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  1. Roksuu added a post in a topic Demystifying the Valks Cry and Valks Advice   

    Now this is funny
     Finally some confirmation why these mistranslations are that often and all over the place.
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  2. Roksuu added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   

    [Jordine : Roksuu]
    Meet Pete, the badger pirate

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  3. Roksuu added a post in a topic Forum stalkers   

    I won't go into this cheater discussion again, as it was went through numerous times already. My stance in this thread topic is to oppose the OP's statement that players should keep silent. IMO its the worst thing that could happen. I do know that some posts by players are too rude and, for the lack of a better word, retarded. However that doesn't faze me, I know how to deal with it and I'm sure Daum knows too.
    I assume you're emotional, because you got fed up with the cancerous forums and decided to make this thread. My accusations aren't blind. Nor did I bring up anything irrelevant to the topic. 
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  4. Roksuu added a post in a topic Forum stalkers   

    I was not referring to you, pal. Take a chill pill.
    Edit: also, dont expect the players to just deal with a major issue like cheaters, they have the right to be outraged. And the current actions from Daum aren't addressing the problem at its core.
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  5. Roksuu added a post in a topic Forum stalkers   

    Just like this very thread. 
    If OP is so emotional and easily annoyed, he should take his own advice and stay away from the forums. The player base is active and is picking up on every little detail. That is not a bad thing what so ever. It is valuable feedback for the company. There are so many things wrong with the game right now and I dont think the players are wrong for bringing it up. 
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  6. Roksuu added a post in a topic Explain why Ghillie suits aren't Pay2Win   

    I have the Doggo. Its all good.
    But for real, it is kinda stupid. I agree.
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  7. Roksuu added a post in a topic Those who are concerned about Baltic Countries restriction please contact Pearl Abyss/GameNet.[ReadMore]   

    Honestly, its hard to say who is really pulling the strings here. Might be illuminati itself.
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  8. Roksuu added a post in a topic Those who are concerned about Baltic Countries restriction please contact Pearl Abyss/GameNet.[ReadMore]   

    We know it is about money. But we also know it will be illegal as soon as that thing passes in the EU. The korean game is a different matter on its own, as they aren't bound by any unions such as EU so they can do as they please. We're talking about EU here, and we have our own laws. We know that moral sense does not apply to game publishers, so we have to approach this in another way, and this is the way.
    We don't give two sh*** about GameNet, nobody likes them and they don't respect the countries they are supposed to provide services for.
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