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  1. Purie added a post in a topic Shadow Riot   

    It does 1 damage and spends all ur shards. It's so bad
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  2. Purie added a post in a topic I think some people miss the impact of the DF nerf...from a gameplay and fun perspective..   

    I got mine to 40... found it extremely simple and boring to play.
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  3. Purie added a post in a topic best resistance necklace?   

    well ur best AP neck is way to go if u can get away with it.
    It all depends on the situation. just use ur head and figure out what is the correct move.
    Im only using grapple resist neck in duels(if I remember to swap) and if opposing team is heavy on giants.
    not sure if u can even swap neck with a keybind if ur grapped. would be good thing to do. I'll test it.
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  4. Purie added a post in a topic best resistance necklace?   

    I have 1 resist neck and its the grapple one. (get countered u filthy giants)
    If ur serious 1v1 arena tryhard and u like min/maxing. U gonna end up using more than 1 off those necks.
    Stun resist neck is my 2nd choice.
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  5. Purie added a post in a topic Actually, thank you for butchering Dark Flame   

    well ranger is still gonna farm pirates/sausan/basilisk alot faster than us. 
    I don't think its coincidence that highest level people happen to be rangers.
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  6. Purie added a post in a topic Sorc vs Witch   

    Im sure its viable to duel a wiz with an assasin class for few mins in the backline.
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  7. Purie added a post in a topic Actually, thank you for butchering Dark Flame   

    1 ranger told me that he can grind ~2k off those crescent shrine vendor trash items before he had to go repair.
    My last run was a bit over 5k. Sure ranger is gonna get that 2k alot faster but he has to repair alot more often. 
    So i'd say sorc farms crescent shrine faster than ranger.
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  8. Purie added a post in a topic Actually, thank you for butchering Dark Flame   

    Im not saying there isn't sorcs that ain't prepared. If ur 57/58 and +1k skillpoints u might be fine. 
    I have 55 ranger for world bosses. 
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  9. Purie added a post in a topic Actually, thank you for butchering Dark Flame   

    Sure we might not be as good as *INSERT ANY CLASS HERE* but im still grinding and doing pvp on sorc.
    GL when awakening  comes out and u realise ur 56 and have 800sp. "YAY I HAS SCYTHE AND 1 AMAZING SKILL"
    I just see sorcs that supposedly have played since headstart never give up on the class bullshit. but are playing ranger atm
    Im sure we will get alot more "PLS DELETE SORC" threads when we get awakening.
    DoD > Spin2WIN = dead people (combo that every sorc depending on skill level can pull off)
    As u can tell people have a habbit to stack up in red BG and they will continue to do so even when we get awakening. Untill they learn that is...
    Get ur shadowplay ready for mass salt harvesting in red BG when 20 people stack up and u black hole them and finnish them off with 1 swing from the scythe. (yea super hard combo)
    Iframe > 1 shotting skills > OP Mass pvp skills > stealth(everyone loves stealth) > massive aoe CC
    Im sure we will get more "NERF/DELETE SORC" threads. 
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  10. Purie added a post in a topic Road to Dumpster part 1   

    problem is we only have kill potential with air combo and shards. Every other skill is like wtf why im presisng it.
    In red BG I just find my self spamming ranged skills and going for air combo. If I dont land air combos im not doing jackshit
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  11. Purie added a post in a topic Sorcs Aren't Useless!   

    If u spend time camping people who r spawning they r at 5% hp. 1 dod will slaughter 20
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  12. Purie added a post in a topic Road to Dumpster part 1   

    thats the faster air combo into shard explosion. actually pretty perfect execution there
    stinger > f > shadow eruption > e > f > shard explosion > instant dod > used stinger there to cancel pushback from dod(can be ult blink or rushing crow aswell)
    stinger used at 2.46 combo ends 2.48. i'd say whole combo takes 2.5ish sec there.
    comparing it to stinger > scattering version. this combo takes 3ish seconds from stinger to air combo ending.(no shards&dod)stinger > (wait for stinger animation ti finnish)
    scattering shadow > shadow eruption > e > f > claw @ 2.35
    Shitpost? Im sure someone learned something.
    I don't understand what u mean with E canceling to get out from sticky situations. 
    Usually if I wanna avoid dmg I rather blink out. If u mean E to cancel lets say Dream of Doom so you can blink out no. I have Night Crow Ultimate. 
    Im glad that you can admit when ur wrong. alot off people are incapable of doing so. 
    "use your abilities to melt enemy down and wait for good moment to finish it off with shard explosion or something else , or you can try to line up your cooldowns to land kill that way "
    I rather dish some dmg while im on CD. I try to be active and engaged in the fight all the time rather than lurking around all CDs ready looking for that 1 pick off. 
    ur name doesn't fit ur prefered playstyle 
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  13. Purie added a post in a topic Road to Dumpster part 1   

