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  1. Dellecross added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Patching error
    Starting three days ago I can not play the game at all since when the launcher starts, it tries to patch the game and that fails after some delay right on 0%. The error message is attached.
    Disabling firewall does not solve the issue. My system specification is: Arch: x86_64, OS: Win10 (I believe other settings like listed in dxdiag are irrelevant here).

    I tried to submit a request to support, but even that isn't happening, some red bar appears in the screen top and the ticket isn't created. Ok, so how can I use the service I've actually paid for?
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  2. Dellecross added a post in a topic marketplace bots? fact or fiction? what is the plan?   

    Uh... 30 seconds? Come on, I was trying to buy desired item and it disappears at most 2 seconds after appearing, normally 1 or even less (yeah, I even used timer with milliseconds to determine whether I'm so slow or others are incredibly fast)
    I would also be in doubt like OP about the marketplace and the possibility to buy a popular item. It's NOT impossible (I won once), but is incredibly frustrating to play "Fast and Dead" game against scripts (I assume there are). My ping is < 20ms so that's not an issue. But if I spend more than a second on click+captcha - I can't buy an item, it's already sold. I do not believe ALL of players have such amazing reactions. I can assume 2,3,5 attempts to lose against such fast guys - but when it happens all the times - it makes me wonder - is it truly humans are doing that.
    Heh, I was trying to get exactly that. I won on boots after couple of attempts, but after half an hour racing with bots on gloves I gave up - honestly, I have better things to spend my time on rather than standing near marketplace trying to beat bots.
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  3. Dellecross added a post in a topic Its Time - Things I Wish I Had Known Sooner (Please Contribute)   

    I will add another part of the list:
    26) Do not waste time on delivering goods all across the map while trading, additional profit per distance % does not worth it
    27) Trade counts towards bargains count so to raise it faster you need to use round-robin scheme across your nodes with the correction for market prices
    28) Pressing "T" while on the wagon allows that wagon to rotate 180 degrees if that's required by the navigation instantly. Yes, it is a glitch, but it is a useful glitch
    29) Read your favorite book while your wagon is riding on "T"
    30) Do not seek shortcuts and follow path-finding when transporting goods. There is a risk to damage a trade item even if you touch non-road texture. The higher the skill required to trade that item - the higher the probability to damage it on riding non-streets ways
    31) Do all traders quests if you're aiming for advance trading. It is a free contribution EXP + a little profit for nothing. Traders will only suggest you to visit those nodes which you have connected so it means no time loses for you, it's benefit for free. CP is vital to expand your trade empire.
    32) Do not run to kill bosses just when you got your quest. Advance in level and gear first. When you're on place, look other players summoning bosses to decide whether you are ready to encounter the boss or you aren't
    33) Do "talking" quests as soon as you can. They normally offer big amount of CP experience and they are very easy to do.
    34) Do not try to tame a horse unless you're "Apprentice" in training skill. Also do not start with taming unless you have solid income resource (such as advanced fishing or trading)
    35) Press "ESC" -> "Edit UI" to hide many annoying things in UI
    36) Right-click on the annoying spammer and press "block" to get rid of him forever. Be prepared to do this motion every login for 3-4 spammers.
    37) Do Velia/Heidel/Calpheon chiefs quests as soon as possible. Which one to do depends on your available CP. 20 for Velia, 60 for Heidel and 100 for Calpheon. You will get black stone(armor) from Velia/black stone(weapon) from Heidel/both from Calpheon. You can only do it once per real 24 hours. Timer resets at ~1:00 CET. Yo can do only one quest (so not Velia + Heidel for instance, only one quest of this type per day)
    38) If you have CP invested in nodes - withdraw them to do quest mentioned in p 37. It will take you no time to visit your nodes and re-invest your CP since you can return the item to the NPC and get your CP back. It worth the efforts and if you trade via round-robin it will mean only ~10 minutes of talking to node managers in total. Black stones are ~200.000 armor/~400.000 weapon. So this will be your income per those 10 mins.
    39) Move your trading nodes together with your progression in zones. In initial zones goods are generally cheaper even on advanced trade skill levels. This means lesser income per one go.
    40) Do not trade with Olivia from Velia. Basically do not do it from Velia with anything further than Western Guard Camp. The path is too long and there are no intermediate trade nodes + goods are too cheap in Olivia. It is a pure waste of time
    41) Before using a carrot on your mount or restoring it in stables - check mount info (F1) and see how many points is left till level up. If it's lesser in % than the remaining stamina bar - don't waste money on restoring, mount gets full stamina bar on level up.
    44) Do not buy any wagon except the 14-slots. You can afford 14-slots with not so much efforts while the benefit is very huge and it won't delay you from progressing. So if you have 100k - keep it and get another 80k to buy a wagon for 180k
    45) Follow cooking quests from Velia's cooking chef. It will allow you to raise cooking till apprentice level for no efforts - all ingredients and recipes will be provided to you during the quest line
    46) Follow alchemist quests starting from Velia. It will allow you to make light-weight and more effective mana potions (Concentrated herbal juice, restore +175 mana) which is very effective if you want to grind mobs.
    47) If you chose to trade on donkey before starting with wagon (so to get money for that wagon) - never overload it. Better to leave an empty slot since it will allow you to don't worry about thieves + dramatically decrease delivery time
    48) Before gearing up - find the gearing guide in the internet. There are plenty. You will not get full picture, but you will get general direction and items names.
    49) Always check "special price" tab in the market place - it normally suggests goods for cheaper prices (although it may be just not there)
    50) Yes, pets like dogs/cats/falcons need to be feed. Easiest way - buy food from stable manager (500 coins). Yes, pet will die if his hunger bar goes off.
    51) Check-in your pet (if you have any) like cat/dog/falcon when you're not in combat. Their only use is to loot and if you're not in combat (like riding a wagon) - they will waste hunger for nothing.
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  4. Dellecross added a post in a topic In-game moderation: community power   

