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  1. Lumarion added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Getting false bonuses on wrong Pet types
    My problem is the following:
    I recently bought 2 Hawks and hoped for Training EXP+. Sadly it didn't happen. Today, a friend of mine told me he got training EXP on his cat.
    As stated in these patchnotes, cats should not be able to learn Training EXP, but Hawks should be. Is this a bug? Did I buy the wrong pet? 
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  2. Lumarion added a post in a topic What do horse Hope Skill Changes Do?   

    OR its intended so if you change your mind on the skill you hope for all of your stacks aren't wasted.
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  3. Lumarion added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 16   

    Then your server seems to be a bit behind. People are having up to T5 horses already, and you can find a decent amount of T4s too.
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  4. Lumarion added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance - Extended   

    They stated that we will get Patchnotes once the maintenance is over. Quit whining and have some patience, bro.
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  5. Lumarion added a post in a topic Costume Exchange Coupon   

    So this item is non-existent? Please add it SOMEHOW.
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  6. Lumarion added a post in a topic Horse Registration and Naming   

    I totally agree with you on this.
    There is nothing cool in naming a horse "Susan" if then it comes out its a male.
    I don't think its that hard to add the gender symbol in the stats window you get when you register it.
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  7. Lumarion added a post in a topic Better Information about (Preorder-)Items needed! | Unnecessary longer pickup timers on pets   

    Its the same with the horses, apparently. The T5 horse from the preorder is much slower than it should be if its bred.
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  8. Lumarion added a post in a topic Blader - Just out of reach   

    Push for awareness. This class is needed, the sooner, the better
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  9. Lumarion added a post in a topic Blader - Just out of reach   

    ^ This!
    Just a simple "It will be the X class available" or "on the X quartal of 201X"
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  10. Lumarion added a post in a topic PLEASE REMOVE GEO-BLOCK   

    I know, but if they won't make it accessible at your region, a refund must be done at least.
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  11. Lumarion added a post in a topic Allow the toggling of a traditional MMO combat system and BDO's combat system.   

    The combat system is the most intuitive system I EVER experienced in an MMO. C'mon, its not that hard to press two buttons at once. Finally, it's a game where skill is required, not only pressing 1, 2, 3 on your mouse-buttons. You still can fit your skills on the hotbar and use the numbers though, so I don't know why you're complaining.
    As I just said, press K, put your skills of desire on your hotbar, and play the 123-game on your mousebuttons.
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  12. Lumarion added a post in a topic PLEASE REMOVE GEO-BLOCK   

    There should have been a notification about the geo-block. I'm really surprised there isn't.
    Refund the costs to this poor fella.
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  13. Lumarion added a post in a topic Horse Whistle Should be Account Bound not Per Character   

    Totally agreeing with this one!
    All Items in the Pearl Inventory should be family bound.
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  14. Lumarion added a topic in Suggestions   

    Better Information about (Preorder-)Items needed! | Unnecessary longer pickup timers on pets
    Hello there!
    I, as well as many other people, got the preorder Explorers package. I was excited for the pet - because looting, you know. 
    Now I discovered that the preorder-cat I received has a 2sec HIGHER cooldown on its pickup skills than the exact same cat you can buy on the pearl shop.
    I'm kind of frustrated, because I see no good reason why someone should do this. There is enough nice stuff to buy eventually. But then you get a pet, which is - on purpose, it seems - 2 sec slower on its skills than the same pet on the shop.
    For clarification - it was announced that cats in the shop would start with a skill timer of 10sec, which could go down to 4sec. The pet you get with your order or preorder coupon has a timer of 12 sec, which you cannot know until you receive the pet ingame. But once again, its the SAME pet. 
    Maybe you should at least give more information to the preorder or order-items before someone actually receives them.
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