaera (guild leader), Morgara, Wahoo, Dekarta, Kalatas, NikkiPasta
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  3. Shoruke added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    You can tell it's the vocal minority because this thread is the only one on the Announcements forum with more than 20 pages.
    It has 220, and counting.
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  4. Shoruke added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Game is going B2P2W...
    Forum is a schist storm...
    Community is split between rebelling and leaving...
    gj rip
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  5. Shoruke added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Kakau / PA are digging themselves into a grave-shaped hole with this.
    Their short-term business model depends on the few whales who will buy loads of pearl shop items to sell on the market, but those whales will disappear with the rest of the player base when there's nobody to PVP against. Nobody wants to pay for an e-peen that they can't show off. Yeah, if they go through with this move they'll make a decent chunk of profit for the next couple months... but probably not the months after that. After 8 weeks of availability, the in-game marketplace will be saturated with cash shop items that the non-whales are too disgusted to buy. The few non-pearl shoppers who get pearl items off the marketplace won't keep up with the whales' supply.
    Longer-term, I assume they're going to release another game at some point, but... "Hey, remember that time we got a Korean game where the North American version was made Buy To Play specifically to prevent needing to go Pay To Win? Heh, good times while it lasted, but I'm not falling for that trap again."
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  6. Shoruke added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I'm just gonna keep playing the game until the actual update comes out.
    When it does, then I'll decide whether to keep playing BDO or go play... I dunno, Skyrim or something.
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  7. Shoruke added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    "Let's take a purchase-to-play game whose developers promised from the start that the game wouldn't be Pay To Win, add in some Pay To Have An Advantage mechanics over time, and then suddenly make it Pay To Win!"
    If Pearl Abyss had asked me how to make people racist against Koreans as fast as possible, this is how I'd tell them do it. I hope you're proud, PA, you deserve whatever you get.
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  8. Shoruke added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Jeez, and here I was thinking about actually starting to use the Pearl Shop in like 3 weeks once my cash flow picks up.
    So much for that, I'm not buying into a game that's going farther and farther Pay To Win.
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  9. Shoruke added a post in a topic Out-of-city lodging mechanics   

    That's a much more helpful response. Thanks!
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  10. Shoruke added a post in a topic Out-of-city lodging mechanics   

    Yes great, knowing that much is why I was asking the question.
    What city does Toscani Farm belong to? Is it always Velia, and if so, how am I supposed to check that for sure? Some farms are halfway between towns.
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  11. Shoruke added a topic in Guides   

    Out-of-city lodging mechanics
    So, I have the node system pretty much down pat. Buying and reselling houses as needed, mass-producing cooking and alchemy ingredients and even fishing boats like a boss, you name it.
    One question though... if I buy a Lodging house on a node that isn't in a main city, where does the extra worker capacity go? Sounds like it should be an obvious answer, but look at Toscani Farm (in Balenos, southeast of the Western Guard Camp) for a sec.
    If I buy the Lodging at Toscani Farm, is the extra capacity assigned to Velia? Or the Western Guard Camp? What if I have a node route from Toscani Farm to Heidel, but not Velia? It wouldn't make sense to add worker capacity to the Western Guard Camp even though it's the nearest "city" with a worker capacity (no way to hire workers there though), so is the worker capacity assigned to "whatever's connected and needs it first"?
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  12. Shoruke added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Can't connect to Orwen server
    I usually play on the Orwen server, but it's not letting me. For the last week or so, as soon as I click on a channel to enter it, the game would hang immediately without even leaving the channel select screen.
    I submitted a support ticket, and they told me to power cycle my router and modem (did that, didn't help) and disable my antivirus/firewall (also didn't help, and was a super-sketchy thing to suggest, by the way).
    But today, out of desperation, I tried to make a new character on the Edan server... and succeeded. Orwen is the only server I can't use. Any help?
    Bump? Nothing?
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  13. Shoruke added a post in a topic Game freezes when I pick a channel   

    I don't even get to that screen. I click the enter button next to a channel's name and the game completely hangs right there.
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  14. Shoruke added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Game freezes when I pick a channel
    The game patched and loaded fine, but when I pick a channel (I'm usually in Balenos 01 on the Orwen server, but I tried some other channels) the game freezes. If I get impatient and click the window, "this program is not responding." I haven't changed anything about my video drivers or anything since before the patch, so... ?????
    Any help?
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  15. Shoruke added a topic in General   

    But those chat spammers though
    PLEASE can we get some admins in here to ban the chat spammers? I can't read the channel chat because we keep getting interrupted by bots.
    (I don't know what other servers/channels are like, but on Orwen server Calpheon 02, it's really bad)
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