    I love constructive criticism. Means im doing something wrong and I can improve.
    I do use scattering shadow > shadow eruption(2.38).Im even using it pre fight buffing. If theres people around me that can interrupt me i'll go for faster execution version stinger > shadow. for 1v1 purpose scattering shadow version is better. If I do stinger > dark flame > I dont have time to connect scattering so I have to go with kick > shadow
    Theres huge diffrence in execution speed with stinger > f (orwithout) > shadow eruption
    compared to stinger > delay delay scattering shadow > shadow eruption
    If I do the scattering shadow version i've noticed it takes so long that it gives enough time for someone to react and peel me off my target. If I do stinger > shadow > e > f > blink to X direction > ranged finisher off ur choice(shard,abyssal flame,dod) seems to be most succesful skill order for me if I wanna execute 1 guy in middle of 10.
    Well I can't disagree with anything you said. 
    I have decent gear and if this gear was on ranger/witch pressing 1 skill would do more dmg than 4-5 random sorc ones. I think 1 melee skill should do more dmg than ranged skill due to its nature.
    Shard explosion is the only skill that actually does significant amount off damage. 
    We could use a dmg buff on our other skills. or atleast make dark flame do "normal damage" 765% x 3 hits can't be 20dmg.
    If our normal weapon remains as it is we will only be using utility/cc skills from amulet and dmg that kills stuff from scythe. atleast in pvp
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  14. Purie added a post in a topic Road to Dumpster part 1   

    It's ok dude. some stuff might look unintentional or unnecesary but they ain't. U could argue X skill at X time is not optimal and sure dude. It's 6min long vid. I use hundreds of skills. Im human after all and make mistakes but what u think is a mistake isn't one. We most likely think and play way too diffrently for you to understand my logic/playstyle. Nothing wrong with that. Im doing great in-game. Hope you are aswell.
    the kick isn't needed. u can just stinger > shadow eruption. dod doesn't have much value. doesn't hit hard. cc is bad for dmg follow ups without CD(shard,calamity). 
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  15. Purie added a post in a topic Road to Dumpster part 1   

    yeah I sometimes cancel 2/3rds of the bloody calamity dmg by chaining skills too fast out from it. It's a bad skill usage. Im happy with the overall "flow" off my skills. Skill ordering is not 100% perfect and need to work on that. 
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  16. Purie added a post in a topic Road to Dumpster part 1   

    Whats wrong with my playstyle.
    Doesn't matter if hes not the best valk universe. It's still a valk with good stats. that could do +2k dmg in one KD(I have 251dp on paper).
    I will tell him to read ur valkyrie guide. Kappa
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  17. Purie added a post in a topic Road to Dumpster part 1   

    I like doing stinger > dark flame alot. It's safe move incase stinger doesn't land atleast im blocking. If im 100% sure stinger will hit I don't follow up dark flame obviously.
    Best way would be stinger > soa (if 1v1 and enemy 100% hp) stinger > scattering (if 1v1 and if less than 100% and can kill with shorter CC chain) stinger > shadow (best in group pvp, fastest execution time)
    If I did stinger > soa all the time after every stinger that im expecting to hit. I would get rekt so hard incase of stinger miss/resist/block/etc
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  18. Purie added a post in a topic Give us a PvE Buff   

    sure we dont kill stuff as fast as rangers but it's not that bad as ur saying. 
    I've farmed basilisks and past few days in crescent shrine. Im happy with my kill speed.
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  19. Purie added a topic in Sorceress   

    Road to Dumpster part 1
     Gief back 1 button bob gameplay. This class is 2 hard
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  20. Purie added a post in a topic R.I.P Dark Lame. I hope u never come back   

    Look at that KR guy and his vids pre-awakening. Sure they're old and diffrent version and so on...
    but I think hes playing sorc as its ment to be played. not jumping 20 people. iframe into dark flame and getting away with murder.
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  21. Purie added a post in a topic R.I.P Dark Lame. I hope u never come back   

    Well there was absolutely no point having it before. Just made sorc harder  (and ruined dark flame spam)
    It's better on KD targets. 
    I could 1 shot(equal geared people) with back attack dark flame. without back attack no. 
    some off those guys in the vid prolly had boss armor(shit gear)/cooking costume on. 
    I have many 1v5 vids on my channel that showcase the power of dark flame. It did 1 shot plebs. Equal geared no but left them at low health.
    Im sure sorc wasn't designed to be played like that(spamming dark flame)
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  22. Purie added a post in a topic This game just got even worse...   

    thanks for clarifying.
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  23. Purie added a post in a topic R.I.P Dark Lame. I hope u never come back   

    atleast we need more than 1 skill to kill people. 
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