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  1. EaglePhoenix added a post in a topic Worst gaming community?   

    PVE does not require or encourage team play. Sure, you can make a party - but being in one feels just the same as you would solo. There is hardly any coop required nor is it awarded. 

    Basically, if you're in a guild you will have your guildchat but nothing outside of it. Having no guild, is just the same as playing a single player game without the perks of one. 
    40 levels in didn't require me to join a single party. Didn't need it, didn't feel like I've needed it, nor has anyone ever sent an invite or asked for one. 
    In other/different MMORPG's, you'll get swamped with invites that the "automatically turn down invites" is almost a necessity - here it's a redundant feature. 
    You suit up for node war, go fight it without spending a single vowel outside guildchat - win or lose it and leave it. Not a single word said or socially engaged with a different guild. 
    The community isn't "bad" by all means - there's just no feel of one. 
    There's more social engagement to be had playing The Witcher 3 and talking to NPC's than playing BDO with a thousand other real people. 
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  2. EaglePhoenix added a post in a topic Valkyrie Screenshots   

    Catching up on my Valk again  

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  3. EaglePhoenix added a post in a topic <REBELLICIOUS> All levels | Age req: 30+ | All-round MMO-players | Daily events | Discord   

    Thanks guys! Been only couple days, and it's already a blast. Lots of stuff to do (events, node wars) - I'm catching up ^^,
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  4. EaglePhoenix added a post in a topic What do you like about the game?   

    As per above: no fast travel, immersion, graphics and physics. 
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  5. EaglePhoenix added a post in a topic Looking for someone to play with   

    I definitely recommend you to look into the guild section of these forums. Being in a guild (active one at that) will help you tremendously. Also, in the happenstance that you cannot find a buddy to be online, having an active guild chat does wonders. 
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  6. EaglePhoenix added a post in a topic <REBELLICIOUS> All levels | Age req: 30+ | All-round MMO-players | Daily events | Discord   

    Very interesting.
    I've played BDO ages ago (upon release), but by lack of guild, time and any idea what to do to progress - I stumbled out of the BDO world.
    I am planning to play again, but this time with the right intentions and, quite hopefully, with the right community.
    The game is downloaded (took long enough ), and will login again for the weekend (and longer). Due to being a casual player (work, etc.), and being from Belgium - evening times suit me best (matches very well with the guild description).
    Will send an application to the guild this evening (most probably) and hopefully see you guys ingame
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  7. EaglePhoenix added a post in a topic why the game are dying?   

    Every MMO is dying the first day it is released. Even more so, most MMO's are dying before they are out of closed beta and/or released in the West.
    I have yet to open the first MMO forum without seeing a "this game is dying" topic.
    I've been playing MMO's that have been dying for years now, and they're still around (god forbid in some cases..)
    A game is dead to you the day that you stop playing it yourself (or are forced to). Whether or not the game remains after you quit, is of no relevance.
    So, as long as you play and get to play the game whilst having fun - it is alive.
    I haven't played BDO for many months now, but just redownloaded the game yesterday and are planning to play again. Between then and now, it was dead - I just ressurected it again.
    I say, live and let live - for now.

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  8. EaglePhoenix added a post in a topic Not sure how to start with nodes, trading or even fishing   

    Just follow the quests, don't level yet through grinding. 
    By following all the quests and your black spirit ones, you get interesting items and you will go through all the different places. Once you've been through those around lvl 15-18, you should have encountered the cities Velia and Heidel. 
    Do everything on foot, so it will increase your stamina. Now, after you have encountered Heidel (and every farm inbetween), you can slowly start looking out how the horse / trading / nodes kinda work. 

    Go back to Velia and look for the trader called "BAHAR", see what he can learn you. 
    You should've got some money as well by now, look into the housing system (your first house should be a storage probably). 

    Just google it step by step or search for 'beginners guide' for black desert or anything likewise. 

    I'm sort of in the same playingfield with you. I haven't got a clue and I can't really be bothered going through countless of youtube films all day long. At some point, you're watching more youtube than actually playing. 
    As for the nodes, what I read up till now is:
    Start in Velia (invest in the node),  go to Loggia Farm (west of velia) invest, then go to Imp cave and lastly the Western guard camp. This should be your first trade route. Idk how or what to trade yet though as I still have to figure out the trading, myself. However,I think I'll get into the horse taming first.. it sounds more fun, and fun is what primes, right? 
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  9. EaglePhoenix added a topic in European Guild   

    [Jordine-Serendia J2] Newb lf fun/social/casual guild
    Dear all,
    I'm a casual MMORPG'r. I like both PvP and PvE and all other trivialities. 
    I am looking for an equal minded, social and fun English-speaking guild. Understand that I have a job and cannot play endless hours a day, as such I cannot divulge as much into the depth of the game (which does seem quite endless) - so a little patience is appreciated. 

    In return, I am quite a chatty player myself who likes to help out others where and whenever possible. I am not looking to be a number in a hardcore guild.
    Currently "maining" a Valkyrie.
    Pleased to hearing back from you! 

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  10. EaglePhoenix added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    She doesn't quite sport a beard, but the hat fits her well.

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  11. EaglePhoenix added a post in a topic Valkyrie Screenshots   

    Kind of forgot to dress up - but hey, this is my Yuki

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