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  1. Liven added a post in a topic PVP and past +15 shield   

    The irony 
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  2. Liven added a post in a topic Fear about long terms programs   

    I almost wish they would casualize the shit out of their game so I wouldn't have to spend the few hours I play everyday grinding , gathering or doing the 5 required guild quests and I could finally focus on doing full time PvP which is to me the only fun thing about the game ...
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  3. Liven added a post in a topic Real Armor Costume   

    You mean we'll get it through a quest ?
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  4. Liven added a post in a topic Bheg's Gloves   

    Seems like you all have differing opinions ^^' 
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  5. Liven added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Bheg's Gloves
    Hey there , so I just got Bheg's Glove which is great I guess , but i'm kinda confused about what I should do my gear now.
    I know that i'm supposed to switch for Kite shield once I've enhanced the gloves to +15 , but what about my 4 pieces Grunil ? I don't think the helmet will be that useful on his own (no more Helm+Gloves +5 AP set effect and no more 4 pieces +2 AP set effect ). 
    Anyone got an idea of what would be the best in this situation ? 
    Here is my current build : 

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  6. Liven added a post in a topic Rate my Valkyrie Please :)   

    Meh , regular Asian face with big boobs , there is already plenty of those.
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  7. Liven added a post in a topic Re-rolling ?   

    I'm not sure where you're getting at there , you're only interested in a class because it's powerful ? 
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  8. Liven added a post in a topic Why make the game so easy?   

    The game was never hard to begin with , there are just very long and almost always painful RNG based steps to reach the highest objectives , succeeding in those doesn't make you good , either you're lucky or you've got plenty of free time to make up for you lack of luck.
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  9. Liven added a post in a topic About to enhance my Liverto , got a few questions !   

    Well thank you guys for all your answers , I stopped at +13 yesterday (will continue once I'm back home tonight) and still have 55 durability on it without using a single memory fragment so far , which I guess is not that bad !
    I did it with Reblath +13/14 and I also did the +5 (then extraction) Reblath thing every few stacks even though I'm not sure if it really works or not  
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  10. Liven added a post in a topic About to enhance my Liverto , got a few questions !   

    You might be right , I saw a npc selling it and thought it was just like Reblath
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  11. Liven added a post in a topic About to enhance my Liverto , got a few questions !   

    What about Dobart ? it's way cheaper to restore its durability than the armors you mentioned.
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  12. Liven added a topic in General   

    About to enhance my Liverto , got a few questions !
    Hey there , so I finally got a Liverto on my Valk and since I don't have plenty of money but a shit ton of Black Stones (~3-400) I'd like to upgrade it in the cheapest possible way.
    Should I start doing fail stack at +7 ? and if the answer is yes I guess it'd be better to reach the cap every time, right ?
    Which armor should I do my failstacks on ? Does it matter or should I just go with Reblath ?
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  13. Liven added a post in a topic So how is Valkyrie now?   

    Would you say Heavn's Echo is a priority PvP wise ? I've been using this so far http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/valkyrie/27351 (Lvl 56 Valk)
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  14. Liven added a post in a topic What to do with +15 blue items I no longer need ?   

    Thing is I don't need these anymore , I switched from my ranger to my valk months ago , I don't feel like playing ranger again and don't have time to play both.
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  15. Liven added a post in a topic P2W incoming ?   

    Oh okay , that makes more sense
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