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  1. Drafun added a post in a topic Whats better for berserker critical or attack speed   

    atk spd -> crit dmg -> crit rate
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  2. Drafun added a post in a topic Oros or Saiyer ????   

    Oros! Always!
    zerks can 2 shot ppl after 230sheet ap. even those whom are geared
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  3. Drafun added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Updated* Emergency Maintenance October 12th   

    whats the compensation huh??
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  4. Drafun added a post in a topic 12-Oct Patch: Known issues *Fixed*   

    well we did help ya'll defeat Germany and all..
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  5. Drafun added a post in a topic Patch Notes - October 12th   

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  6. Drafun added a comment to this issue Imperial Trading Fehlende NPCS   

    translation plz
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  7. Drafun added a post in a topic Current Zerk pve state ???   

    funniest thing is when a sorc tries to talk to you about skill and strategies
    sorc: lol
    me: "btch plz all u do is 2 moves w/ awakening"
    me: "talk to me again and ima curb stomp yo skull"
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  8. Drafun added a post in a topic Current Zerk pve state ???   

    lol jokes
    zerker has never and will never be a 1 skill (warrior ult) or 2 skill (sorc) kinda class or even 0.5 skill (ranger) class
    we need like 7 or 10 skills popping at the same time to deal big dps
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  9. Drafun added a post in a topic Current Zerk pve state ???   

    both classes will clear pretty crappy at 58 due to the mobs being lvl 59 / 60
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  10. Drafun added a post in a topic the truth and nothing but the truth ~ Breakthrough   

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  11. Drafun added a post in a topic Problem with Kutum is   

    Jamrocks test is intentionally -----ed.
    For one, who the hell takes off a necklace ... ever? 
    Saiyer will never be the same sheet ap as Kutum or Oros. So you don't have to, and should not, take off your necklace in order to compare damage.
    Jamrock scewed the test on purpose.
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  12. Drafun added a post in a topic Kakaogames is officially the worst company at meeting expectations and communication with its customers   

    Honestly that is fine by me. At the end of the day, the staff at Kakaogames will be let go due to a failing business and business model. Or even if that doesn't happen, anyone who works at Kakaogames is likely too incompetent to get a better job at a company that actually meets expectations, has a professional environment and most importantly cares about its customers.
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  13. Drafun added a topic in General   

    Kakaogames is officially the worst company at meeting expectations and communication with its customers
    I'm not going to list all of their failures, absolute lies and carefully crafted words. Our version, NA/EU, is absolutely the same as the Korean. There is zero "unique" content other than the translations.
    A company that fails MULTIPLE times to meet customer expectations, straight out lies and is horrible at communication is simply doomed to failed, period. Their lack of professional management is horrible. Kakaogames staff is simply put incompetent.
    For a small company of their size, their portfolio is simply too diversified. They have one successful product in Korea called "KakaoTalk" (source) with 38 million users (not all are active, just a total). Instead of further investing into their messenger up in order for it to become the next WhatsApp, they chose to buy into an industry they have absolutely zero experience with: MMOs. To add insult to injury, they're also adding a "hair salon app" on their already messy portfolio.
    The only reason this MMO is still alive and has a population is due to how awesome the game itself is.
    However, with a developer and publisher who both could care less about what we want, but rather about their profit margins... eventually reality will hit them in the face, and their investment will tank.
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  14. Drafun added a post in a topic Problem with Kutum is   

    Someone needs to do a good video test of TRI Oros vs TRI Kutum DPS test. Similar to what Jamrock did, except you don't take off any gear (who takes off their necklace when PvPing anyway) and you do 25 tests per offhand.
    DPS-wise I think they are the same due to the +1 Special Dmg, but I'm not sure.
    Overall Kutum is the better offhand due to the 2nd slot, extra DP and +10% ignore resistances. However DPS-wise, I'm pretty sure Oros is on par.
    Personally I was going to get Kutum, but decided otherwise after some research and thinking. Going to stick with the good ole trusty Oros and wait for Nouver. At this moment I would rather spend 550mil (cost of TRI Kutum on Edan) on other upgrades.
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