    Down-voting is a necessary mechanics for this approach to work. To avoid frequent use by the personal motives down-voting a message also gives -1 MRP to the down-voter, so he's spending his MRP too, meaning that too often down-voting without posting useful messages will lead to the case when user will have 99 MRP and won't be able to down-vote messages further.
    But I admit - probably there are ways to abuse the system, after all, no system is perfect. For that case we might have real moderators after all - which may visit game for something like ~1 time per week and solve edge-cases, I'm sure there will be not so much of them.
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  5. Dellecross added a topic in Suggestions   

    In-game moderation: community power
    Greetings, fellow adventurers (and probably those who hold some power to make decisions)
    Why do I think it is needed
    Today I would like to discuss such thing as chat moderation. It is obvious that there are many things which spoil our everyday experience when using chat. The most generic tool which allows some filtering on a personal basis is block-list, but though I'm sure it's not enough for such high-active chat streams as general channel for example. Also, as far as I got the idea there are no in-game moderators so far - and having them as a front-line of dealing with scammers/spam/rude messages have some disadvantages like monopoly of making decisions, impossible to cover 100% uptime and so on.
    What do I propose
    And here am I, moving to the deal. I have in mind one great solution which proved to be working. That is StackOverflow (I'll refer to it as SO since now) moderation system. To those who don't know - SO has a powerful mechanism which is accessible to every community member in order to moderate the resource. It has a certain reputation system and this allows to moderate resource easily and without efforts of the particular member(s) - the community itself keeps the resource clean. For example, average TTL there for any inappropriate post is ~5 seconds. For more information about their policy, you can read their blog-post on that: http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2009/05/a-theory-of-moderation/
    And this model could be easily adapted to the BDO in-game chat. Let we have some internal reputation (let's call in moderation reputation points, MRP) and it applies only for shared channels (whisper and similar stuff doesn't count):
    User is able to see his MRP in his profile; it's shared across all his characters on all servers (so it's account-specific)Every message in the chat gets two arrows in the left side (before starting of the message). One for up-voting, one for down-votingUser can up-vote any message starting from 0 MRP. User can not up-vote neither his own messages nor messages from his guild membersUp-voting a message will add +10 MRP to the message poster.User can down-vote messages starting from 100 MRP. Down-vote will count as -2 MRP to the poster and -1 MRP to the down-voter. If user can up-vote/down-vote the message (meaning it's not his/her own message or his/her guild member bessage) then he/she can do it once per message.Message can be down-voted/up-voted multiple times by different users. Each vote stacks. Same guild members can not down-vote/up-vote one message more than 3 timesIf message got 10 down-votes, it is removed automatically and the poster get additional penalty in 5 MRP.User which has less than -50 MRP can not post to the chat for 24 hours after which his MRP is set to -49If user that was already suspended once posted a message that was again deleted due to low quality, he will be suspended from chat usage permanently.Upon reaching 1000 MRP, user gets rights for "double down-voting". With this, down-vote of such user counts as -2 votes but also gives -2 MRP for the user (so, it's double-effect). This does not affect up-voting, it still counts as 1 vote.Upon reaching 2000 MRP, user gets rights for "triple down-voting": -3 votes / -3 MRP. Both this and "double voting" right also have summary limitation as 3 votes maximum per guild for one message, so if "triple voting" happened, no one from same guild will be able to down-vote it further. Same as double down-voting, it does not affect up-vote.Upon reaching 5000 MRP user gets rights for "solo voting": immediately remove message from chat by giving it -10 votes in a row. This counts as -5 MRP for the user and can not be used more than 10 times per day. Message removing triggers all penalties for the poster like in regular case of removal decided by multiple votes. After reaching limit of 10, user still can down-vote messages and that will be counted as a regular down-vote.Crossing the MRP requirements in backward direction triggers revoke of the corresponding right. So if user is down-voting constantly and crossed 100 MRP (so became below that) - he won't be able to down-vote further until his MRP is again above 100 
    The numbers are relative
    The numbers above are relative and only are there to somehow display that the more MRP user gains - the higher is the trust. Also I put some limitations to prevent trolling from guilds or abusing the system - of course it's not ideal, but won't allow triggering moderation events by the group of interested people. That said - with the development of the community, it will be able to clean the chat by itself and punish scammers/bots heavily : their messages will be removed quickly and on attempts to repeat in future they will be just suspended. There may be more moderation powers that are defined by MRP progression, but I tried to keep as few points as possible to not overload the system with too much stuff.
    Few insights why I chose some numbers:
    -50 reputation for first suspension: If it's a bot/scammer advertising some crappy resource, then it will get it's 10 down-votes, each counting as -2, so 20 in total. On removing, it will get additional -5 MRP, so -25 in total. Bot will send same or similar message again and this time community will be sure it's a scammer so new -25 MRP will send him to silence for 24 hours.100 reputation on down-vote: in average, if user will post useful message every 20 messages, it's around 200 messages to get down-vote right. It feels as a good trade-off between letting people start down-voting too early and letting bots have their time too much.5000 MRP for solo-vote: feels like a very dedicated user who helps a lot and is a valuable member of the community. Hard-earned, but well-earned right. I would guess the ETA to get this right would be counted as 2-3 months but the power it gives is very high.10 solo-votes per day: ten is an average count of blocked scammers and bots I'm blocking if playing ~6 hours that day. I think 6 hours is something that can be called "high" activity for that day and so ten would even leave some gap. The limiter is very important in this case.So what do you think? May it work in the community like this considering how great does it work for SO?
    Sincerely, experienced SO user.
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  6. Dellecross added a post in a topic Account Compromised (12/03/2016)   

