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  1. Courtois added a post in a topic Random frame drops   

    It happens even more often now. I'm grinding atm and now literally everytime I battle I experience those frame drops, makes it almost unplayable.
    Well, I'm currently running at a constant framerate of 20, nothing I can do about it! I'm going to check with other games to test whether it's my GPU or not.
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  2. Courtois added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Random frame drops
    Hi, thanks for reading this message.
    Whenever I play BDO I get random frame drops (from 60+ to 10-25) every 15 minutes or so. Once the frames drop, they stay like that, but I got a 50% chance to fix it instantly by changing my screen mode from "full-screen windowed" to "full-screen" and vice versa. If it doesn't work, I have to restart the game.
    You can understand this is very annoying. I run everything on low because of this which gives me 60+ fps when I don't get a random frame drop.

    I should say it's not entirely random, because it happens at some specific actions, like: opening the ESC menu, opening and closing the map etc. Specific skills seem to activate it too sometimes.
    Is there any known solution to this problem? It's kind of irritating me because I lose a lot of time because of this.
    Thanks in advance.
    Known PC specs:
    Nvidia GTX 670
    Intel I5-3570K
    8GB RAM
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  3. Courtois added a post in a topic Character Creation issue (with picture)   

    I got the exact same issue since yesterday! I got two characters, Sorceress and Ranger. They're both customized to be hot as hell, but when I go in-game the characters have their default customization. Which sucks. If there's any fix for this, let us now!
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  4. Courtois added a topic in Technical Issues   

    File corrupted + family name problem
    So, I got myself quite some problems after playing BDO perfectly fine the first day.
    It all started with random crashes while playing the game with the message: "File is corrupted, please run file-recovery from the launcher" (no file-recovery in launcher though).
    I tried it all: uninstalling/reinstalling, using the alternative download method, running as an admin... Nothing seemed to work.
    Then, I tried a clean install of Windows. Still not working and it's all getting worse. Because since yesterday, the problem occurs EVERYTIME when loading the game after character selection.
    But, this is probably the worst of all: since an hour ago while at the main menu, I got the message to enter a family name for my characters again after I pressed "Start", just like the very first time playing. I tried entering "Courtois" (which was my family name), but it said it is already being used. So now I can't even access my characters anymore and I'm getting pretty frustrated.
    Please, if there is anyone who can help me resolve this issue, I'd be very very grateful.
    Edit 1: probable cause of family name error: I believe I couldn't specify the region I was playing in while using the alternate download method. I'm reinstalling it via the original method whilst choosing the region "Europe" again. Once I'm done installing, I will keep you informed of this error.
    Edit 2: I see a lot of people have problems with BDO crashing. Discard that issue for this topic, but I'm still concerned about my missing "family".
    Edit 3: the problems seem to have been resolved; I got my characters back and I was just able to play 1,5 hours straight without any crashes. However, it seems my characters lost their customization? My Sorceress and Ranger appear to be customized in the character selection screen, but once in-game they change to the default Sorceress and Ranger. Any fix for this?
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