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  1. Aden added a post in a topic Anyone else think that the market is abit.. broken? / Everything is Overpriced.   

    No1 rule in alt business , don't invest in gear that u can't get rid of it fast or make use of it later on. 
    I used to failstack on liverto axes and iron busters getting duo and tri and can't get rid of it cause no1 used to make zerker alts. 
    Lucky zerk is in good light atm and everyone and his mom made one so got rid of weaps. Just wait until they make sorc the flavor of the month or use the amulet for failstack.
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  2. Aden added a post in a topic Bought Armstrong Skill Reset and 2 pets a day before Xmas Sale... Kakao refuses to refund Pearl even though I made ticket well within 72 hours.   

    U probably did the mistake of asking for a refund cause u seen the prices discounted and u should of simply asked for a refund cause u changed your mind or unhappy with the purchase.
    Although i see your point and some companies do give u the difference back if they make a discount for the product in the next 14 days is just not the same with BDO
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  3. Aden added a post in a topic Am i stupid to lvl and gear alts?   

    Basically every piece of gear u get for alts you are 1 step further from an upgrade on your main. 
    If u are ok with it then have fun on alts.
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  4. Aden added a post in a topic how many times did you fail going to tri?   

    Some time certain items just refuses to upgrade.
    Livertos i made a bunch to TRI for alts.
    PRI 16/17/18
    DUO 26/27/28
    TRI 36/37/38 
    TET 45/47 (although this i don`t recommend for gear u fix with memory frags as it's too expensive to try with so little stacks) 
    Learn to love & embrace the failstacks
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  5. Aden added a post in a topic Fastest class to level?   

    Since i was talking about a fresh char and the easiest weapon to get is yuria that means u stick to human mobs for more dmg wise and faster lvlup until certain point. 
    Castle Ruins
    Bloody Monastery
    Bhiragi Den
    Abandoned Land
    After that u go chimeras until blue and finish off with mansha/rhutum up till 52. 
    Takes longer the black spirit quests/looting/free space in inventory than leveling up as a ranger with horse and LMB pressed
    Done this on the other server previous merge, skipped looting and just sit on the horse.
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  6. Aden added a post in a topic 111 / 89 / 63 Failstacks on 1 Item.... 2Billion gone...(Screenshots added now..)   

    And here i sit managed to TET 3 weapons with 40-47 stacks in 1/1/3 attempts. But from a first look at your gear u can afford the bad luck.
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  7. Aden added a post in a topic Fastest class to level?   

    Before u talk , go make a ranger + buy a tier 1 horse + buy stirrups for the mount + militia bow equipped and in 15min u are level 25 without need of exp event. Now upgrade the weapon and offhand to +15, get back on the shity horse and in 2-3h u are level 50. Takes longer to do the blackspirit quests than leveling ranger to 50.
    Is by far the fastest class to level to 50 and the only downside is the pets not looting fast enough.
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  8. Aden added a post in a topic This is where I'm at, and I could use help.   

    This might sound cringe worthy but play what u like most, this game gets better in the long run so if u gonna go back and forth u'll only gimp yourself.
    I struggled between War/Zerk/Musa (also had a short attempt to Ninja) ... bilions wasted on weapons as i tried em all with their awakening  with tri/tet weapons and finally decided to stick to zerk.
    How i got to chose my main ... i only play male melee but i try all classes that fit that criteria so it's a struggle to not ditch the game before i do so.
    Zerk combat style is just awesome compared to the other 2 classes I preferred and if it's not a monster farmer like the others it sure ain't boring af.
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  9. Aden added a post in a topic Bootleg Blackstone Event   

    Top contested areas seem pretty weak , I pass gear to alt and level it ... usually by the time i hit 49 99.999% i'm with 30-35 stones each just from grinding(4-5h) while on pirates I made 15 stones each in 3-4h. 
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  10. Aden added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Oh i think i shot myself in the foot with a knife.... 
    What were the chances to get a freaking T5 from a T7 lv30 male and a T6 lv10 female... is this shit common  ?
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  11. Aden added a post in a topic What level can you make with 200%xp for 30 days?   

    1-56 is less than 12h depending on class with that bonus, after that u can casual as fk to 60 for the remaining time and still make it by the end of the 30 days. U people need to consider the gold spots to grind wont be clustered as fk as it's on other channels on weekends.
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  12. Aden added a post in a topic Redid my Skills since I hit 56   

    Try with this as i guess u stick to the manly cannon to grind.
    U`ll have the HP pool and the self heals for which the zerk has so much hate thrown it`s way atm and work towards 
    I recently got back so u might wanna wait on more tips but this is what i`m using atm.
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  13. Aden added a post in a topic Help pls!!   

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  14. Aden added a post in a topic Compensation needed for no blackstone event!   

    feeling entitled much...?
    Quick work around , farm money buy +15 gear sitting at 16mil and extract it and if u lucky it`s 50 stones and u only lose 6mil at current prices. Any progress is good progress.
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  15. Aden added a post in a topic 200+ / 0   

    Oh this is by far best option though !
    And ye I also failed to snipe anything except 3 outfits few days back...lucky me.
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