    I feel sorry for your loses. And I admit - it is very frustrating that they don't support 2-factor auth. Something like battle.net authenticator installed on your phone would be nice especially considering fact that player potentially spend money on cash shop.
    For now the only things that I may recommend which are quite obvious are:
    - Ensure your entry point (aka your laptop/PC) can be trusted via checking it with corresponding tools.
    - Do not use any external resources for any game-related purposes especially those which asks any personal information. It's not only about any sort of sellers, it's about anything related to your account
    - Make sure your e-mail isn't compromised. Keep separate e-mail for your game account and your other services usage
    - Chose passwords that are not easily hacked by brute-force mechanics. Don't have same password for the account and for the e-mail
    - I would recommend to have password of 14+ characters which contains digits/special symbols and does not contain any dictionary words/their forms or combinations. It's difficult to remember, though, so you may come to some balance between difficulty and easiness to remember
    - Do not store your passwords anywhere locally or in any cloud services. The best thing is to remember them, if you're not using something like 50+ different services then it's fairly possible to have ~10 different passwords that are highly secure
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  7. Dellecross added a post in a topic Why does Reporting a gold/pearl seller cost energy?   

    Think of it from both sides. If there would be no restriction on reporting mechanism - it then could be easily abused by either bots/gold-sellers (so they will make detecting them harder by flooding reporting system with reports to legitimate players) or other players for any personal revenge reasons. The sane restriction has to be there although I can not judge whether energy is a good measure for it or not.
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  8. Dellecross added a post in a topic No one wants to create ugly characters   

    It's pretty easy to create ugly character - just roll the wheels in the editor in the extreme points and that's it. See them quite often.
    It's arguably easy to create "just fine" character with a little bit of uniqueness - since mostly all standard faces are regular and respond "beauty standards" in general meaning small adjustment will add that uniqueness and won't spoil the picture.
    But it's incredibly hard to create really beautiful/charming face that doesn't feel like a "standard face №105". And I found that it varies from class to class (for some it's a bit harder, for some it's a bit easier - just because there are some restrictions starting from hair models + their blueprint vertexes).
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  9. Dellecross added a post in a topic The game is pretty incredible, but what is your biggest peeve with it? (Just list one)   

    Necessity to hold Caps Lock to walk.
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  10. Dellecross added a post in a topic Drop items on death ? (PVP)   

    What about rules for guild wars? Are they same?
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