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  1. Kauni added a post in a topic CC Immunity/Resistance, HP pots, accuracy/evasion   

    Are you saying block is ok but super armor not?
    Tbh I don't really understand what you actually want and why?
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  2. Kauni added a post in a topic PvP sucks in this game   

    That happens when guilds are fighting for the node but nobody wins...
    Well if u go glass cannon build like lots of ppl do, yes it will happen. But that only happens cause u have the choice how to build ur character... it means u have to use ur brain... in WoW u don't need to think about any kind of ur gear...
    Yes it might be true... returning player are might wondering if the game is still worth playing it, so u got lots of low lvl BGs... but if u reach the endgame and a decent ranking the pvp is kinda dead... and I am not talking about non ranked random BGs...
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  3. Kauni added a post in a topic DP Buff in PvP   

    oh well u talking about real full dp classes, I was more about "mix" build where ppl call u full evasion cause of 1-2 evasion items  
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  4. Kauni added a post in a topic DP Buff in PvP   

    Well wasn't "full dp" more like centaurs + parry dagger (or equal)  for example? Both got actually kinda pure evasion on it. So overall it means more like kutum buff and other dr items?
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  5. Kauni added a topic in PVP   

    DP Buff in PvP
    Anyone know what exactly they buffed? Is it evasion? Is DR more useful now or what is it?
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  6. Kauni added a post in a topic PvP Spassfaktor gleich null   

    Die Mehrheit will kein PvP? Wie bitte? Deswegen gibts auch jeden Tag keinen einzigen Node-War, deswegen hat bis jetzt auch niemand ein Gebiet erobert, oder?  Und was bedeutet "fair spielen"?
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  7. Kauni added a post in a topic Wizard/Witch Gear Info Requested   

    This glass cannon build without crystals. You can see the boss armor set here.
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  8. Kauni added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Game dead
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  9. Kauni added a post in a topic Witch/Wiz "cheap" evasion build   

    The guys who are testing stuff like that on kr?  
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  10. Kauni added a post in a topic Wizard/Witch Gear Info Requested   

    If u want cheap setup u go like this:

    Of course its still viable with with 1upgrade lvl less on accessoires and armor, the good thing is that u still can replace ur gear with boss armor and u wont lose any important stats.
    Crystals in boots depends on what u gonna do. U can use KD resistance for pvp or movement speed for pve.
    In the long run u want boss armor and dandelion weapon anyway. U will have to replace earrings, necklace, belt and offhand which depends on your playstyle.
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  11. Kauni added a post in a topic Witch/Wiz "cheap" evasion build   

    Didn't they test centaurs after this leak and said its dr and not evasion? Got no source for this tho.
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  12. Kauni added a post in a topic How To Balance   

    10 second aoe cc? not sure what u mean by that. removing super armor = removing whole dmg, if u would have play wiz/witch pre awk vs all awk classes u would know how it looks like to play without super armor vs super armor...
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  13. Kauni added a post in a topic Current Event Rewards   

    I marked this part. Can explain tho if u want.
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  14. Kauni added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Current Event Rewards
    Where do I report trolling?
    @CM_Oli @CM_Praballo @CM_Tytyes
    Srsly I hope there is just a "bug" happened by uploading the icon or do we really get trolled that hard cause we loyal?

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  15. Kauni added a post in a topic Rosar vs kutum offhand   

    if u believe in datamining leak then its parry (for evasion build) > kutum (mix dmg + dr/evasion) > rosar/krea ( mix + dr/evasion | more evasion than kutum, less dr) 
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