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  1. Freyja added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support - Updated   

    Compensation B still broke on account claim for myself and all of my guild (about a hundred of us)
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  2. Freyja added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Comp B package Internal Service Error
    as stated in the title, Comp B package goes straight to Internal Service Error page, would be lovely to have it working soon :P, thought you should know
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  3. Freyja added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Comp B package Internal Service Error
    as stated in title, just thought id let yall know, gl
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  4. Freyja added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Comp B package Internal Service Error
    as stated in title, just thought id let yall know, gl
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  5. Freyja added a post in a topic Known Issues   

    CM/GM if yall are reading this, either allow us a char transfer or allow us to re claim the preorder stuff please.... :I sorta ruined the night for half the guild i am apart of. please fix this bugfest 
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  6. Freyja added a post in a topic Known Issues   

    my characters are now on UNO, i sent everything to Orwen and my Guild is on Orwen... this is sorta lame : /
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  7. Freyja added a post in a topic Closed   

    good god what have i started...
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  8. Freyja added a post in a topic What skills to level first   

    id advise staying away from the ice skills in general, i prefer fireball/lightning strike with both of the subcommand skills attached (explosion and residual lightning) for my damage skills with a maxxed mana drain/maxxed both heals
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  9. Freyja added a post in a topic Wizard/Witch Tips and Tricks?   

    not that ive found, just CDs/ beating their resists on that stat (everyone has a base resist and can be gemmed for higher resists, including buffs), most common CC ive seen is knockdown/grab/stun/knockback, people that gear out for pvp tend to have pretty high resists, those that dont get cced into the ground(reason witch/wizard tends to stay in group pvp rather than 1v1, 1v1 can be done its just muuuch harder whereas we can lock down a group of people if protected well enough)
    before i forget ive found the ice skills to be pretty useless, but that could just be me being biased towards freeze never working on players for me
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  10. Freyja added a post in a topic Wizard/Witch Tips and Tricks?   

     maxxed fireball  knocks everything down with 595% power on a 3sec cd, hit a player with a fireball and knock em down, hit explode(the fireballs second stage, RMB) for a nice 560%ish nuke, then chain lightning (chain lightning applies some fun debuffs, speed down,attack speed down, and never did bother to figure out what the third debuff was, my trans pack doesn't translate it at all and i cant speak/read korean), pretty much means that people that don't specifically have high knockdown resist are gonna have a bad time, weave that with Lightning Strike (applies stun on hit) once you get comfortable enough and it gets difficult for things/people to kill you unless they are experienced/geared, helps that we have 2 heals on extremly low CDs and a shield that gives us 15-20%ish all res along with a rather large damage reduction (40% taken from mana rather than HP)
    TLDR: maxxed fireball has 3sec cd, max knockdown count 4-7, almost 600% power, chains well with other skills such as lightning bolt/chain lightning
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  11. Freyja added a post in a topic Closed   

    here i was gonna post a certain taboo, but ive decided hes to shiny for the public to see~
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  12. Freyja added a post in a topic Wizard/Witch Tips and Tricks?   

    if your playing wiz/witch, I recc maxxing out fireball/chain lightning/heal/mana absorb first and youll be decent , the grind on wiz/witch is made way to easy by how quickly we can 0->100 our mana bar.. on a 12sec cd... roughly the same with our heal, don't need to invest as heavily in Pots as other classes
    healing lighthouse is another skill youll want to max if you are getting to the point of world bossing, 3+ witches cycling maxxed healing lighthouse basically keeps a party alive
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  13. Freyja added a post in a topic Wizards- can a melee wiz be made?   

    pray for the awakening if you want a melee wizard cause as of now itd be like shooting bb pellets at a wall trying to level efficiently
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  14. Freyja added a post in a topic Stats?   

    Cast speed/crit/resists, in that general order. can get away with less resists if you level Mana shield up (gives all res +)
    edit: dunno why i had MP as a stat to stack for.... dont need it cause mana drain can 0->100 your MP bar on like a 12sec cd,heal gives 20%, lighthouse gives like 200~250 if all pulses go out
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  15. Freyja added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    this char has a twin that a guildy of mine is running with  other one has eyes swapped and green highlights

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