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  1. Mjoda added a post in a topic Good gosh almighty. Fired this game up again today, what the...   

    You really should get new hobbies. Maybe a dog or cat? People are actually starting to feel bad for you with how desperate your posts are getting. 
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  2. Mjoda added a post in a topic I used to be able to play on High / Medium but now...   

    Hey guys had similar issues where my fps would stop below 20 and I would studder everywhere. Usually though I fix it by remotely opening then immediately closing marketplace. Somehow opening it is causing some kind of fludder or something. 
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  3. Mjoda added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    True, I meant it was a buff compared to how it is now. Can see how it can be confusing. 
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  4. Mjoda added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    They are adding bonuses to groupl play soon. 2 players 75% bonus to exp, and everything above 2 players is 50% to xp bonus. At least how it is on Korean beta atm.
    Arenas are already in the works in Korea, it is on it's way. Kakao also said they will take it very serious when it arrives, but you never know ofc
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  5. Mjoda added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    First off, if you played for a year, intensively, how can you call it shallow ?  Just an observation.
    Anyway, I can understand you hit a kind of burnout. I for one am preparing for arenas, looking a lot forward to it, hoping that it will actually be handled properly by Kakao in a manner that gives good competetiveness to the game (as much as it can with the level desparity). 
    Also looking forward to kamalsylve, love exploring new areas. 
    When i hit a burnout point like you are, I usually try to take a new approach to the game, trying to ride around, exploring every corner of the world, instead of hurrying everywhere with sprint/drift. Even rode across the world on a donkey hehe. A break is maybe what you need, and with new updates and releases you can always return. 
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  6. Mjoda added a post in a topic Will BDO succeed?   

    KR BDO is far from dead what you on about? It was 30 something of most played mmos at eu launch and now it is hovering between 7 and 12. So actually doing really well imo.
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  7. Mjoda added a post in a topic Most of this game is figuring how not to play it   

    There is a maximum of 5 outfits that you can sell each week, so your system is flawed. Anyway, please stop making these irrelevant posts and move on.
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  8. Mjoda added a post in a topic Awakened Dark Knights Are Ruining The Game   

     They are adding heavy bonuses for group play pretty soon. Like 200% xp or something similar. A long with a group finder-like tool. 
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  9. Mjoda added a post in a topic Do you think BDO will last long enough?.   

    tbh just gonna drive people away from the forums. People just love spreading false predictions and doom about this game. Ever since release. Will say it was even worse at release where every second post was 'BDO' is dying. And here we are, game is growing and even more players now playing the game than in a long time or even ever. Also climbed super fast on the KR ladders of the most played game in the last year. Quite impressive.
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  10. Mjoda added a post in a topic Do you think BDO will last long enough?.   

    Just go away already. Amount of negativity you bring to these forums is enough to depress a medium sized village in Asia. 
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  11. Mjoda added a post in a topic Why isnt the western market taken more seriously? If you kill WoW, you're a billionaire.   

    Seconded. The random rants and post spamming by OP is getting tiresome. 
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  12. Mjoda added a post in a topic 2nd Awakening & New Class Confirmed   

    read the notes. They are going to focus on balancing. Geez, some people can just whine about everything.
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  13. Mjoda added a post in a topic 2nd Awakening & New Class Confirmed   

    So...much...HYPE!!!! I'm so excited! I may vomit...
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  14. Mjoda added a post in a topic First 62 On NA!   

    I would like to weigh in here. If Shiney is able to grind and use a lot of time in his hobby, if it makes him happy and doesn't hurt anyone else or limits him (like dropping out of school or not paying rent, never seeing his family) then by all means, getting to 62 is as much worth as anything else we can do in this world. I'm a psychologist and work daily with depression, anxiety, drug addiction etc. and you know what? If they could find meaning in daily activities, could find joy in what they are doing, I am positive 90% of mental issues would either drastically decrease in effect or even disappear. Finding meaning in daily activities is what it's all about.
    please stop judging what other people find joy in. 
    well done Shiney takes real effort and commitment what you did.
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  15. Mjoda added a post in a topic Zipp007's Official BDo - Formal Complaint   

    Dear OP,
    thank you for presenting your concerns regarding BDO.
    I fully enjoy this game in all its aspects, and thouroughly disagree that it is Pay to win. In fact I have used no more than buying a few pets, that is it. I'm still enjoying this game after a year and don't see myself quitting. For future reference, if you dislike a game there is no reason to complain in a non-constructive way on the forums and trying to drive others away from it. Furthermore, wasting your time claiming it is a scam or illegal activities in the way they handle the game is just fruitless. Instead, go out and take a law degree and realise that they can actually do what they want, when they want. All you can do, is choose not to play anymore, which by this post, it seems like you should. 
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