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  1. Serahni added a post in a topic Horse Auto-Loop Feature Broken   

    So I've been in a position now to watch what's going on and, indeed, the desyncing is back in full force.  Yesterday there was a period where my horse wasn't even finishing a full loop before the game had to reload.  For me, at least, this was sorted and was no longer a problem but seems to have come back worse than ever after the server merges and Magoria update.
    Whilst this is affecting my autolooping most at the moment, the fact that it's desyncing means that my entire ability to play the game is compromised.  I haven't been in combat with it yet but I'm certainly not looking forward to trying.
    Update:  Just tried again.  Desynced three times in 5 minutes.  Obviously, I've logged out to play something else.
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  2. Serahni added a post in a topic Horse Auto-Loop Feature Broken   

    So since the last patch, this has been dreadful for me again.  I'm watching the autoloop just veer off-course and stop.  It's back to the 2/10 loops actually sticking until I cancel them myself, and 8/10 running me into random walls or just stopping in the middle of the road.  No reloading screens this time, just a complete refusal to, you know, autoloop.
    Would be super if major updates could just stop breaking this feature.
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  3. Serahni added a post in a topic SAVE US, WE ARE IN THE SEA   

    My Escape function took me from the middle of the ocean...to the middle of the ocean.
    This is my life now.
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  4. Serahni added a post in a topic Your T8 Horses Stats at lv 30   

    My purebred can't get Two-Seater, obviously, but has all other skills except Sideways Move, S. Sideways Move and Streak Jump.
    Anyone attempted to add skills with the RNG on Premium Horse Appearance Change coupons after hitting 30?  Just interested to know if it's possible.

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  5. Serahni added a post in a topic Disconnecting constantly from some channels.   

    Did last patch fix this for anyone because it didn't do squat for me.
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  6. Serahni added a post in a topic Disconnecting constantly from some channels.   

    This issue started for me yesterday, after several friends have experienced it over the last month or two.  So far, it seems limited to any (2) channel, on both Orwen and Uno.  I just logged into S1 on Orwen and, so far, the intense lag followed by immediate disconnect hasn't occurred.  I even managed to mount my horse!
    Update Sept 3rd:
    The latest maintenance did nothing to fix this.  I am still booted off Orwen/Calpheon 2, despite being able to play on Orwen/Serendia 1 without any issues.  Since I doubt my computer or my ISP would be quite so specifically jerk-ish, I'm going to go ahead and guess this isn't at my end.
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  7. Serahni added a post in a topic Horse Auto-Loop Feature Broken   

    I've had the same issue on Orwen - Calpheon 2, and it started after the patch people have already mentioned.  Autoloop worked fantastically when it was first released and now the game is just canceling loops when I try to leave them overnight.  I have only noticed two of the reloads when I've actually been playing, so I hadn't made the connection between the two, but it makes sense that this is what is causing the loops to cancel and it is happening consistently enough for me to say that I can only remember one night in the last week where I woke up and my horse wasn't standing in the middle of the road.
    I will use the program provided and send in a ticket in the morning.  
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  8. Serahni added a post in a topic Auto loop issue   

    This issue started for me about a week ago.  Still unable to actually figure out a cause, since I am not aware of any guild-related input or group-related matters.  I am currently alone online out of my small guild, nobody has messaged me or attempted to party me, but my horse has just stopped itself for some reason three times in an hour.  I AM working with it running in the background rather than minimised to tray, so not sure if that's suddenly an issue.  I have not had any problems beyond the past week or so, this came out of no-where a few days before last patch.
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  9. Serahni added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance May 04th   

    Hopefully you are breeding til your heart is content now that your projections about it taking forever to release the new horses has been proven wrong. In fact, rather than be greedy and hold back for the delayed Valencia update, they went ahead and released the new horses anyway.
    All the evil people playing the game their way didn't impact you much after all. Good luck with your T7 quest! I have a few already from my efforts so I am sure you will do well with your hoarded breed-stock.
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  10. Serahni added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance May 04th   

    The patch is now downloading for me.  2G worth, oh boy!
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  11. Serahni added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance May 04th   

    Oh absolutely, which is why any comment is never a complaint!  There's no way to avoid it and from a purely business point of view, this is the most viable time for it. It's a shame it coincides with our prime time, and can be disappointing to wipe out an entire night's play, but I certainly wouldn't propose that there's anything wrong in their decision to do this now. I just need to start trying to paddle Australia closer to...well, anything!
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  12. Serahni added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance May 04th   

    I do not even understand this current wave of logic. I work 10 hour days, 5 days a week, and then I have about 4 hours of planning and marking to do over the weekend. I do this because I kind of like having a roof over my head, and food in my stomach, and being able to help out my girlfriend and all the other things that make up my life. I also mostly enjoy my job.
    Sometimes I spend that money on games.
    I've never really viewed that as me paying for a bunch of freeloaders to sit around being 'more successful' than me at a computer game, though if that's the case, then good luck to them. Whether or not the game is given different aspects to make it 'more challenging', using people's availability to play as some sort of evidence of imbalance seems ridiculous to me. Whatever you do, people with more time are going to have better access to opportunities for success. If you change things, they're still going to have the advantage, though I suppose kudos for the attempt at convincing them to level the playing field by not playing the game just because they can and using that time, instead, to go water the garden and help old ladies. If there's one way to make all this fair, it's to make sure that nobody is allowed to play for any longer than anyone else. Maybe they should introduce a daily login limit! Boot people out after four hours! It's only fair, after all!
    What a bunch of illogical twaddle...
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  13. Serahni added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance May 04th   

    I'm a little at a loss to understand why you have a vested interest in the Tier 7 availability at the moment, whilst in the same breath you're trying to denounce horse breeding as currently not worthy of your words, apparently. I have a T7. I don't remember expecting you or anyone else to think me special for it. 
    As for who cares?  Apparently you do.  Enough to post on forums about how much you really just do not care about our successes. Thank you for your interest!
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  14. Serahni added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance May 04th   

    Greetings, fellow Aussie!  I feel your pain. Part of living in an under-represented timezone is having to deal with our prime time being ultimately unprofitable compared to others, not to mention entirely incompatible with the work lives of those actually running the show. Like you, I never complain because I know it's unavoidable. That doesn't stop it from being disappointing that we operate one prime-time slot behind other timezones every week. I play fairly casually, I have no idea if it's something that will end up impacting the competitiveness of Oceanic guilds at some point but let's hope not!
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  15. Serahni added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Wait a minute, the entry requirements for participating in this thread are to be unnecessarily unpleasant whilst wielding a superiority complex? People are actually offended by players wanting to purchase horses outright? I was extremely grateful to finally break T7 this morning, and I've ranked on my server since about a week after launch, and I still don't think I'm the only one entitled to a decent horse. There's plenty of stuff I buy that I can't be bothered doing myself, and I'm willing to bet a lot of breeders don't actually make their own horse gear. Time to jump off the pedestal perhaps?
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