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  1. Coeprandua added a topic in General   

    Do you guys ever think...
    maybe it's time to release Kama? Or is it just me? I keep checking back every week and leave disappointed.
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  2. Coeprandua added a post in a topic Liverto Safe Enchant problem   

    I tried white gear in the past but it went to 15 almost instantly. This is why I use green gear.
    Now, tho, I will try white again just for the hell of it.... >.<
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  3. Coeprandua added a post in a topic Liverto Safe Enchant problem   

    I hardly ever utilize this meme, but I'm afraid right now it can't be helped.
    I told you, I already wasted more money on simple black stones and repairs of "cheap" gear than the price of 7 concentrated stones. Sure, maybe I was unlucky. But consider this: there is a reason they removed the option to force enchant, the reason being it was worth it and people were doing it.
    I tried to go the "smart" way and I ended up with nothing after losing 15M in black stones and repairs. Not to mention and hour of my time sniping gear from the MP.
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  4. Coeprandua added a post in a topic Liverto Safe Enchant problem   

    That's so not nice. Why not widen the gap between new characters / upcoming players and established players? It makes so much sense, right...
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  5. Coeprandua added a post in a topic Liverto Safe Enchant problem   

    I tried but the button is completely inactive like it's not even there.
    Also asked in game chat and they said I should be able to force.
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  6. Coeprandua added a topic in General   

    Liverto Safe Enchant problem

    Why won't it let me safe enchant this liverto?
    And before you say it's easy to get PRI, I took 2 helmets (fortuna and taritas) to +15 and the highest failstack I ever reached was 18. I already wasted more money trying to do that than the price of the concentrated stones needed to force. So ----- you RNG!
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  7. Coeprandua added a post in a topic Raising Outfit Prices   

    I've been playing another game for 4 years, where you either pay a $15 monthly sub or like $200 to unlock everything and no sub needed. Outfits are $2 a piece. No constant milking with various resets and repairs. They never heard of that sort of thing. People consistently call that game "the most expensive MMO". I was that way, too. But after playing this game, I can tell you BDO is like 10 times more expensive. I feel so stupid about -----ing there now. I almost feel sorry for the company.
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  8. Coeprandua added a post in a topic Raising Outfit Prices   

    Actually, on second thought, it doesn't matter what you pay for. We might say in the MMO world today it's reasonable to charge customers €15 a month as a sub fee. Pay that and you get an outfit every two months. One can think of it like that. BUT outfits costing €30-40 on top of an existing sub, that is too much.
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  9. Coeprandua added a post in a topic Raising Outfit Prices   

    €30 was the basic package of the game and I should've picked that one, but no..., I thought it was worth more and they deserved more support. Little did I know outfits would be restricted to real-money purchases and a single one will cost €40. Fool me once... I'm not buying 2 boxes for 1 outfit.
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  10. Coeprandua added a post in a topic Raising Outfit Prices   

    Okay, that makes sense... I will change the OP to reflect that.
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  11. Coeprandua added a topic in General   

    Raising Outfit Prices
    It might have happened a while ago, but I've just noticed that they raised the prices of the most popular outfits to 3400 Pearls, which means you can't get them for just one Pearl box. You now have to spend €40 to get an Ayo or an Order of the Apricot, if you never managed to get them through the MP.
    I'm not sure if they did this to incentivise the selling of other, more rare outfits, or prices will be slowly but surely creeping up higher. At the moment, this seems like a positive change, but make no mistake, prices are already too high, and raising them higher will not make me want to return to a game that I've been playing solely afk for the past 2 months or so. It is hard for me to play this game now, because I'm sick and tired of AH sniping and gathering among other things. The Loyalty rewards also began to suck and if it weren't for the BS Adventure event, I would probably not even spend any time in the game other than getting my daily Loyalties.
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  12. Coeprandua added a post in a topic BS Whiskey   

    LOL I'm still laughing... I would certainly have that on display in my room.
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  13. Coeprandua added a topic in General   

    BS Whiskey
    April Fool joke or real?
    I want.
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  14. Coeprandua added a post in a topic Wasn't Kama supposed to hit in March and where is my House Fame rewards?   

    Ok, that's good enough for me.
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  15. Coeprandua added a topic in General   

    Wasn't Kama supposed to hit in March and where is my House Fame rewards?
    Wasn't Kama supposed to hit in March and where is my House Fame rewards?
    • 22 replies