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  1. Ximmo added a post in a topic [Consolidated Threads]Boss Armor: a friendly warning.   

    You can drop boss scrolls and you can buy them as well
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  2. Ximmo added a post in a topic [Consolidated Threads]Boss Armor: a friendly warning.   

    Problem is that some ppl have end game gear full enchanted just after this gear is enabled on server, for me it's stupid. It's too fast, end game gear should be rare and hard to obtain. Drop for bundles? Of corse, but not just after patch. This should look like this:
    1. Enable boss gear in game - boss armor can drop from bosses and only from bosses (not from bundles), you kill boss, you have rare chance for armor.
    2. After few weeks/months enable boss armor drop from bundles (generate new bundle, old bundles will not drop armors) or just merge with 1 if for someone it's "too hardcore".
    3. Tweak drop rates if too high/low.
    But for now, content released, content achieved.
    I know about bundle armor drop since EU alpha (never played KR version) and I don't care if someone saved or nor bundles for this "special day". This system, how it works is just stupid for me.  Actualy, ppl from my guild opened 160+ bundles and still got nothing.
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  3. Ximmo added a post in a topic Marketplace -bots?   

    There is already item registration queue, so they can add item buy queue. When item appear on AH (only rare items etc.),you have like 5 min to make you registration and after that server will RNG winner, sending item to winner and return coins for not winners. Simple as that, solves all bot problems and can be tweaked in many ways to make this work.
    Captcha in BDO is trivial. If they will use recaptcha then this will be more complicated but for recaptcha there are some services to solve this too and recaptcha will piss off most of the players in game.
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  4. Ximmo added a post in a topic Marketplace -bots?   

    This market captcha is trivial to solve by bot, and yes there is paid version of bot for doing this and ppl use it.
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  5. Ximmo added a post in a topic Q&A with Daum Games!   

    I'm not talking about time to register, I talking about actual third-party software (paid) to spam buy with bypass captcha when item appear on AH.
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  6. Ximmo added a post in a topic Q&A with Daum Games!   

    [Question] Do you going to address problem with Auction House bots that instantly buying most valuable items, bypassing captcha and other protection?
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  7. Ximmo added a post in a topic Pytanie na temat Polskiej Gildi.   

    Speak  International language on  International forum. And yes there are some small Polish PvP guilds on Alustin.
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  8. Ximmo added a post in a topic PvP Weapon   

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  9. Ximmo added a post in a topic Royal Legion (Alustin) - Polska Gildia MultiMMO, RL-XT Alliance   

    Masz racje, wszystkie pl gildie będą farmione
    RL na jakim channelu gracie? Od startu gry nie widziałem ani jednej osoby od was na serwerze.
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  10. Ximmo added a post in a topic XenoTavern - Polski Multigaming PvP[ALUSTIN]RL-XT Alliance   

    Pozdrówka od INC'ów  Mawgan jeszcze żyje? Powodzenia w BDO, ale z tym top GvG w GW2 to trochę przesadziliście  Mam nadzieje że w BDO nie będzie takie cebuli w pl community jak w innych grach mmo.
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  11. Ximmo added a post in a topic PM Diary 3   

    Euro in my country: x 4,35 my currency 
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  12. Ximmo added a post in a topic Based on CBT2 what would you like to see at launch?   

    1. fix vsync issue
    2. add autologin / password remember in launcher
    3. add two factor auth (tokens)
    4. autoloop
    5. remove weight bonus from IS
    6. add more stuff from IS to Loyality
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  13. Ximmo added a post in a topic INCREASE COMBAT XP!!   

    Actually, the should decrease combat xp and a lot. It's still too fast.
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  14. Ximmo added a post in a topic DO NOT MISS THE KEY DATES   

    Mileage system will be available in CBT2 too?
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  15. Ximmo added a post in a topic DO NOT MISS THE KEY DATES   

    Probably will be in Pre-Order Packages
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