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  1. Deacon added a post in a topic <Infernal> PvX | Node Wars | Discord | Multi-Game Community   

    Yes it is and Fox you just jealous!
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  2. Deacon added a post in a topic Get ready, a lot of players are about to whine about how OP we will be!   

    You clearly didnt notice the at least 5 spells before the shotgun but thats ok
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  3. Deacon added a post in a topic Get ready, a lot of players are about to whine about how OP we will be!   

    You are aware its not a constant i-frame right.It has a 3 second cooldown and no super armor.
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  4. Deacon added a post in a topic Get ready, a lot of players are about to whine about how OP we will be!   

    Is now but will be one of the hardest with awakenings.
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  5. Deacon added a post in a topic [Orwen] <Iconic> Hosted Balenos Territory Siege Tournament   

    I agree and it didn't happen at least not intentionally.
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  6. Deacon added a post in a topic [Orwen] <Iconic> Hosted Balenos Territory Siege Tournament   

    So Infernal GM here if anyone wants to know some truth from me at least. Some of you guys have nailed it  the Gobarnatcha guy is full of it more or less. So there were some alliances going on against rage I believe we weren't with those and didn't ally with rage nor are we " Butt buddies" cute usage though. We fought hyakki because they were besides us which was our plan because when placing we knew someone was there. Rage was killing Void while we were doing that and Vahlok was at DHs base and not fully sure where Acolytes were. We killed Hyakki no point in going to void and Acolytes were also near us and they had a full base when we got there and we fought and killed them. After that Vahlok had removed effectively all the structures in DH's base minus a few cannon obs and some barricades, and the tower was full. Vahlok pulled out due to rage attacking them so we killed DH they made some good pushes into us but we took down the tower. after that rage and us fought after they killed Vahlok and they didn't need the money so they let us grab it. It was a lot of fun to do the fighting and we were happy to see so many guilds and can't wait for more fights so have fun all.
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  7. Deacon added a post in a topic [Request] In-depth Elemental Sword Skill Guide   

    Please do if your gm wouldn't mind. I personally would love to see each skill and any combos because as we all know most combos arent in the skill descriptions. 
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  8. Deacon added a post in a topic The Orwen Telegraph *Part 2: Inside Veritas, Cold War, Vahlok's Role Uncertain*   

    GM of Infernal here and I will say a few things and that will be the end of my piece. Veritas War Deced Infernal at around 1 pm Est which was prior to your post and for some reason your post showing your wars didn't show the bottom of the war declaration section so it would be very easy to have cut it where you wanted. The war declaring on Aetherea over farm spots is a part of the game and sure you want to declare on known allies before they may come and help sure that is your decision.Also to bring up a point if declare on allies when you declare on a guild beings you have in your post shown your declaration on Aetherea you also by your own words prove we were also war declared. So lets talk about the other part of this which is why interestingly you guys also had Legatum war declare us even though by your own showing you didn't need it which seems very interesting in my opinion. Now here we are many hours later and the war is still up once again your decision even though the kills that happened were from one of my members being camped 2v1 until he was protected so that he could continue farming. I am sure you will have a something to say and I will probably read it and I am sure many other people will to or at least will read it and please have fun with your posts. This discussion could easily devolve into a huge mess based purely on the fact war decs don't show times so to never be wrong either of us can say anything we want and it can not be proved. I have said my piece and we will continue to operate how we always have and enjoying our game and our lives I hope everyone else can to.
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  9. Deacon added a post in a topic Life-Skill Transfers   

    Yeah I dont mind the costumes to much I mean would be nice but that doesn't bother me the grind though that is real which is why I never heavily leveled my ranger just got to 53. I know the life skill transfers exist I believe they were listed as something the cash shop would have in CBT2 and they are for sure out in Korea. On the family wide professions yeah I think people would use tons of characters to boost the professions so Im good with character bound long as I can transfer them over soon I do not want to level to Artisan 2 processing again.
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  10. Deacon added a topic in General   

    Life-Skill Transfers
    @CM_Jouska I wanted to ask if there is any information you can provide on when the Life-Skill Transfers will become available I know this question has been asked a few times just haven't seen any answers. I personally mained a ranger till Musa came out and have fully switched to Musa and would like to transfer my life skills over. Thanks foo all that you and the Daum team do and have a nice day.
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  11. Deacon added a post in a topic Lieto' pre-Mediah guide on Ranger   

    Hey Li3to would u mind posting what you recommend changing for mediah.
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  12. Deacon added a post in a topic Player trading in EU version   

    I dont think any of my guildies could trade consumables during the last CBT 
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